Liverpool will break the club’s transfer record

Liverpool will break the club's transfer record

Jorge Mendes’ €100m deal

“Liverpool can break the club’s transfer record as they are targeting another Jorge Mendes client after Fabinho and Jota. It makes no difference how much the experts value the player. The value of Joao Felix’s contract was around 70 million, and Atletico gave €127.2 million for the junior. When Georges Mendes is involved, the craziest deals are possible, as if from nowhere.

It’s no surprise that Rafa Leão from AC Milan could end up at a new club for a hundred million euros. Also calmly react to rumors that Darwin Nunez, whose market value is around €50 million, is close to a record transfer to Liverpool. Since the experienced Perez is giving just over 100 million euros for the French holding midfielder, 22-year-old Uruguayan forward Darwin Nunez could very well be worth that much.

We are talking about the most valuable player not in the top 5. That is the opinion of the research center CIES, which takes into account various factors, not only soccer but also economic. It’s about a South American, a Hispanic soccer player. Could attract a huge audience, as the successful Luis Suarez already did at Liverpool. Or Salah with the Arab world. The forward is young, and the team that loses Mane will need goals. Jota and Firmino are useful guys, but not selfish enough.

So Liverpool’s American bosses decided it was time to break the club record. The most expensive player for the Reds so far is van Dijk. The defender was paid 84.65 million euros, beating Manchester City’s offer. Alisson, Keita and Diaz were also signed for big money, but usually Liverpool do not overpay. Salah, for example, was cheaper than Jota and Fabinho. Somewhere they find and somewhere they lose, because Darwin Nunez obviously doesn’t play for 100 million euros yet.

Darwin convinced Klopp and impressed Van Dijk

Virgil thinks Messi is the best in history, praised the other contenders – Agüero, Mbappe and Holand. And he compared Erling to Darwin. Like the Norwegian, the Uruguayan is straight and fast, tall and strong. But he plays differently. Klopp was convinced Nuñez could match Liverpool’s level when he faced him in the Champions League. The Uruguayan scored in the first leg and prevented the Reds from winning at home – lighting up the second treble on the scoreboard on the day of the 3-3 draw.

Liverpool subsequently failed to find anyone who could upset Courtois in the Champions League final. The forward is needed, because a difficult game with Firmino and Jota, has side effects. The shortest way to the other side’s goal is in a straight line. You can get to the title with one cross and an Origi-style goal. Relevant even in the APL, because Liverpool did not outplay Guardiola at the crucial moment. For years Josep said he didn’t need a center-forward, and then he didn’t get Kane – he didn’t make the Champions League final – and he took a wild Hollande.

Gotta be able to admit mistakes. Darwin Nunez, in his time at Benfica, was highly productive, playing on the wing and in center – 47 goals and 16 assists in 84 games. He had a fabulous last season, when he scored 26 times in 28 games in the Portuguese championship. Those wishing to get hold of the young talent increased. They wrote about the interest of Manchester United and Newcastle. These teams denied the forward himself – he only wants to play in the Champions League. He was also watched by Atletico and PSG scouts.

The club from Madrid could be put off by the price, while the Parisians themselves do not know what they want. There is no certainty about the head coach. They could go around in circles and keep Pochettino and Leonardo, a decision quite in the style of the Sheikhs. It is clear that Messi, Mbappe and Neymar need a competent forward, but the Qataris have not shown themselves to be masters of planning. They are more likely to convince Lewandowski than they are to get the most out of Darwin Nunez. Icardi isn’t a talent either, and he didn’t play well in Paris.

Not all forwards at Liverpool are like Torres and Suarez

Superstitious fans will tell you that if a striker has a classic Spanish surname like Nunez, it’s a good sign. Both Fernando Torres and Luis Suarez have played effectively for Liverpool. Klopp has experience with strong forwards like Lewandowski. Not afraid of tactical changes. “False nine” has become an option, as Firmino has proven to be not just an attacking midfielder from Hoffenheim, but a player who knows how to look around and is willing to share space in the penalty area.

Nunez will also listen to the coach, as he played next to bright attacking players at Benfica and had no problems. His candidacy differs from betting on Lewandowski, should Robert’s contract with Barcelona fall through. The Uruguayan is much more expensive, but also much younger. To van Dijk’s description, we should add that the forward is definitely not a copy of Holand, it’s just that in the match against Liverpool it was his role to push, impose the fight, look for gaps in the defense without the ball.

Against weaker opponents, Darwin feints, ready to work from deep in the field, shift to the right flank. Benfica discerned his talent as a “nine”, but the team has a tall Yaremchuk next to him. In comparison, it is the Ukrainian who looks more like a classic heavy striker. Nunez is tricky, loves to hit without preparation, sees his teammates, shares the ball in the final third of the field. It’s early to compare him to Suarez, but the Benfica striker is nimble and growing.

Klopp seems to have enough of that to take his chances. But for Liverpool, overpaying for a striker is not a good sign. They were too generous when they picked up Benteke and Carroll and ended up with holes in the bagel. Sure, Suarez and Torres didn’t come for free, but they were given less for them. And the deal amounts themselves didn’t seem too high. If Liverpool get Darwin Nunez for 80 million euros, it will be a great deal, if for a hundred – the risks are higher.

True, consider Liverpool’s practice. Part of the money will be compensated when they find a new club for Minamino, and Bayern will be ready for Mane transfer. The English side have decent earnings, they did not throw money around, although there were some not cheap pinpoint deals. But since Klopp decided he was staying, it became easier to negotiate with Darwin. Nunez knows exactly what a particular head coach needs, who claimed four of last season’s four Cups. Won only two, but promised a return to the final of the Champions League.


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