Klopp has six different trophies with Liverpool

Klopp has six different trophies with Liverpool

It’s not always the case that the grandees of the APL take seriously the oldest soccer tournament in the world that has survived to this day. Today was the 141st final, and on the eve of the match also brought out the cup, which was awarded in 1872. At that time Wanderers and Royal Engineers played against each other – the second club has even survived to this day. “Liverpool won for the first time in 1965, is not a specialist in the ancient tournament.

But today, Klopp’s ideas allowed the Reds to equal the number of victories with Tottenham and Chelsea themselves – eight cups each. The only teams to have more successful finals are Man Utd (12) and Arsenal (14). But don’t think that Wenger and Ferguson took the tournament much more seriously than Guardiola and Klopp. “Manchester City won only once in recent years, four seasons ago, and Liverpool haven’t been to the finals in ten years.

Klopp also became the first Reds coach since Benitez to win the trophy. Fourteen years without a nice medal ceremony, and today the winners took to the Wembley stand. Henderson got personal satisfaction, because in 2012 Jordan also played against Chelsea, but lost 2-1. Ramires and Drogba interfered then, and now Alisson took Mount’s shot (Aspilicueta had hit the crossbar) which made up for the missed shot by Mane – Mendy made sense of his Senegalese team-mate’s plan.

But Klopp remained himself. Before Alexander-Arnold struck, the German lowered his hat and then raised it sharply, smiling broadly. Now this strange grimace will fly around the soccer world. Jokers like Salah will get to make memes in team chat, and Liverpool fans will remember a difficult evening at Wembley thanks to a happy denouement – after zeros on the scoreboard they were rewarded for two and a penny of tension.

Not the luckiest, but consistent coach

To the young Mourinho, the cups literally poured in. Even when his Porto or Chelsea didn’t always get the opponent right, or got it wrong themselves. It was lucky, although then with the Londoners not Jose made it to the victorious Champions League final. Klopp won only one of the three decisive matches played, as he lost to Bayern against Borussia D and to Real Madrid against Liverpool. Will get another rematch, and hopefully not just the mentor.

Salah and Van Dijk were injured today, but the Egyptian and the Dutchman were rather spared. “The Reds won’t be allowed to celebrate for long – they have an away game against Southampton on Tuesday. “Manchester City will play tomorrow. Although the chances of a sensation are minimal – West Ham are out of contention for the top four and Guardiola’s charges are stronger – Klopp is left to believe that luck will smile on him twice in a week. More often than not, though, Jurgen is betting on hard work.

It is obvious that the German thoroughly studies the opponents, analyzes the slightest nuances. Together with the front office they worked out a plan for the season, which included, for example, the signing of Luis Diaz in winter. After an incredible pass from Alexander-Arnold with the outside of his foot, the Colombian could have put Mendy on the post and probably saved Liverpool’s effort, as the game was played to the first goal. He did not score and in the entire FA Cup final there were only four strikes. But no one could beat the goalkeepers in two hours. Tuchel did not convince everyone around him that Chelsea were capable of playing better, and Liverpool bent their line like they were used to.

The man who restored Liverpool’s faith in the fairytale

That corner against Barcelona and the comeback will long be remembered. Also, let’s not forget that last season WBA’s winning goal was scored by goalkeeper Alisson in the 95th minute of the match. Without three three points, we could have lost in the end and given Leicester a place in the LFC, losing mentally after an offensive draw. But Klopp gave Liverpool back the feeling that anything was possible. Hence so many finals and enough wins. The German has six trophies in England, all of them different.

It’s a pity he did not win the Europa League, but he is developing the team. Klopp has only 3 big failures in 60 games this season – an incredible result and insane workload! Lost twice in the APL and also lost to Inter in the Champions League, but that misfire didn’t help the Milanese, they’re out and Klopp has moved on. Four Champions League finals in his career is an incredible figure, Jurgen at 54 is already a legendary coach. And now he has decided to stay at Liverpool for another four seasons, because he sees that it is possible to grow further.

Guardiola recently teased a colleague when he reminded him that the Reds have won the APL once in three decades. The Spaniard also added that everyone in England, fans and press alike, are rooting for the Reds in the championship race. That’s partly untrue, in fact MJ fans are more likely to be rooting against their neighboring MC. And part of the sympathy for Liverpool is due to Klopp. And, of course, there are superstars in his squad, the legendary Sacchi crookedly put it.

Comparing Alisson with Buffon, Salah with Messi, and Alcantara with Zidane, you come to the conclusion that in the history of soccer there have been masters of an even higher level than Liverpool. And Van Dijk is not a new Maldini, as Virgil himself is well aware. But all of these guys were assembled and brought up by one man. Don’t forget that not too long ago there was a pause because of the coronavirus, Klopp conducted training and theory sessions like teachers at school – online.

But Jurgen has coped with the miscommunication, Salah is now more inclined to stay than to leave. Mane is a free bird, so he will listen to offers from other clubs. But Liverpool already have a plan in place for Sadio’s farewell. At the end of last year, it became known that the club was leaving sports director Edwards, and instead he was promoted assistant Ward. The head coach wasn’t dooming himself to adjust to a new employee in the familiar offices at the club’s base.

It takes effort to disrespect, dislike, or at least feel sympathy for Klopp. There are some people who can only cause negativity in someone who can pick on anything and for no good reason. But in this case, the aversion will be in the eyes of the person watching. Jurgen certainly does not behave undignified – what’s worth just refusing to have a war of words with Guardiola, which the German would surely have won. Klopp is not one to be adored by referees – more than one reserve referee has been in his spit after aggressive swooping and shouting over his head.

But the big man from Germany has become part of Liverpool and English soccer history, because he’s ready to set records. “The Reds are back in the family of successful great clubs, which from time to time left, like any other historical grande. Each of the squad has character, the same Tsimikas celebrated the decisive penalty as if he had scored from the center of the field in the 95th minute of the Champions League final. But it was Jurgen Klopp who assembled and tuned them into one orchestra.