Looks like PSG will be without a forward

Looks like PSG will be without a forward

Nara takes Kampusch by the nose, Icardi doesn’t want to leave

It’s amazing how sometimes rich clubs overlook the elephant in the locker room. And in this case, its absence. In the Champions League final against Bayern Munich, the Parisians played without their center forward. Mbappe was formally at the cutting edge, while Neymar and Di Maria were on the flanks. There were chances against Neuer, but Manuel repelled them all, and Coman, as if mocking his native PSG, brought the title to the German grand.

The French were let down by implementation, that is, even in 2020 it was clear that a squad with Neymar and Mbappe needed a central striker. Instead of Tuchel came Pochettino, but the old song about the main thing sounded. Even in Ligue 1, PSG lost at times, creating a lot of empty chances. Against Bayern, Choupo-Moting came on as a substitute and Icardi sat on the bench for the entire game, something he often did for two years after that.

Since Luis Campos, advisor to the president of PSG and in fact the club’s sporting director, is friends with Jose Mourinho, the two Portuguese discussed Icardi’s possible move to Roma. But why would the Wolves, with Abraham having played, need a burden in the form of the Argentine? Mauro played 24 games in Ligue 1 last season and scored four goals. If Keylor Navas had played in the Parisian attack, he would have scored a little more. Abraham and Dybala can do without Icardi

Wanda Nara, the wife and spokeswoman for the forward, will take Kampusch by the nose. Roma will not repeat Icardi’s contract with the Frenchman, under which he receives about 10 million euros. The agreement is for two more years. It is unclear why PSG ever bought the forward’s contract from Inter for as much as 50 million euros. Mauro is not interested in soccer. He does not want to go to Rome, he wants to stay at PSG and earn money without playing. And behind the field he does not think about training.

His wife has forgiven her husband and father of two daughters together for their adultery. In Paris they say that as compensation Icardi has given himself to her as a labor slave – all decisions in the forward’s career will be made by Wanda. Mourinho would be foolish to add Icardi to Dibala and Abraham, such a forward is not necessary for Roma. And neither do many other clubs. And potential buyers can negotiate with PSG and Kampouche, but then Wanda will step in.

It is no coincidence that sports directors of the clubs that dealt with Icardi’s wife, then unflatteringly talked about her. And the hubby is not the most compliant player in the world. PSG will be difficult to throw him out, because he trains with Messi, Neymar and Mbappe, and probably will not have to play. Mauro is offered contracts by different clubs, not only Roma, but no one will give 10 million euros and everywhere he will be forced to play soccer with goals. It’s bad when a player thinks that a bench at a club with stars is the best solution.

For Galtier only a young Frenchman has been signed so far

It’s cool when young players make a breakthrough, but PSG’s attack now has seasoned men who aren’t inclined to trust juniors. And poking any of them in the middle is helping their opponents. Mbappe is like a new Henri, not like a second Trezeguet. Messi is definitely not like Lius Suarez when he comes out at the cutting edge, especially with the loss of sharpness. And Neymar is not a second Firmino. And then came Ekitike – taken on loan from Reims.

Newcastle were willing to pay for Hugo, but Kampouche convinced the player to go into conflict with Reims and end up on loan in Paris, even without the right of compulsory buyout. A strange deal, they took a player who played few matches last season – there was an injury, has no unprecedented talent and is nervous, because he grabbed two red cards. Icardi has already become for PSG like Pedro Rocha for Spartak, who wants to sit out his contract with the Muscovites until the end. And Ekitike is trying to find a guy who will take the ball instead of Messi and Neymar.

But this isn’t a second Ibrahimovic or a skinny version of Cavani. The experienced Benzema has made Real Madrid win the Champions League. The cool Lewandowski influenced Bayern’s path to the finals two years earlier. “Chelsea did without a flashy forward, but they have a different philosophy. PSG will have personnel dilemmas if a strong striker arrives – Neymar should be put on the bench, but the president of PSG and Kampouche have hinted at that. They understand that there needs to be a change of approach at the club itself.

No more capricious stars, we need guys on the field who are willing to work hard. Scamacca was among them, but it’s possible that analysis of the Italian’s game led Galtier and the PSG scouts to have doubts. The Italian is a classy candidate, but he’s not a young Ibrahimovic or a second Lewandowski. Certainly not Kane, who is unlikely to leave Tottenham this summer. And Icardi, PSG’s main center forward right now, is definitely on the list of players that Campouche and Galtier will be happy to say goodbye to as the bid is overloaded.

Without a striker, we could lose again in the Champions League

What happens to teams with two goalkeepers and four men on the same flank in defense? There are silent or open conflicts. Even the appearance of Messi is a test – the team has to get used to pressing with nine men, not as usual. Add the fact that Neymar is also not a fan of draft work – we get a team that will allow other people’s attacks, but will not realize theirs. Messi hasn’t found Iniesta and Suarez on the field to score by the dozens.

Campos is a strong specialist. And although Galtier is inexperienced at this level – it would be easier for Zidane to lure a big-name striker, he’s not mediocre either, he understands basic things. Mbappe resembles Henri in all the numerical characteristics, but Thierry played in the same team as Bergkamp, Canu and Wiltord, and later came Van Persie. Wenger and the French coaches clearly understood that Henri was not a typical central striker. Trezeguet played differently, with Christophe Dugarry in the Euro 2000 final.

Deschamps brought back Benzema, because Mbappe needs a partner, and Griezmann is only partly suitable for this role – that’s why Giroud played in so many games at the 2018 World Cup. Successful soccer is logical, and PSG did the illogical thing by keeping the unsuitable Icardi as their only forward. The joke that PSG is desperate enough to be willing to bring in Ronaldo right now no longer seems absurd. But such a deal would definitely be opposed by Messi. In public they are happy for each other, but ostentatious politeness is the height of hypocrisy.

Ligue 1 starts in two weeks, and Galtier is asked to have faith in the 20-year-old Equitique, who at times is an incredibly raw footballer, although lucky – he has a good realization for a twenty-year-old. But Hugo’s stability is questionable. Especially considering that with him the plan doesn’t change – you can’t put Neymar, Mbappe and Messi together with the newcomer, “4-2-4” hasn’t been played for a long time. I like that there’s a guy who will work better as a rebounder than three stars. But betting on 18-year-old Jadey Gassama and 20-year-old Hugo Ekitike while the same City will have Holland and Alvarez is shooting in the foot of dreams of winning a Champions League final.


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