List of Chelsea players for sale

List of Chelsea players for sale

Chelsea’s transfer campaign can be recognized as stilted despite notable acquisitions – the signing of Sterling and Koulibaly. The club also has the opposite unresolved problem – the inability to unload the payroll and part with those players that Thomas Tuchel does not count on.

We have become accustomed to the fact that Chelsea have so many players under contract at the same time, almost more than any other Premier League club. And that was part of the model in which renting them out turned out to be an essential component. But Chelsea’s management structure is changing now, and that approach no longer looks workable. Therefore, Chelsea need to part with a number of players to make room in the payroll for potential newcomers.

We will not talk about the young and promising players that the club will probably want to keep in the system and continue to use the lease options. But there are also those who weigh down the salary purse, and to find a sensible buyer for them is not possible – not everyone will want to take the risk of signing someone who was not useful to Chelsea or left questions with his game there, and even not very young. Let’s take a look at those who found themselves in this situation.

Michy Batshuayi (£69,000 a week salary)

Some have already forgotten that Batshuayi is under contract to Chelsea. Although the contract is not outstanding in terms of numbers, the salary still looks more than solid for a player who does not even play for the team. That said, Batshuayi was among those whose name was mentioned by Tuchel when he offered the chance to restart his career:

Everyone has a chance to prove themselves. We have an open team where everyone can feel free to show their best soccer. So youngsters and players like Batshuayi have a decent chance. Only they are responsible for how they use it.

But it’s unlikely anyone would be offended by the Belgian if he suddenly didn’t believe Tuchel’s words. Last season, Batshuayi went on his fifth loan since joining Chelsea in 2016. So it is unlikely to have much confidence in his management. Last season for Besiktas, by the way, he scored 14 goals in 42 games.

In the pre-season for Chelsea, he often lacked composure in the penalty area, as if the need to prove his level right now added to the excitement and made him shiver. That’s why he was given less and less time. The 28-year-old still has a chance to prove himself at another team. His contract with Chelsea expires in a year. And it seems like Lukaku’s departure from the club should have improved Misha’s chances, but something is hard to believe already.

Kenedy (£25,000 a week salary)

The Brazilian could argue with Batshuayi on the number of rental trips from Chelsea. But the last attempt was far less fruitful than Michy’s. He scored just one goal in 17 games for Flamengo before his loan was prematurely terminated. Someone must have been shocked when Tuchel put Kenedy in the starting lineup for last season’s final game in the Premier League.

Kenedy has shone well at times in preseason as well. And he could be seen as a potential replacement for Reece James on the right side of the defense. Especially with the likely departure of Cesar Aspilicueta. The fact that his loan was interrupted amidst an injury crisis indicates that all is not lost. However, his sporadic play, even during preseason, is not encouraging – Tuchel still does not seem to trust him.

Malang Sarr (£120,000 a week salary)

The 23-year-old central defender was on the roster last season, but you can’t call his play a revelation. He could spend an entire game at a good level and then make a fatal mistake. Perhaps with Rüdiger and Christensen gone, he expected to play more games in the upcoming season than the 21 he played last season. However, Coulibaly appeared in the team, and Chelsea was also very eager to sign Kunde.

This indicates a reluctance to see Sarrah as a player in the main squad. He didn’t stand out in preseason, but he didn’t make any gross mistakes either. Although that may not be enough to establish himself in Tuchel’s team. In addition, the German coach has other options that are as reliable and promising as Sarr. So the doors to the main squad may be closed in front of him.

Ross Barkley (£96,000 a week salary)

Barkley’s last Chelsea goal was last season. But that’s little consolation for a season in which Ross appeared sporadically on the field and played only 14 games, playing 452 minutes in them. The preseason also turned out to be uneventful. An injury and an inability to find a place on the field interfered with it. Barkley is already being talked about more openly than anyone else on this list, that he is for sale. However, the interest of suitors for the 28-year-old midfielder has not yet crystallized into a concrete offer. Perhaps it will be possible to reboot a career in which Barkley was perceived as a future star at the beginning.

Timo Werner (£272,000 a week salary)

The situation around Werner is also developing rapidly – Chelsea have made almost no secret of their desire to part with him. Timo has struggled to establish himself as the team’s goalscorer, with occasional flashes, but the overall impression is so-so: 23 goals in 89 games after moving from Leipzig in 2020 for 53 million pounds. Much more was expected of him. And the salary reflects that.

And if before this summer Werner at least positioned himself intelligently off the field, now he has lost his bearings there as well, stating that he could be happy at any club. Tuchel was angered by such words, which he was not ashamed to declare. So let’s add interpersonal problems to the playing ones. That said, given the scale of the player, Chelsea are unlikely, not having a comparable top option, will sell Werner now. Most likely, they’ll give him another year.

Kepa Arrizabalaga (£155,000 a week salary)

“Chelsea signed Kepa in 2018 for £71.6 million, which set a world record. However, the former Athletic goalkeeper’s options at Stamford Bridge have been limited of late. It is already known of a request from Napoli for a loan of the 27-year-old goalkeeper, who seems to have lost all chance of becoming Chelsea’s main goalkeeper again.

With Edouard Mendy healthy, it’s hard to imagine that Kepa will have a chance. On the other hand, the Blues play a lot of games in a season, and a top club needs a backup for their main goalkeeper. But will Kepa himself want to be that backup, while at many other clubs he would be a player in the starting lineup? But Chelsea also need to pay such a salary to their second goalkeeper? All in all, there are a lot of questions.


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