Miz vs. Logan Paul – WWE

Miz vs. Logan Paul

Miz was accompanied by Chiampa and Maris. A lock-up and Logan was pinned to the ropes before Miz let him go with a pat on the head and chest. Another lock-up, a throw from Miz, and Paul closed in from the booth, getting a disrespectful leg kick. In the next episode, though, the blogger managed a nice base throw, and then another one, after which, just like Miz earlier, poked him disrespectfully with his leg. After dodging a couple of punches, Logan recalled his boxing experience with a series of body punches and a Rock-style slap. Miz got pissed and a series of reversals went off, Paul held the reversal to 2 and sent his opponent to ringside, where he flew a munsolt from the apron. On his return to the ring, Mike attacked his opponent’s eyes with a pair of sound chops in the corner. Walking away from the third, Paul charged a series of chops of his own, met one of his attacks in the corner with a booth, but got hit by a Codebreaker. This allowed Meese to seize control, and when he distracted the ref, Logan’s punch was also thrown by Ciampa. From the attack in the corner, Logan got away with a couple of punches of his own and a blockbuster off the second rope. Lariet, a back elbow and powerslam to 2 followed, went in for a series of kicks to the chest, but Miz dodged one of them, only to get a chop block. “Four” from Paul, but Miz reached the ropes.

In the next episode, Logan found an opportunity for a high cross as well, to which he added a standing munsolt to 2. Miz rallied for a boot and back elbow, but Paul responded with an elbow of his own. Mike tried to distract the referee, Tommaso wanted to take advantage and attacked Logan, but the referee called attention to it in time and removed Tom from ringside. He refused to leave, took a chair and sat on it at ringside. The referee was left with nothing more than a show of hands… but Stiles’ theme song came on. While everyone was waiting for AJ to walk down the ramp, he emerged from the audience, charging Tommaso with a forearm punch. Continuing to throw punches, Styles led him away through the audience. Logan, meanwhile, held Phenomenal Forearm Miz, but only to 2. Paul then went with his opponent outside the ring, dismantled the table, laid Miz down on it, and climbed the third rope himself. Frogsplash to the commentary table! The wrestlers returned to the quadrangle, but the ref didn’t count out the possibly winning hold because Maris distracted the ref. While Paul was distracted, Miz picked up the chain he came into the ring with in the corner, wrapped it around his arm, swung, but Logan dodged it, and Mike almost hit his own wife. This all created a moment where the Mizanins were lost, and Logan seized the moment and held the winning Skull Crushing Finale.

I have to admit, Logan Paul is a very capable guy. He showed it at Mania, but that was a team match. Now he gave a watchable fight with Miz (a very tough, but not the brightest wrestler), and looked like a star, showing that he has learned a lot. Frogsplash to the commentary desk will probably be one of the highlights of the show altogether. Largely because this fight was done as a reprise of Paul, and Logan didn’t let him down, this fight deserved praise from both fans and, it turns out, from me, for I rated it pretty high. As far as ideas go, the match was fairly straightforward. It can even be scolded for the interventions and all that. Still, those very interventions and, one might even say, overbooking, were expected and generally work for the story, so let’s not swear too much. Logan won, and all things considered, it’s the right choice.


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