Manchester City vs. Real Madrid who will win?

Manchester City vs. Real Madrid who will win?

Guardiola’s team

  • Unlike Real Madrid, the Citizens are heavily distracted by the AFL, where they have a formidable foe. “Liverpool” is one point behind, but there are enough rounds ahead for a sharp talk and renewal of the champion. Guardiola warmed up at Brighton and Watford, but before that he lost in the FA Cup semifinals to just Jurgen Klopp. “Manchester City can be beaten, but it is important to puzzle right away.
  • Cancellu’s suspension and Walker’s health problems-though the right-back is likely to play-will force the Englishmen to make a weakening reshuffle. Cancelu has hardly missed a match this season, playing left and right, his absence today is a problem. Ake and Zinchenko are not in such wonderful form, although Ancelotti does not have Bale at his peak to add to Carvajal.
  • Guardiola needs to consider PSG’s experience. In the first game in Paris, the French ran Real Madrid into the ground, but did not secure a comfortable goal advantage, and they paid the price by facing Benzema again. Manchester City have obvious problems with chances against high-class opponents. Even Sporting did not score, although in that case the result of the first game helped. But it is unlikely that Real Madrid use the Atletico tactic and the 5-5-0 scheme; that’s simply not the way the Blues know how to play.
  • Gundogan, Rodri and De Bruyne are well aware that with each new defeat on the way to the coveted cup the chances of success are falling. It’s not just about Manchester City’s morale, as the team has repeatedly been hurt by leaving the Champions League. It’s about trivial things like time, which modern physicists still do not know how to describe clearly. It is inexorable, so the excellent midfielders of the Citizens need to be better than the famous three of Real Madrid. It’s either now or never.
  • Let’s compare approaches. At Real Madrid, a lot is tied to the success of the central striker, Benzema, but Guardiola has no such man. We expect Foden to be formally at the edge, Mareza and Sterling on the flanks, if Grealish and Bernardo Silva are not there, because the rotation allows Manchester City to keep fresh and bend their line at the expense of small, barely noticeable nuances, losing the pace of soccer, but without losing the pace of the points scored. Guardiola presents a “4-3-3,” where from Ederson and Dias to Rodri and Foden, everyone has been popularly explained what to play. The only guy there who isn’t clear is Grealish, but he’s new to the team.

The tentative lineup of Manchester City (4-3-3): Ederson – Walker, Diaz, Laporte, Ake – De Bruyne, Rodri, Gundogan (Bernardo) – Marez (Bernardo), Foden, Sterling.


Ancelotti’s team

  • “Real Madrid” is 15 points behind Barcelona and will be the champion of Spain for the foreseeable future. The Royal Club lost to Chelsea at home, lost to Barcelona by a margin of four goals, got under the pressure of Mbappe a month before and lost in Paris. But what do all these results have in common? In between, Ancelotti’s have been one win away. Not a single draw since mid-February. They won’t give up on the world today, but they’ll be more likely to make the usual duel.
  • Can we call Ancelotti’s Real Madrid a boring team? More likely yes than no, especially if you mean the concept of “rational”. Take away Benzema’s goals and assists and you get a team that is waiting for a change in the near future. It’s not just about the purchase of Mbappe, whom the Sheiks are desperate to keep in Paris. Alaba is getting ready to face his new teammate, Rüdiger, but there are also expensive reserves that we probably won’t see on the field today.
  • “Real” plays strangely in defense. Courtois has saved more than once, but many opponents get goals even when they lose. This issue is relevant today, as even the more organized defensive lines cannot digest all of Manchester City’s attacks. The underrated Militao and the sometimes overrated Alaba can produce a dream match, there is also no doubt in the class of Carvajal and Mendy, but Casemiro at times does not have time – the Brazilian’s workload is enormous. The tempo above was not mentioned by chance. “Liverpool were fresher in the FA Cup, so they scored before MS woke up. Whoever strikes with vigor today will win.
  • Benzema and Vinicius are the guys on whose goals and results a successful Real Madrid is based. Karim allows himself mischief, such as missed penalties. The young Brazilian also occasionally misses, but the symbiosis of experienced and young players often works. Karim is a serious trump card for Real Madrid in the fight for another Champions League final. He has 12 goals and 1 assist in the tournament in 9 games, and another 36 goals in La Liga. The Frenchman is in incredible form and was saving his strength against Osasuna, Manchester City’s defense is not to be envied.
  • Real Madrid have only poor Azar in the infirmary, and Ancelotti can choose a third attacking player for the task – most likely, he will put on the borderline between the lines in the form of Valverde. After all, this is an away match, and Manchester City have a wily style of high pressing, combined with a quick attacking move through a long pass when needed. The Uruguayan will come in handy, although Rodrigo or Asensio don’t get their millions for nothing either. Ancelotti has rested many veterans in La Liga, clearly taking Liverpool’s experience and tactics into account.

The tentative composition of Real Madrid (4-3-3): Courtois, Carvajal, Militao, Alaba, Mendy, Modric, Casemiro, Kroos, Valverde (Asensio), Benzema, Vinicius.

Confrontation between the teams

  • Ideally, Guardiola wanted Manchester City to be the new Barcelona, a team that has racked up wins in the Champions League without forgetting their success in the domestic league. But got rather Bayern, which is often first in the APL, while also flying out to the LHL finals. And even wasted the only successful attempt, losing to Chelsea. Now the final against Liverpool shines, but first we need to pass Real Madrid. The club that knows how to win against the odds, because the class of performers is beyond belief.
  • Carlo Ancelotti is Guardiola’s “client”. After six meetings, Josep has four wins and two losses. But the first meetings were historic. Carlo passed Bayern in the semi-finals of the Champions League in 2014, when he managed to return the Champions Cup to Madrid after twelve years of languishing. Nor should Everton’s defeats be transposed onto Real Madrid; Ancelotti now has players of a very different class.
  • The clubs have met each other six times in the last ten years, always in the Champions League. “Real Madrid has had two wins, Manchester City too. The draws are not hard to count, but it’s more important to look at who made it through. There were two instances of playoff matches, and while Zidane got through in the first, Guardiola bounced back in the second – two wins for Manchester City in 2020. Didn’t help win the cup, but many of the squad have experience against Real Madrid, which is important.