Klopp is going to beat up Guardiola at the next match

Klopp is going to beat up Guardiola at the next match

It’s important to learn about Liverpool

  • The game for the Super Bowl of England is like a Champions League final, only for the losing side. “Liverpool and Manchester City lost the Champions Cup to Real Madrid and Chelsea. But Klopp skimmed the trophy cream in English knockout tournaments, and Guardiola became champion of England twice in a row. “Liverpool lost at the distance to the Citizens, but here and now the rivals are equal.
  • Alisson will not play in the final, and it’s not just an injury. The Brazilian is preparing for the start of the AFL – the match against Fulham – but Adrian could be in the starting line-up for the final, regardless of the form of the main goalkeeper. Klopp gave the Spaniard a chance in the UEFA Super Cup, and it was Becker who beat Chelsea in the FA Cup in a penalty shoot-out – the Brazilian’s guitarist unraveled Mount’s shot.
  • Jota will not be on the left or in the center of the attack, so it is logical to wait for the official debut of Liverpool’s renewed attacking trio. Expensive newcomer Nunez endured a wave of jokes after misses in one sparring session, then made a hat trick in another in just 23 minutes. Darwin is getting used to Salah and Lius Diaz, and the final will answer whether Liverpool’s game was tied with Mane. You can see that the Reds were offended that the Senegalese chose Bayern.
  • There are no changes in either the defensive line or the midfield, as Liverpool already had an interesting squad. Lateralists Robertson and Alexander-Arnold are important. Van Dijk is getting used to big man Konate as a partner. In the center of the field, Fabinho is important. Klopp is pleased when Alcantara uses his trademark turns and hands out Catalan passes. Fans and pundits don’t like Henderson as much, Keita and youth will have a chance in the near future.
  • Liverpool, as usual, is one of the strongest teams of its time. All that matters is that Klopp and his staff don’t get the workload wrong. I also wonder how Nunez, who has experience on the wing, will fit into the 4-3-3 scheme in the center? It is also important that the nature of the substitutions strengthens Liverpool’s game – in case of a difficult start to a game with a conceded ball. Klopp’s base has long been unquestionable, but sometimes they get everything but the decisive shot. There were 24 shots, nine in the box, and they lost 0-1 in the final of the Champions League.

Important to know about Manchester City

  • Holland’s appearance to the nation is perhaps the central intrigue of the evening. Erling is harder to fit into Guardiola’s schemes than adding Nunez where Firmino, Jota or Mane were in the center of the attack, and each found goals. Manchester City hasn’t played a classic forward in a long time, Guardiola hasn’t had a heavy striker in the core since Lewandowski. We look forward to the official debut.
  • Foden or Grealish? Perhaps that’s the choice on the left, but on the right in attack Marez. Riyadh somehow smoothly became irreplaceable. Technical, independent, without a school, but with guts – the Algerian knows how to shoot and pass. He is already 31 years old, but Guardiola preferred Riyadh with his sins to the younger Sterling, who left Manchester City in the summer, as did forward Jesus.
  • De Bruyne is in the middle of the field, and his main task is to find Holand’s passes. This ligament is one of the most intriguing. Although Bernardo Silva also has a great last pass. And the need to prove that it’s him and not Gundogan that should be sent into the starting lineup. Also, don’t forget that Foden is only 22 years old. Guardiola likes to drag players of that age around the field – Kimmich played in the center of defense and Zinchenko on the left in defense. Perhaps Phil will still appear in the middle of the field.
  • While there is no substitute for Zinchenko – waiting for Cucurella. For now, Cancelo will play on the left flank, and the experienced Walker will come out on the right. At Manchester City only LaPorte is injured, and although Foden, Stones and Gundogan were gradually gaining form, this trio is not in the infirmary. There are no personnel problems, Manchester City is as dangerous as ever. Also, Julian Alvarez is now on board. The Argentine is the most interesting, if he can play on the left in attack, as he did in his homeland, he will surprise Europe.
  • The scheme is all clear – “4-3-3”. The emergence of Holand will not force Guardiola to pull Grealish and Marez to the insider position. It’s unlikely we’ll see low lateral positions. De Bruyne’s approach will certainly not change, because Rhodri remains in the starting lineup, and Phillips still needs to carve out playing time, it is unlikely he will be trusted in the game against Liverpool from the opening minutes. While the Super Bowl of England isn’t the most solid trophy in the world, the lineup of finalists makes it special.

Important to know about the confrontation

  • MJ’s historic foes will play in the Super Bowl for the second time in four years. In 2019 at Wembley, Guardiola won in a penalty shootout. Then Klopp’s was missed by Wijnaldum. To remind you how intensely the squads of the richest clubs change, we can add that of the main squad of Manchester City remained Bernardo, Rodri, De Bruyne, Stones and Walker. Liverpool have much more matches, 7 people retained their places in the starting lineup.
  • The opponents know each other well. “Liverpool” in April denied Manchester City a chance to win the FA Cup – defeated 3-2 in the semifinals. Before that, two 2-2 shootouts had taken Klopp’s second league title. “Liverpool” was one miserable point behind Manchester City. All it took was an accurate shot on Ederson’s goal and England would get another champion. Now the rivals have 5 draws in the last 10 games, and only one more win for the Citizens.
  • The 2022 Super Bowl will be played in Leicester, home of the latest AFL sensation. The last sensation, not counting the first championship of Liverpool, which can be called an expected, long-awaited, but unique phenomenon. Will Klopp have the strength to chase this time? Jurgen doesn’t believe in himself – he thinks Guardiola will finish higher. It’s a form of coquetry, though. In the Super Cup in England a draw can be a winning one, and in the championship Liverpool is feared by many rivals. While Bayern are searching for a replacement for Lewandowski and the Spanish giants are rebuilding, it is the leaders of the APL that are the main teams in the world.


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