Lewandowski may be the strongest forward of a generation

Lewandowski may be the strongest forward of a generation

Lewandowski is the most productive center forward among current players. Ibrahimovic is seven years older than Robert and has scored a couple fewer goals. Of the others, only Luis Suarez passed the 500 goal mark. Even Benzema, since he was Ronaldo’s faithful assistant for many years and missed games for the French national team, is only on his way to the championship summit.

But it’s easier to state that Lewandowski, Suarez and Benzema are great snipers than it is to single out the top three center-forwards of a generation. All are phenomenally strong. In a world without Messi and Ronaldo, everyone would have gotten a Golden Ball. Robert was left out, Karim will be awarded for a reason, because they changed the stupid rules. The prize will be awarded at the end of the soccer season, not the calendar year.

But now another detail intervenes in the comparison. Lewandowski has moved to Barcelona, and now all the strongest forwards of the 86-90 generation will shine in El Clasico. Falcao and Dzeko Cavani with Immobile, Obameyang or Vardy are inferior to the aforementioned three in terms of class. Suárez and Benzema are the legends of the Primera, while Lewandowski takes his chances by entering someone else’s sandbox.

Robert has gone from a prosperous championship team to a team that is rebuilding. As usual, he has two of the brightest paths.

Success at Barcelona. The class and physics of the player

Lewandowski’s four-year contract, although Robert is only a year younger than Messi, was not offered by chance. The deal is tricky, after two years in Spain the player can terminate the contract with financial compensation for the club. At the same time, he can add one more year to his three-year agreement until 2025 if he performs well. And the class of the striker is out of the question. Lewandowski reads the game better than most. Likes to catch the ball as fast as possible, an outstanding athlete.

Failure in Catalonia. Blaugranas style of soccer

Hernandez understands the danger, but also sees that Lewandowski has tried out the role of “false nine” in recent years. Robert has been combined with other strikers. Müller has a special role, but the Pole played at Borussia D with Obameyang. Barcelona are more likely to use a 4-3-3 scheme, where Fati, Dembele and Rafinha have plenty of chances on the flanks. But the team has changed since the days when Messi was there, but there was no place for pole Ibrahimovic. Lewandowski has 72 assists in his career at Bayern and is not always selfish on the field.

Success at Barcelona. Xavi’s coaching ideas

Xavi is crazy if with his staff and analysts did not model the game with Lewandowski and through Robert before inviting him. So, the numbers showed that Barcelona in the new lineup can be set up about the same as Bayern or Borussia D. Xavi has fresh ideas, the Blaugranas will not be weaker than the year before. The result depends on the revision of the defense, but for Robert will create all the tactical conditions for a productive game.

Failure in Catalonia. The uneasy character of the player

The farewell to Bayern did not turn out smoothly, as Kahn and Lewandowski are equally stubborn. They lacked the respect of the fans of the Munich club to solve all the issues in the office of the club, but to go out to the public with the world. Consider the role of mediator – Zahavy often uses conflicts to gain advantage. “Bayern” saddled the Pole harshly when he announced his departure. They haggled for a long time, but Lewandowski was honest in front of the public. In Spain, on the other hand, he needs to make everyone fall in love with him all over again. As long as Robert has successful matches against Barcelona, not for them. You need to get along with Xavi, and here they are both titled champions, their character is not sugar.

Success at Barcelona. Having comfortable teammates

Why did Messi play so productively in Spain and have problems with goals in the French championship? Perhaps the pressure in the final third in La Liga from the midfielders is not the same as it was for Getafe a couple of years ago. Consequently, even older forwards like Suarez and Benzema were given enough freedom. Also, in addition to the vulnerability of the league, there is the strength of the Barcelona players. Dembele knows how to create chances. Alba, as usual, is active in attack and will tip the ball to Robert. Pedri and Gabi need to tighten up their last pass skills. But even the man whose future is in question, Depay, knows how to roll the ball under his shot.

Failure in Catalonia. Risk of club collapse

The Germans are incredibly cynical. Lied during negotiations, as insiders report, that they do not believe in Barcelona in a couple of years – they expect bankruptcy and collapse of the club. They’ll live and see, but the debts are big. Problems with the registration of players have already become an international soccer joke. Having spent money on Rafinha, Lewandowski and the signing of a new contract with Dembele, Barcelona are left without a new defensive line, and need players at right and center. De Jong will offset some of the costs when he moves to MJ, but Lewandowski, if Xavi fails, could end up at a team with huge debts, and such teams do not live long.

Readers’ Opinion. Lewandowski as a championship factor for Barcelona

The Catalans, even in bad condition, became the first in La Liga, this tournament is more comfortable for them than for Real Madrid. The Madrid side, with Ronaldo, has repeatedly missed opponents higher, although Modrić, Kroos, Carvajal and Benzema were younger. Ancelotti also has a transit of power, from veterans to youth, and Xavi has a simple goal. We need to win trophies so that Barcelona will be of interest to sponsors and fans. It is clear that financially risky, signing Rafinha and Lewandowski amid serious constraints.

But the loans are closing with new loans, and only success on the field, which will combine with the growth of revenues, can save. The financial well-being of Bayern was not so much dependent on Robert, but he is the main bet of Barcelona. If it turns out like Lukaku at Chelsea, the failure will cost Laporta, Xavi and the club dearly. But if he repeats Suarez’s success in Atletico’s championship season and Benzema’s at Real Madrid, he will make the Catalans champions. Critics of Luis said he was good because of Messi by his side. Karim’s critics remember the misses and know that the Frenchman shone when he stepped out of Ronaldo’s goal-scoring shadow.

Lewandowski was underestimated because of Bayern’s strength. Kimmich, Gnabry, Müller and the rest created the right chances, the only thing left is to score in the empty net. And now let’s look at the Pole in a team where it is objectively more difficult to succeed and win trophies. But Lewandowski wanted to play in El Clasico so much that he took a pay cut, with the salary dropping by half after two years, so Robert showed interest in playing for Barcelona from the start. At PSG or Chelsea he would have got much more.


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