Lewandowski refused to renew his contract with Bayern

Lewandowski refused to renew his contract with Bayern

The Munich club’s sporting director Hasan Salihamidzic has confirmed that Lewandowski has decided to leave:

He said he wanted to try something new. But our position has not changed. Leva has a contract until June 30, 2023. This is a fact.

In other words, the Germans are asking Lewandowski’s new club to pay for the 33-year-old player. The same arrogant remark – about the contract for one year – was made by the president of Bayern. Only Kahn is silent, but he has received a difficult locker room, and an equally difficult office with functionaries and managers. Lewandowski is said to be offended by the management of the current club.

Firstly, for two years in a row Bayern have in no way supported Robert in his attempt to win the Ballon d’Or. And that’s true. Publicity in this matter has been important since the days of George Vea, to whom the cunning Silvio Berlusconi knocked out the prestigious award – the PSG forward played great, but under the old rules the prize was given only to Europeans.

The French were forced to rewrite the rules, and since then many Brazilians and one Argentine have received the famous award. Lewandowski did not even wait for Bayern’s open letter to the Paris newspaper and former Ballon d’Or winners with a request not to take the award away from Robert in 2020. And Messi’s prize in the year when the Euros were played out finally convinced the Pole that Bayern were not fighting for it.

Secondly, Robert was annoyed by Salihamidzic’s public talk of interest in Holand. When Erling finally chose Manchester City, Hassan told him as if Bayern had not negotiated. But Lewandowski knows more than journalists and Bayern fans. He understood that a replacement was being sought, and a new contract was not offered. The classic Germans decided to save money.

As a result of the pandemic, Bayern lost money, so a new deal for the aged forward would have been offered on worsened terms. Such a U-turn did not suit the striker, and Bayern were tired of the tenacious Pini Zahavi’s client muddying the water in the pond again. Last time a conflict over contract terms ended with Alaba leaving for Real Madrid.

Nagelsmann and Salihamidzic are also in conflict

The topic of sports directors, who fancy themselves celestials, remains relevant. There is, for example, Leonardo. One of the PSG bosses has influenced all the key decisions in Paris in recent years. As a result, they lost Tuchel and took Pochettino. Zidane did not come, Neymar did not go, Messi appeared and did not prove himself. As a result, the French are without the Champions League final and will be without Mbappe.

Here, Salihamidzic could be the cause of conflicts within Bayern. For example, the club bosses have not solved one understandable problem. When they signed Hernandez, they immediately gave the young Frenchman a lot of money. Now Neuer, Lewandowski and Müller want conditions no worse, because their contribution to Bayern’s series of victories is not less, but more. Going to such a management can not, hence the conflicts.

And the mentor must choose a side. Nagelsmann is only a little older than Lewandowski, he was initially treated with suspicion in the team. But then many veterans accepted him. It is not complete trust, but curiosity. And now Julian is losing credibility, affected by the departure from Villarreal from the Champions League. And here Salihamidzic has decided to show who is the formal master of the house.

In fact, Bayern have an ancient tradition – the conflicts within the club. They fought among themselves, and for years they did not speak, as in the times of Beckenbauer. They quarrelled over money, politics, jealous of popularity and looking for someone to blame for the defeats. Germans are not easy guys, although in this case the Bosnian might be the cause. Hassan called the question of Kovacs’ resignation silly and then fired the coach. Flick didn’t want to work at Bayern for years, he too had problems with the director, as did Nagelsmann.

Lewandowski needs a challenge in another league a long time ago

It’s dangerous to change championships at the age of 33, we know from Messi. And Nagelsmann has a reason not to put out that fire. Robert, unlike Lionel, Suarez or Mbappe, is not one of the productive players who notice partners. Muller is the king of assists, Gnabry and Sane always try to find the Pole in a good position. But this approach allows on a bad night for the Pole to disarm Bayern.

Lewandowski and the club from Munich had many great years, winning the Champions League together. It was worth leaving at the time, but Chelsea did not prove persistent enough. Robert and his wife had been preparing to move for a long time. They say he even celebrated another championship with Bayern for a short time. Almost immediately went to his family. He has the right, but in that case it is better to look for a new club.

The problem is that Bayern want about 40 million euros, hence the same kind of statements that the leaders heard Lewandowski’s opinion, but plan to bargain. Since there is a clear buyer, there are active negotiations. Holand did not go to Barcelona, and Xavi discusses the key doubt – the player’s age. The Catalans could use a master of Lewandowski’s level. But only if someone from the name-rich attacking line leaves and Robert is willing to change.

Messi at PSG has not played as well as he should because he walks on the field as he was used to at Barcelona, where he was served by a whole team. Lewandowski would not mind taking on the same role, but closer to the other side’s goal line. It’s silly to give up such players, although it’s obvious that Robert would have been more useful earlier, when he had more strength. But a critical loss of sharpness doesn’t mean the Pole will become useless. Luis Suárez showed a year ago what a productive striker can look like when his team is ready for a championship push.

Barcelona with Xavi does not hope to win the Champions League, but should bet on the leadership in La Liga in the new season, as Real Madrid will also be rebuilding. Lewandowski, who didn’t make it to Madrid although he was repeatedly interested, could end up at Barcelona. The Catalans have recruited in attack, but Aubameyang is not as diligent a professional. Another thing is that the Pole has forgotten how to play when your team is not the main favorite. But if he returns to his Dortmund days, he will be of great benefit to Xavi’s team.

Barcelona is not the same as it was in the days of Guardiola, Messi and Ibrahimovic, the tall, selfish forward can now play. All the more, Lewandowski has been preparing mentally for his departure from Bayern for more than a year, and the Germans have been looking for a replacement, but transfers have failed before. This time it is better not to drag it out. When a star’s desire to leave is openly announced, it is dangerous to hold on to a player. Especially at a club where coaches, managers and players have repeatedly argued, quarreled and conflicted with each other.