Lasith Malinga has been hired as the bowling strategy coach for Sri Lanka

Lasith Malinga has been hired as the bowling strategy coach for Sri Lanka

Lasith Malinga, the former captain and leading fast bowler for Sri Lanka, was named the bowling strategy coach of the national cricket team on Friday, ahead of the white ball series against Australia, which begins on June 7 in Colombo.

The right-arm fast bowling legend, who carved a niche for those with a slingy bowling action — with Matheesha Pathirana, a right-arm young fast bowler from the island nation, following in his footsteps — was recently involved in the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2022 side Rajasthan Royals as their bowling coach.

Rajasthan bowlers accomplished a good job in the final of the 15th edition of the world’s largest T20 cricket event under the leadership of legendary Malinga.

This will be the first meeting between these two states in Indian domestic cricket, and it will take place at such a vital point of the competition. Where even a looser hold for a brief time will suffice to remove them from the situation.     

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