Klopp bets on Manchester City’s championship

Klopp bets on Manchester City's championship

Klopp is an experienced mentor who has amassed a complete collection of domestic English trophies after his first victory in the Super Cup of England. In the 3-1 win over Manchester City, Klopp’s forwards executed their chances better than Holland and his teammates. But Jurgen was so cautious in answering the question about the championship:

“Liverpool’s main goal is to qualify for the Champions League. I expect a tremendous race in the APL. I have no idea who will fight for the championship, but most likely Manchester City will win again. However, we set ourselves the task of having the best season. We will see if we can squeeze the maximum out of Liverpool.

A literate assessment by a great specialist in English soccer, where even CRC has an insanely rich owner. But is Guardiola’s position so strong? Let’s first break down Manchester City’s trump cards for their second consecutive title defense, and then add the arguments as to why England will get a change of soccer king in the spring of 2023.

For Manchester City’s championship

100, 98, 81, 86 и 93. That’s how many points the Citizens have accumulated in recent seasons in the APL. On four out of five occasions, the points collected were enough for the championship. The team is well tuned to the details. Competently selected goalkeeper, Ederson with phenomenal footwork fits. Young players can progress. They know how to get strong performers and Marez is an example. Regardless of the names, Guardiola plays his own soccer. It’s easier for him, even Liverpool were adjusting to the characteristics of the performers, and with the Citizens De Bruyne was changing in the name of style.

Did Holland miss in the Super Bowl? It happens to everybody. But the Norwegian is obsessed with goals, the young monster will find chances and be sure to crack the defensive lines of APL teams. But even without Erling’s powerful breakthroughs, Manchester City has world-class players in every line. A team that could lose Bernardo Silva after Sterling, Zinchenko and Jesus is betting on Cancela, Rodri, De Bruyne, Foden. Or the same Alvarez. Who says Julian won’t end up being key? Grealish is unstable, Foden will look for another spot on the field, and the Argentine is young and agile.

“Liverpool is good, but it’s not easy for Klopp to apply rotation. Until recently, he had two positions where he could change people – van Dijk’s partner and the third midfielder. The squad is wider now, but could lose to Manchester City in a one-point race like in the spring. “Tottenham, Arsenal and MJ will get a portion of the compliments below. But at the same time, they, like Chelsea, are not space level. There is a Champions League winner in the foursome, but no team whose coach is happy with everything. Conte could be plagued by classic Spurs bad luck. Ten Hague has signed up for a walk on a minefield. And Tuchel is furious that they didn’t bring in more strong newcomers.

It’s clear why Guardiola’s stifling techniques work with the middles. “Manchester City rolls the ball to a winning conclusion. But let’s not forget the results of face-to-face matches against major pursuers. After all, Liverpool has not outplayed the Citizens in the APL since 2019 in five consecutive matches. “Chelsea have lost three of their last four matches. Last season, Guardiola beat Tottenham twice, but it is like a meme, as was the defeat of the Citizens against Crystal Palace. Whereas two seasons ago, the champions could lose to Leicester or MU before they even knew they would become champions, now they do not lose to their direct pursuers.

Against Guardiola’s title defense

You can’t judge by the Super Bowl. But the Reds are also strong at distance. Last season they did not become champions without beating Manchester City head-to-head, there were two draws. We were only one point behind. And although Klopp will again rush for the quadruple, like Guardiola, this time Nunez and Diaz can help throughout the season. Konate dreams of growing up, Matip is habitually physically tough. Even Milner is not gone, wants another trek for the championship. No idea yet who in a couple of APL favorites will be stronger. In theory, Klopp is right: there are slightly more reasons to believe in MC. But favorites don’t always win.

Moyes is better than thought too. Rodgers isn’t bad. Gerrard always wants to beat rival Liverpool. But the strength of the midfielders is not the main obstacle in the way of Guardiola’s title. There are Tottenham, Arsenal and Manchester United, where they signed newcomers, trusting coaches who understand modern soccer as well as Tuchel. The class of the coaches, along with the wealth of pursuers, allows them to rethink the matches against Manchester City last season. Some want to repeat success like the Spurs, while others want to remember how to beat the champions. The leaders have posh pursuers behind them.

Guardiola has been saying for years that the APL is more important. Told me he didn’t need a centre-forward. Now he says his main goal for the season is to win the European Cup. He also signed Hollande when he crashed out again before the Champions League final. “Manchester City are aiming for Istanbul, where Milan and Liverpool had a fabulous final last time. The task of winning the Champions League in the spring will be a distraction for the Citizens. And since the pursuers are not the only ones with money for transfers, the mid-levelers in the APL are not holding back in their search for strong newcomers, but loads can lead to misfires. “Liverpool isn’t that obsessed with winning the league, that weight has been taken before.

The last time it took the championship three times in a row, it was MU. But this is only the second such example in the history of exactly the APL. Only Sir Alex Ferguson has won three in a row. Guardiola and Mourinho have no such experience. “Blackburn broke United’s streak in the 90s. “Arsenal, Chelsea and Leicester have prevented others from winning time after time. “Manchester City is almost without weaknesses, but if Holland turns out to be Lukaku’s second and there are personnel losses in the defense, the intrigue will not be long in coming. Klopp modestly puts Guardiola’s team above, but Liverpool is not that bad, not at all dull can play many. Of course, the Reds are the main pursuer, but everyone, even Leicester, West Ham and Aston Villa, depends on the final result of the season.

Be sure to share your thoughts on the future of championship contention in the APL. When Liverpool won the long-awaited title, the Citizens lost as many as nine times. Including the relegated Norwich. The APL is a difficult tournament, and while Klopp and Guardiola have had insane results in it, the new season is not a chapter in an old book, but a new work. Even in things like character choices, English soccer will change.