Mbappe picked hundreds of millions of euros from PSG

Mbappe picked hundreds of millions of euros from PSG

Money is a terrible motivation in big soccer

At the level where people survive, the financial incentive works, because it allows you to maintain your dignity. But for world-class professional athletes, money is as abstract as it is for the most famous billionaires. Athletes have seen by example when insane contracts do not help, but harm their careers. Mbappe received a three-year contract from PSG, and Perez told the Real Madrid players in advance that Kylian had turned down the transfer he had dreamed of since childhood.

The PSG sheikhs hate Real Madrid and Perez so much after a series of conflicts that they offered Mbappe 100 million euros a year and a 300 million euros raise. That’s six hundred million over three seasons. Even taking into account French taxes for the rich, that leaves a fortune. However, we know in advance that this attempt to keep the player will not work. Messi performed magnificently when he had a huge salary. When the salary became inadequate, Barcelona became mired in debt, and Lionel met with a dejected face with another departure from the Champions League playoffs.

The offer to be “project owner” is nonsense

Mbappe is a young man, only 23 years old. At any age, it is possible to make “noodles”, but it is easier to manipulate a footballer without life experience. Since Qatar needs friendship with France and Germany – they plan to sell them their gas and oil, as they already do successfully in Asia – the sheikhs are ready to make even President Macron their negotiator. The re-elected politician called Mbappe, ran to stay. Already at this point Kylian must have realized that the story was self-serving.

Or did the Frenchman understand everything, but decided to use Real? This version also has the right to life. And in order to massage Kilian’s ego they invented a formula as if a young man with no education – a “scrap horse” in sports since childhood – would become the “project owner” of PSG. It goes so far as to say that Mbappe will allegedly begin to approve the head coaches, directors and influence the transfer policy. Even if this is a lie, the rumors will have consequences. Now all PSG’s failures will be pinned on Mbappe, just as Messi’s defeats at Barcelona, where he supposedly had a similar influence, were pinned on him.

Kylian’s parents are a prime example of impersonators

Ferdinand Demara was twenty years old when he enlisted in the army in 1941. He pretended to be an officer, but was discovered. Further pretended to be a psychologist, began teaching at various colleges in the United States, later even founded one without education. Then posed as a surgeon, stealing the identity of an acquaintance. Turned out to be the only doctor on the ship during the Korean War, managed to perform a number of complex successful operations by reading a surgical textbook.

But Demara stood out for his high level of intelligence and years of practice – pretending to be something he wasn’t. But Mbappe’s parents, who got into the role of his agents, could fail the only assignment. The soccer player’s mother said that offers from Real Madrid and PSG are the same. Not true, because the only advantage the sheikhs have over Perez is money. There are many examples in soccer when a family member harms a player by representing him. Instead of hammering out lavish contract terms for Kylian with Real Madrid, the family chose the worst-case scenario for his career – to stay in Paris.

Ligue 1 won’t become the APL, Mbappe will ruin his career

Let’s assume that all critics of Kylian’s decision are wrong. Let’s assume that Real Madrid is a bad place for a soccer legend to become a legend. In that case, for the plan to work and for Mbappe to manage to become the best footballer on the planet at PSG, an unprecedented rise in the level and popularity of Ligue 1 is needed. But this championship will not become like the APL in three years. We also need the Parisian management to learn how to choose coaches and managers. Even if they fire Leonardo, no elite manager will go to work in Ligue 1. The tournament is not strong enough for a genius to waste his time and energy on it.

PSG is full of internal conflicts, and it remains to be seen if Zidane can handle them. Let’s say Mbappe wins the Champions League with Neymar and Messi. And then what? By hanging on to a contract with 100 million euros in salary, he automatically added a price tag of 200-250 million euros. What club will dare to sign him in the coming years? All will refuse, that is, the Frenchman will one day wake up and realize what Neymar realized long ago. The entry to PSG is generously paid, and the exit is immediately swamped. And this is still modeling a perfect scenario where everything would seem to be successful.

Only in the APL or La Liga would we recognize Kylian’s level

In a more realistic scenario, PSG does not work out with Zidane. Or Zinedine refuses to lead the Parisians at all. Messi quarrels with Mbappe, the Qatari sheikhs ask to sign Ronaldo, who tactically might not fit. PSG continues to disrespect those who matter – Di Maria and Navas await the fate of Tiago Silva. The pressure will mount, Mbappe may lose his form, because he gave a strong season – 45 matches, 36 goals, 26 assists, with thoughts of the white shirt of Real Madrid and El Clasico.

Now he voluntarily ended up in the “golden cage”, and with the stigma of a man who does not keep his word. Kylian never denied he wanted to go to Real Madrid. Now he can survive the collapse of PSG from within. You can’t drive masters like Hakimi, Messi, Verratti, Neymar and Mbappe into a “farmers’ league” (not in general, but compared to the APL or La Liga) and naively believe that the stars won’t catch themselves thinking they’ve sold out. Paredes is not the smartest guy among players, this month saying he would like to play for Real Madrid. Even Leandro understands everything.

The Qataris are willing to bribe Mbappe, but strategically it is a mistake for the club. Messi will know that he gets less than some snotty kid. Neymar will know it, and the Brazilian is greedy when we talk about money. Envy is a bad feeling, but not everyone is lucky enough to part with it. The Parisians should have caught Perez on a bluff a year ago and shoved Kylian to Real Madrid for 180-200 million euros. They could have developed the team at ease. Instead, they signed an aging Messi. They go on pretending that greatness can be bought with money. No, it is not.

Money is important, but talent and will are more valuable. And in sports, it’s fundamental to often play against all the strongest. That’s why Benzema is one step away from the Golden Ball, and Mbappe could become the new Neymar. You can even score 50 goals in a season in Ligue 1, but fly out against Leipzig Tedesco in the Champions League playoffs. And after the successes in France, no one would believe that Mbappe is the greatest in the world. And with his data it is a place in the history of world soccer, not a league where one club is richer than all the others. And there is one important point in this story.

Mbappe would get hundreds of millions of euros at Real Madrid as well, because it is advertising, coverage of La Liga, in Spain he will also be the face of the champion club. The decision to stay at PSG is controversial both because of the soccer and because of the money bet, which Kylian already has plenty of. It’s understandable why Perez is upset and why Tebas is furious – La Liga dreamed of getting Hollande and Mbappe to repeat the trick with the confrontation between Lionel and Cristiano, but it didn’t work out. It is clear that Real Madrid will now spend money on defense and refuse to invite Kylian in the future. It’s a shame that a strong young footballer doesn’t understand elementary things. Every elite athlete has money, and greatness cannot be proven by a hat-trick against Metz.