Liverpool have the strongest squad in history

Liverpool have the strongest squad in history

It’s not just Gerrard who has been unlucky in the league, despite his status as a division legend. Billy Liddell, the legendary Scottish forerunner of the Reds in the forties and fifties, won the league title just once. The first cup since the Second World War. In the late seventies and early eighties Liverpool were a formidable force in England and Europe. But with all due respect to Callaghan, Clemens, Rush, Neil, Grobbelaar or Hansen, Klopp’s current stars are no weaker.

Salah could be described as a Dalglish-level footballer. Alisson, if you add up the game over five years, turns out to be the toughest goalkeeper in the elite leagues in repelling dangerous shots. Grobbelaar is a great circus performer who has had time to run the jungle and fight before football, but a wealth of life experience does not make Bruce an all-powerful goalkeeper. “Liverpool have won the Champions Cup four times in eight years but not once in that period has the Ballon d’Or been awarded to an English club player.

Shankly and Paisley have had great teams, but they were not built on star status alone. “Benitez’s Liverpool, too, were not built on a perfectly matched squad of players of the class of Alisson, Van Dijk or Salah. In Istanbul, the Irish, Norwegian, Finnish and Malian played against Milan, not just the cool Spanish and English. Even in 2014, it is possible that Liverpool lacked just enough megastars to win their first-ever AFL title. There were Suarez and Gerrard, but in the scoresheet it was Skrtel who came third.

Jordan Henderson had already played in 35 rounds then. Sturridge, Coutinho, Sterling and Lucas Leiva later proved they were not the most stable players on earth. Never before have Liverpool had a squad assembled along Real Madrid lines. That’s why Jude Bellingham is both a desirable target for the Creamers, even though they already have three classy young midfielders, and for Liverpool, who are constantly talking about the Birmingham-bred. Only the price is frankly biting.

There are almost no weaknesses in the squad

Klopp makes no secret of the fact that the current squad is the strongest he has played in Liverpool. Look at the goalkeeping position, for example. Alisson is number one, then there’s young Kelleher, then Spaniard Adrian, who has already proven his ability to add value when he’s occasionally released. He’s not exactly star-studded, but he’s the third goalkeeper out of four. A couple of years ago they took on another Brazilian, Pitalug, so Becker wouldn’t be bored in training.

Karius, the unlucky goalkeeper, is without a club. The German has gained muscle mass but has not gained Klopp’s confidence. And four goalkeepers is a symbol. Although the other lines have also thought of a safety net. Tsimikas for Robertson, newcomer Calvin Ramsey for Alexander-Arnold. Luis Diaz came in when Mane was still in the line-up. Oxlade-Chamberlain can back up several base players at once. Van Dijk has a choice of partners in the centre of defence.

Perhaps only Henderson has been questioned by the APL experts. Jordan has not become a second Gerrard with age. In his youth, regardless of effort, or in his championship season, regardless of focus, he lacked pure class. That’s why Fabinho has come on so well, playing with subtlety. Alexander-Arnold is great with his diagonals, Salah has zero questions, deserves a high salary under the new contract. But see the need for fresh blood in midfield.

There will definitely be conflicts in the new concept

An important point. It’s not just Michael Owen who doesn’t understand why Mane left. But Klopp rarely responds directly to questions about personal relationships on the team. Remember that he managed to quarrel with Buvac in such a way that Zeljko was taken to Moscow. When working with people with Salah’s ego: Moe is perpetually naked in photos, as is Ronaldo, and honestly said he was outraged by his low ranking at the Ballon d’Or, you have to be prepared for conflicts that lead to losses.

Mane has decided he’s had enough of losing to Real Madrid in the Champions League, Salah in charge, a bid for Luis Diaz on the left and rumours of Nunez in attack. The Senegalese’s departure has to do with what Nagelsmann has promised him. It’s also to do with Klopp’s eternal search, because even Liverpool’s excellent play doesn’t mean a series of championships in the APL. Failing to beat Manchester City is a historical fact. So who is missing? Perhaps we should be looking for the people who will be running world football in five years’ time.

Bellingham is on the list because he is an intelligent wide midfielder beyond his years. Fabinho, Alcantara (or one of the youngsters if he fires) and Jude could light up Klopp’s squad, who extended his contract with Liverpool before Salah. But here’s the next thing to look into Mohamed’s passport. He is thirty years old, like Van Dijk and Matip. Even older are Alcantara and Henderson. Next in age are Alisson and Firmino. It’s not out of the question that Bobby is asking to find him a new club, Origi and Minamino have already left.

Next step is the signing of a superstar

It’s funny that Liverpool are so protective of Salah that they specifically scolded Dembele’s agent for spreading inaccurate rumours about Usman moving to Klopp’s team. It is clear that the Egyptian will have no direct competition. There could, however, be another superstar if Liverpool’s sponsors and the mighty AFL want to develop the way La Liga has done for the past fifteen years. The Messi vs Ronaldo brawl could be replaced by a Holand vs Mbappe confrontation.

Old man Perez has been hurt by Kylian’s decision to stay at PSG, Real Madrid can refuse Kylian out of principle. But Ligue 1 is boring enough for the Frenchman to regret the decision after a couple of years. In whose squad, with which coach will we get the most out of Mbappe? Serie A is out. “Barcelona are not a money loser. “Bayern are no match either. That leaves Liverpool. Salah will get older, need a new clear leader. It has already been said that the joint sponsor of the Reds and PSG were thinking of such a deal.

The Sheikhs have given money and power to young Mbappe, but the AFL could gift greatness like Cantona or Henri. Liverpool are changing their concept in search of an ideal with money that meets the standards of Real Madrid or Manchester City. Klopp is at war with the dragons using the dragons’ methods. It’s interesting to see where a working, cup-competitive and characterful Liverpool will take such a path? Nunez is the most expensive rookie in history, but Bellingham, not to mention Mbappe, could break the record.