Manchester City is much stronger than Real Madrid

Manchester City is much stronger than Real Madrid

In terms of chances in the Champions League, Real Madrid is below Manchester United, and Guardiola’s team is among the leaders. If we compare the figures in the top five, the Citizens are in first place, having played 33 matches in the APL, while the Slivos are twenty-fifth after the same number of matches. The difference is huge. Ederson has conceded 21 goals in the league, where there are plenty of dangerous opponents, and Courtois on 29 occasions in the league, where the level of skill is now obviously not higher, since Barcelona loses to Eintracht. Ancelotti’s defense has had problems for a long time, and Carlo can’t fix them without bringing in outside manpower, like a defender from Chelsea, whose defense makes fewer mistakes. The departure of Varane and Ramos couldn’t help but have an impact.

Coaching factor

Guardiola beat Ancelotti’s Everton, but that’s another reason for the Italian to qualify for the Champions League final. Carlo thinks in those categories – the goal he set for himself, while Josep told me not long ago that for his team winning the APL was more important than success in the Champions League. Simply put, he was cheating. It did not look good, Manchester City have spent several billion euros already with the Spaniard – salaries, transfers and maintenance of the club, they have not worked out for the sheikhs, and yet only once played in the final of the Champions League, and unimpressive. “Real Madrid have not lost in the finals of the tournament since 1981 and have won in seven seasons since. Ancelotti personally won the Champions League five times as a player and coach. Guardiola’s record is more modest. Even if he outplayed Carlo in soccer like Tuchel in sections, he could lose a ticket to the finals.

Attacking power

Back to soccer, and once again the English are sort of the favorites. Sort of, because Real Madrid attacks dangerously, but not as often, varied and scary as Manchester City. In the APL, the Citizens scored 80 goals, while in La Liga, the Slivos were limited to 69. But if you add that 36 organized by direct action – a pass or a shot, Benzema, it becomes clear that one team has a strong dependence on the forward, and the other with goals and assists in the APL by sixteen different players. “Real Madrid, too, has assembled a wide lineup of dangerous guys – they have about the same number of people with goals, but the difference is obvious. “Manchester City is constantly pressing and creating chances, while Real Madrid is not as consistent, a different style and slightly weaker results.

State of the leaders

Here again, an important point for the relegation round, and Manchester City’s players are easier to pick on. What are De Bruyne’s chances for the Ballon d’Or? Clearly lower than Benzema’s. And if Karim in the UCL is very productive, the Belgian does not look very impressive in this tournament. At the moment he has only 1 goal and 2 assists. Not far from Jack Grealish. Of course, Real Madrid do not have a Canselu-level lateral right now, but Casemiro can compete with Rodri, Kroos has more experience than the feisty Gundogan or Bernardo. Modrić is an extra-class footballer, as reminded by a fantastic pass by Trivela, while Grealish, Marez, Sterling and the rest are more prone to mistakes at the crucial moment than feats. Ederson and Dias are good, but Courtois and Alaba are just as experienced. The Real Madrid leaders, as well as young Vinicius, are all right, and Manchester City’s side did not go smoothly in the Champions League, and it’s a habit.

The ability to reshape

This is the point that saves in the LF, because Real Madrid won in Paris on accurate shots 8-0 and 57% of the game time owned the ball, and then went to Benzema in Madrid and got kicked in the head. “Chelsea was going to bounce back – also out. Manchester City lost in Paris this season and gave the Champions Cup to Tuchel last season, but now there remain hopes, all the obvious pluses. And there is no doubt that Guardiola’s team cannot rebuild. You can’t release a clean center forward – he’s not in the squad. Can’t work at low speed, Liverpool caught, and Real Madrid won’t regret it either. Guardiola and Ancelotti have a common misfortune – it is extremely rare for their teams to win without being themselves. But when they try to appear to be something they are not, they lose. Josep has wised up in the past in the playoffs of the Champions League, and he’s been knocked out.

Team pressure

In 2016, Zidane could have lost to Pellegrini – De Bruyne, Fernandinho and Sterling remember those matches against Real Bale, Ronaldo and Modric. But Joe Hart did not concede, Isco scored, and that is how Zidane’s fairytale began – Zinedine got to the final, beat Atletico there in a penalty shootout, and the very series of Real Madrid’s Champions League began. The team played on the counterattack, but harshly foiled others’ attempts – Casemiro, Modrić and Kroos were younger, so were Benzema, Carvajal and Marcelo. Now there is a chasm between the team pressure of City and Madrid, so if Guardiola sees maximum turnovers from his charges, he is unlikely to lose.


In a regular championship of two rounds, Real Madrid has little chance against Manchester City. Guardiola has learned to almost not lose points in the APL, this is the difference between the team without Messi and the one in Catalonia. “Barcelona has won La Liga more often than Real Madrid in the past, and there too has relied on the right defense, with Pique and Puyol allowing few goals against Valdes. But now Guardiola’s new squad is even more obsessed with excellence in all lines. That said, Real Madrid, which has youngsters but left people with more Champions Cups in their personal collection, is morally better prepared. “The “Slivos” understand that defeat is possible, and their opponent knows that it is a perfect chance for another final. The Spaniards are better protected in terms of pressure.


One point for the victory, one point each for a draw. It was a draw. Although the Citizens are tougher than the Meriniers in the ability to hold the ball or bend their line as number one and can beat the Spaniards in butter, especially at home, in the Champions League it is also important the coach’s champion experience, the leader’s ability to play against the script, and the moral preparedness of the whole team. Benzema and Modric have no doubt for one second that they can take on Manchester City. And they are not going to beat the English clearly and demonstrably. It is Guardiola who has a thing about searching for perfection. As for Ancelotti, it is enough to go further, as it turned out against Chelsea. That is the danger of the meeting for the Citizens, because it is psychologically easier for the visitors. Many people are waiting for the English final of the Champions League, but it remains to be seen what Courtois, Kroos and Benzema think about it.