Mbappe is bent on stupidity. No need to listen to Ronaldinho

Mbappe is bent on stupidity. No need to listen to Ronaldinho

The first frequent thesis persuading Mbappe to stay at home, as Shirokov once told him to do. Have you noticed how someone crafty and big is picking up the cries for the forward to stay in Paris? Since the magnificent Ronaldinho has big financial problems, even he is willing to work as a matchmaker:

PSG is now one of the best clubs in Europe. Mbappe could be the best player in the world at this team and take the Champions League with PSG.

We do not condemn the soccer legend, because there is nothing criminal in participating in the promotion. But its organizers do not think about Mbappe’s interests. Ronaldinho’s personal example proves how difficult it is to become the best player in the world if you destroy everyone in Ligue 1 and not in La Liga or the APL. The Brazilian was already a world champion, scoring for Simão, and the world only accepted him as a legend in Raikard’s Barcelona. It’s not about the coach or the player himself, the reason is the scale of the tournament. If you destroy everyone in Spain and the Champions League you are the king, if you can’t score in the “farmer’s league” you will get nuts, like Messi is doing now. And even if you play great in France, like the prolific Mbappe, the Ballon d’Or will be bypassed.

You have to be a French patriot and live in Paris

The Qataris may be generously thankful for the support of every prominent Frenchman, or just someone associated with the country that gave Europe its way to modern civilization. But the French lost some brave men along the way, so a handful of Germans and a mass of traitors were enough to occupy France nearly a century ago. No heroes are in sight now, either. But Macron desperately needs to win an election, so his attempt to convince Mbappe to stay at PSG is both a political stunt – look, the uncle president loves French soccer – and a regular favor to the Qatari sheikhs, who got the World Cup-22 not without help from politicians and officials in Paris.

Sign a deal with PSG, they’ll give you more than Perez

This is the part of the propaganda slant on Mbappe clearly tied to one well-known fact. Kilian’s parents live by the principle of the people who win the lottery. Often the tickets are bought by people who, for various reasons, have not realized themselves, or simply naively believe in a great mathematical miracle. Accidentally win, and then suffer after winning. PSG made no secret of the fact that Mbappe’s father, who handles his affairs, is far from the easiest negotiator. Analogous to Neymar’s dad. Except that even if PSG is willing to overpay Kylian, not everything in the world is tied up in millions of euros. Perez will also give a lot of euros, and talk of a crazy offer from the Parisians is also aimed at Florentino. The Spaniard seems ready to gold-plated the family of Mbappe, who will formally be taken to Real Madrid as a free agent.

Messi will stay, PSG will learn from mistakes and invite Zidane

Neymar will stay because no one is in a hurry to sign him. Messi will stay, because he understands that his soccer path is coming to an end. And that means earning the maximum on the eve of his departure to the United States, trying to leave the Champions League with more dignity than this season. PSG can win the tournament if they guess with the coach and fire Leonardo so that the club is managed by a less scandalous specialist. But personally, Mbappe has more to lose from another attempt to conquer Europe with the Parisians. They have their own ways, and if Kylian signs a new contract, he will be stuck in Ligue 1 for a long time, because the payoffs will be unaffordable even for Real Madrid. It turns out that Perez was bluffing by offering 220 million euros, trying to piss off the sheiks, which he succeeded.

In Ligue 1 you can break records and become an eternal king

Why then did Copa, Platini, Zidane, Henri and Cantona leave for other leagues? Benzema, one of the favorites to win the Ballon d’Or in 2022, followed a similar example. The great French have been playing abroad for a long time. There have been exceptions, like Fontaine and Tigan, but for such remarks there is a whole list of departed players – Barthez, Blanc, Thuram, Vieira, Desaiy, Waran, Kanté, Deschamps, Makeleleine, Papin, Griezmann and Deschamps. Mbappe will not become a legendary exception, even if he stays and starts to break not Ibrahimovic’s record for goals in Ligue 1, but surpasses Onnis. This is the best sniper of the French championships in history with 299 goals, an Argentine, not a local. But what’s next? Spain has rivals – Barcelona, Atletico and Sevilla – and in France they come when PSG itself falters.

It’s dangerous to go to Real Madrid, look at poor man Azar

Also poor Cannavaro, Robben, van der Wart, Kaka, Robinho, Cassano and Oeun. The list of those who didn’t play at Real Madrid is impressive. But at the same time there is the example of Ronaldo, who was given space and time to confirm the greatness he hinted at with MJ. Benzema could be a Lyon superstar right now, but no one would care about his exploits in Ligue 1. As it is, he has won the Champions League many times, is again in the semifinals and is preparing a place for Mbappe in the hearts of Real Madrid fans. Kylian has made a monumental mistake if he listens now to advisors who are agitating to stay in Paris. He has had many years to be clear about the club he wants to represent in the future. He was called to the APL, but if one wants to go to Spain, where his childhood idols played for his beloved Real Madrid, one must follow the call of the heart. Mbappe can become the best player on the planet, he has everything to do so. And Messi’s failure in Ligue 1 certainly does not prove that the league is stronger than the Spanish one.

At the same time, we need to be realistic. There is a risk that it won’t be easy for Kylian to adapt to Real Madrid. Modric also took some time to settle in. It will be more difficult without Ancelotti if the new mentor is unable to rebuild the team instantly. But it’s a noble risk for a man who wants to be first in the world in his field. There are fundamental laws whose violation always leads to disaster. There are great leagues in soccer, and whoever wants the crown chooses the royal clubs. The names of those depend on the era, but Real Madrid is definitely among them right now, and PSG is more like a fabulously rich version of Zenit from a country where it’s easier to lure the wives and girlfriends of famous footballers. No offense to the Parisians, but you can’t buy history. That’s why Mbappe should go to Real Madrid instead of listening to Macron and Ronaldinho. The more so, they are very synchronously singing the same aria, and against the background of rumors that the Qataris will cut the financing of PSG after the 2022 World Cup and will try to find a buyer for the club.