Mbappe is not the first to be rejected by Real Madrid

Mbappe is not the first to be rejected by Real Madrid

Kylian Mbappe

Perez thought he got Mbappe as a free agent, washed the sheiks away. Kylian gave verbal consent, but was in no hurry to sign a contract. Used his favorite club to negotiate with PSG. Lizarazu is right – Mbappe brought two clubs to their knees and showed France as a country where superstars do not keep their word.

Now the PR services of Mbappe and PSG will bombard you with versions to convince you that it’s not about money. One of the latest is that he was allegedly afraid that Real Madrid would be kicked out of the Champions League because of an attempt to create a Super League. They might also add that the little brother asked his older brother to stay at home. Or Mbappe chewed a croissant in the morning, choked on it, and the president of PSG, who happened to be there, saved Kylian’s life. And for that he asked for an autograph under a new contract for hundreds of millions of euros over three years. But all not because of money, of course, but out of love for Ligue 1.

Francesco Totti

Totti is still a cool soccer player. In the amateur league in Rome, he mocks goalkeepers on a small field with kicks to the nines. And many years ago, Real Madrid called the Roma leader to join them. The wife of the footballer – Ilari, thought her husband would agree, because the offer was financially beneficial, and the main trophy with the Romans – Scudetto, Totti had already won by that time. Madrid first called in 2001, but the Italian refused.

Five years later, Francesco won the World Cup with the national team, was more experienced, but had enough strength for a new challenge. He was going to say yes, but at the last moment he thought about family, friends and Roma fans and stayed to dedicate his entire career to the Wolves. It is unlikely that Totti’s fans would have resented his move to Madrid – there is no club animosity – but the decision was made. The Italian still has some regrets. Suddenly he would have played, the family would have liked Spain, and his dad and husband would have racked up trophies?

Steven Gerrard

It happened even before Istanbul, when Gerrard wasn’t sure he could outgrow the level of fun UEFA Cup finals against Alaves with Liverpool. The Englishman has not always had a good relationship with Liverpool’s management – once it came down to real negotiations with Chelsea when there was a scramble for a new contract. But Gerrard stayed every time, until he chose Los Angeles in his old age of soccer to sunbathe and run after the ball.

Steven boasted that he turned down Real Madrid, but then you have to remember the difficult relationship between the English and that club. He might not play like Woodgate or Owen. And he might not win the Champions League, because from 2002 to 2014 the club had a break in the tournament. With his refusal, Gerrard not only maintained the respect of Liverpool fans – in those days Perez’s club was considered the main “money bag”, and they got the title before the rich Chelsea, but he also made it to Istanbul, where he beat AC Milan in the famous final.

Gianluigi Buffon

On the eve of the World Cup in Germany, the Calcopoli scandal erupted. As a result, Juventus ended up in Serie B, and many of the stars of that squad decided to change clubs. But not Buffon. He went to the 2006 World Cup, won it together with Totti, and then returned to Turin to endure another round of personal crisis. Buffon was beset by psychological problems, having suffered panic attacks even after the failed Champions League final.

He had been suffering from depression for a number of years and felt that everyone was more interested in his image as a great player than in himself. Gianluigi received an invitation from the cynical Real Madrid at a time when he had no intention of betraying Juventus. Buffon’s battle against Casillas in the same squad the world did not see, and the Italian saw in a museum Chagall’s painting “Walking” and again felt the taste of life. Playing for Parma, he does not bend to work in the goal of the 12th team in Serie B.

Robert Lewandowski

The Pole, while playing for Borussia D, received messages from Mourinho and spoke to Perez personally. At the same time, Sir Alex Ferguson called him – offering him a move to Manchester United. The young striker refused all, including Chelsea, and chose Bayern, and he moved as a free agent – this detail explains why there was such a long line of those wishing. “Real” hoped to lure Robert later, but the first refusal derailed all plans.

Lewandowski himself later wanted to play for Real Madrid with Ronaldo, but Perez offered him a reserve role with Benzema. There were times in the history of soccer when they still had doubts about Robert, but they had more faith in Karim. Now, the Slivos do not need a prolific forward of age, they already have one. All the forces of the Golden Boot winner are thrown into signing a contract with Real Madrid’s enemies from Catalonia. “Barcelona is looking for money, Robert is dreaming of El Clasico.

Jurgen Klopp

Allegri said that he turned down Real Madrid twice. Also Nagelsmann was called, but felt that he was not ready to lead such a big club – at the time he was working at Leipzig. But Jurgen Klopp could not ignore the management of Real Madrid in the Champions League semi-finals against Borussia D. It was before the appointment of Benitez, but Joachim Löw preferred to stay in the German national team, and Jurgen Klopp decided that Liverpool were more soulful.

The story could have unfolded differently, because it is unlikely that the German would have failed in the team with Ronaldo, as Rafael did. Then Zidane would not have outgrown his position as second-team coach, but it is not a fact that all the Champions League finals have worked out so successfully for Real Madrid as they did with Zinedine. Klopp could lead the club from Madrid on the advice of Mourinho – José was in touch with Perez even after his resignation, recommending Jurgen. The Portuguese has good taste, but Liverpool fans are glad he turned down the Spanish offer.

Neymar Junior

The story is somewhat similar to the one that has now happened to Mbappe. A relative of the player, who represents him, used Real Madrid to get more money from another club. Neymar went to Madrid as a child and could have ended up going to Real Madrid. But the thirteen-year-old boy didn’t dare to move to Europe, staying at Santos. Once upon a time, Pele turned down Real Madrid’s offer because he was embarrassed by Didi’s fate, who faced blatant racism in Madrid.

Decades later, no one would have forced Neymar to carry balls and clean boots in order to humiliate him. But the player’s wily father used Perez’s interest to pull off a deal with Barcelona. The Catalans had to overpay and the details of the transfers became the subject of court proceedings. How would Neymar’s career have turned out at Real Madrid? Hardly very successfully, the left wing was occupied by Ronaldo at the time. Perhaps it was even good that the winger chose Barcelona.

Luis Suarez

Jorge Messi, Lionel’s father, used Real a couple of times to get good terms from Barcelona. The first was when he moved from Argentina, when no one really knew the boy. And even a little later, when Messi played in the basement. But Lionel knew he did not want to go to Real Madrid, but Luis Suarez was called there several times. The Uruguayan thought about it, but decided he was better suited to play with Messi than with Ronaldo.

Suarez’s wife studied in Barcelona, the city of Gaudi and Dali was another reason why Luis did not go to Madrid. By the way, a childhood friend of Salvador was the future legendary Blaugranas midfielder Josep Samitier. But Messi became a friend of Suarez, so the Uruguayan did not regret for a moment that he chose Barcelona. Until the club’s management betrayed him and kicked him out of the team.

In the end, Suarez got his revenge on Barcelona by winning La Liga, and Real Madrid will try to get revenge on Mbappe when they meet. Benzema published a picture of Tupac Shakur – hinted at Kilian’s betrayal, because according to the legend, the murder of the rapper was organized with the help of a man from his entourage. In the entourage of the French forward PSG found people who chose not El Clasico and the Santiago Bernabeu, but Ligue 1. “Real Madrid will recover from the shock, found a new target.