Lukaku repeated the mistakes of Crespo, Torres and Shevchenko

Lukaku repeated the mistakes of Crespo, Torres and Shevchenko

There was perfect physicality after Conte’s stint at Inter. Understanding that the Milan club urgently needed money, so the Belgian knew ahead of time about the transfer to another team, although he twinned with the Neradzurri, where he could return. There was an offer from the competent Granovska at a time when Abramovich was not thinking about selling to Chelsea and Tuchel’s team won the Champions League.

But in the final of the tournament the attacking midfielder Havertz scored. Werner did not play, no one prevented Lukaku from taking a place in the center of the attack for a couple of years and become a favorite of the public. Moreover, in case Tuchel experimented, the forward had experience with a low striker at Inter, Martinez complemented him perfectly. Havertz, Mount, the same Werner could create a bundle with Lukaku, a dream duo with which Chelsea could build on their early season success.

Tuchel was in first place after the first ten rounds. They were three points ahead of Liverpool and five points ahead of Manchester City. At this point, Lukaku had to turn on the goals, because for Inter in the championship season created 35 goals in Serie A (24 strikes, 11 passes). “Chelsea was expecting something similar, but only got eight accurate shots in the APL. Not surprisingly, Chelsea ended up out of the championship race, with Guardiola trailing by 19 points.

Drogba is the exception, Chelsea forwards often suffer

The Londoners are the kind of club where the top scorer in history is the midfielder. Lampard has scored 211 goals, even Didier Drogba has only 164 accurate shots. It’s clear that Frank played a lot more matches, but the Ivorian was not as productive as Agüero or Henri. Didier plowed for the team, scoring enough, but not for all-time records. Other forwards at Chelsea are traditionally unlucky, even if their status is no lower than Didier’s.

Among the worst signings by Granovska and her colleagues are quite a few strikers – Morata, Shevchenko, Mutu, Kezhman, Crespo, Batshuayi, Torres and Werner. Different players, different inputs, but the result is the same. Torres was given time to rehabilitate himself for a complete failure, but the £50 million for Chelsea did not work out. Shevchenko got into the club as Abramovich’s buddy, but Mourinho didn’t see Andriy as the main man, just like he didn’t see Zhirkov.

Chelsea got in with Drogba, got in with Diego Costa. Giroud has worked for the money invested – 39 goals and 14 assists in 119 incomplete games. But for most strikers, the move to Chelsea was a disappointment. It’s understandable why Salah and De Bruyne had a hard time at a club with a lot of competition. But they were young, and here is a mature master. Lukaku went into the league winner’s squad with the clear objective of playing in the European Cup final and fighting to win the APL. Drogba did, but Lukaku didn’t.

The Belgian stepped into a familiar river, but found himself trapped

What does the phrase “you can’t enter the same river twice” even mean? No, the current meaning is clear – so they say when stressing that you should not do the same thing twice, because the second time will be worse. Applies to couples coming together for a second time after a difficult breakup. Applies to soccer. Ronaldo tried to enter the same river twice. Now the Portuguese is in the mire of the Europa League, unless he escapes to another club with a place in the elite tournament.

But that is not what the author of the phrase Heraclitus meant. You can not enter the same river twice, because the second attempt will lead to another water. The old one has already flowed away. Everything in the world changes, the birth, the origin of the new never stops. Somewhere running around is the perfect striker for Chelsea, but his last name is definitely not Lukaku. A failure so obvious that the British put the Belgian at the top of the list of the main transfer failures of Chelsea in the history of the club.

They paid more than a hundred million euros, a record transfer for the Londoners. Added a generous salary, up to 450,000 pounds a week including bonuses. And lost a huge amount of money. Lukaku tried for a second time to enter a familiar river, but this time not to drown. He even took the number 18 under which he played for Chelsea eleven years ago after switching from Anderlecht. As a result, Tuchel and Lukaku openly admitted that they miscalculated. There was zero correlation, although the tactics were both right and wrong.

Romelu needs to adjust, but will have to change at Milan

Lukaku, as a footballer, has more inner freedom than he needs to succeed at Chelsea. And too little of the aggression that saved Diego Costa. There was class but no luck. Wenger was recently dubbed a racist when Arsene said that the talented Mbappe could not have prepared in Cameroon as he did in France. The former Arsenal coach was leading the charge that African soccer should be helped so as not to lose talent. Now arrows are flying at him, as if he humiliated African schools by a trivial statement of facts.

Lukaku has been squeezed the maximum out of him, because since his youth he worked at Anderlecht’s school. But regardless of the place of training, the stability of a footballer determines his personality. At 37, Sneijder is long retired and looks like a middle-aged man who never gets up from the couch and drinks beer 24 hours a day, with a huge belly. And not because of health problems like Brazilian Ronaldo. Wesley honestly says he didn’t want to work as hard as Ronaldo to prolong his footballing life.

Lukaku is different, but has stated that he might leave the Belgian national team. Only coaches like Conte can set him up to fight atrociously. Tuchel has failed, the failure must be acknowledged and moved on. But it is genuinely surprising that Romelu has played so toothlessly for Chelsea. At least he could have scored 20 goals in all competitions. But since the man, whose salary is one and a half times higher than the record at Chelsea before him, did not fit in, it is dangerous to keep him in the team.

The teammates see how bad Lukaku looks on the field. They remember that very interview with the statement about wanting to leave. After it, Romelu apologized, but the record doesn’t burn, the residue remains. Obviously, his age is pressing, he needs to find his way back to Inter. And Chelsea are in for an interesting search for a forward, as the recent history of the club shows – you have to hit the finger in the sky. No calculation, no arguments work. You just have to guess.

Abraham is not believed in as a foundation player for years to come. Kane is unlikely to trade Tottenham for Chelsea. And Lewandowski has made it clear that he is waiting for a point in negotiations with Barcelona. Lukaku at 29 has not pulled the pace of the APL as he used to – a moment of intensity correctly noted by the former Chelsea midfielder. Romelu urgently needs to return to Italy to recover for the start of the 2022 World Cup. But let him consider that Conte’s water has leaked and Inzaghi’s water is different for tactical taste.


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