Mohammad Abbas was aiming for a century of Test wickets in Pakistan

 Pakistan’s bowler, Mohammad Abbas, was hoping to record 100 Test wickets in the next home Test series versus Australia, but he was waiting to see Australia perform at home first.   

 He’s only a few hundred targets away from being Pakistan’s 19th Test wicket-taker. While addressing the media following a practice session at the National High-Performance Center in Lahore, Abbas expressed his eagerness to see Australia play on Pakistani territory.

Mohammad Abbas

 The Pakistan Cricket Board announced a three-match Test series in Karachi, Rawalpindi, and Lahore. The white ball series will be held in Lahore from March 29 to April 3. In the next series against Australia, which begins on March 3 in Karachi, he was hoping for a 100 Test wickets.

 Because no player has exhibited any misgivings about visiting Pakistan, Australia is willing to forward a full squad to the country. After a 24-year hiatus, Australia will return to Pakistan for an all-format series. When Mark Taylor was captain, Australia’s last visit to Pakistan was in 1998. 

 Pakistan will have a hectic schedule in the next few years due to the fact that they will host Australia, New Zealand, and England teams from March 2022 to April 2023. 

 Abbas speaks about his experience, giving his contribution in the game for more than ten years. Even though playing on the outside of the field, Pakistan’s performance has been outstanding.  

 He also stated that an Australian team will visit Pakistan, giving them the opportunity to play and compete in our environment. His goal is to reach his 100 wickets on Pakistani pitches. It will be a great honor for him if he succeeds. 

 Abbas also discussed how the squad is practicing for the next test series. He praised the fact that each country’s Test squad plays with the best lineup on the field, that they anticipate for next team to battle, and that they are ready to provide their excellent shot in the match. 

 He believes that Australia is planning to forward an excellent team to Pakistan, as reported by the media. It is extremely advantageous for their cricket teams to visit Pakistan. He hopes that other teams also will visit Pakistan.