Mourinho caught up with Guardiola in the number of European Cups

Mourinho caught up with Guardiola in the number of European Cups

Among the most successful mentors in the history of European soccer, there are few easy guys in the worldly sense. Many have been “star catchers,” just at different stages of their careers. Cruyff and Zidane as players were very scandalous. But as coaches they were much calmer. Johan retired on time, Zinedine was wise not to rush into a new challenge.

Mourinho, on the other hand, cannot live without coaching. So he went to Manchester United hell, headed the white lodge of Tottenham. And then went to Roma, with which he won the first trophy faster than the named English clubs have managed a similar task without him. And the former “Special One”, who in Rome was rebooting after a difficult British days, took exactly the European Cup.

The seven mentors now have five or more wins in international tournaments in the Old World in their history. But we need an important correction – we are often talking about successes in the UEFA Super Cup, and there the trophy was obtained after one or two games. But with or without it, the circle of chosen ones is very tight. It’s a good time to remember them, since José entered the list from trumps.

Jose Mourinho (5 European Cups; 2 wins in the Champions League, 2 wins in LE (UEFA Cup), 1 win in LC)

Only two mentors in the world have taken five European Cups each with playoff rounds. And José took one of the most difficult paths. He won the Champions League with the underdogs Porto and Inter. And both times he met on his way unbelievable opponents like Manchester United and Barcelona. The young Mourinho did not win the Champions League for Real Madrid, but he did prepare a championship team. But he won the UEFA Cup twice with teams of higher status for this tournament. “Porto were not the only favourites in 2003, but UEFA simply rose to the challenge. True, without José they were unable to repeat that success. Yes, and Roma before Mourinho did not know the European fortune for 41 years.

Josep Guardiola (5 European Cups; 2 victories in the Champions League, 3 wins in the UEFA Super Cup)

In this case, we can rather scold Guardiola for missed opportunities than praise him for his ability to pass easily to European trophies. With Manchester City’s lineup, we could have beaten Tuchel’s Chelsea. With Bayern Munich, you should have made it to the finals and fought for the cup. With Barcelona, which Guardiola had reinvented for himself after Rijkard, the path to the trophies was not easy either. Remember, for example, Chelsea’s scandalous passage of the Evrebe referee. In the UEFA Super Cup, Guardiola was also lucky. “Shakhtar and Porto were noticeably weaker. And with Bayern, he only beat Chelsea in a penalty shootout.

Bob Paisley (5 European Cups; 3 wins in the IECC, 1 UEFA Cup, 1 UEFA Super Cup)

North became a defender and captain for Liverpool, and then went to the coaching staff. When Shankly left, Paisley picked up the team, won six league titles, and won three more European Cup finals. That Liverpool were hegemonic. The successful path began with a victory in the UEFA Cup in 1976. The World War II veteran could easily become a record-breaker in this list, because it had three attempts to take the UEFA Super Cup. In the first one he beat Hamburg on the sum of two matches, but then he lost to Anderlecht and could not agree on match dates with Dinamo Tbilisi.

Zinedine Zidane (5 European Cups; 3 wins in the Champions League, 2 wins in the UEFA Super Cup)

Like Paisley, Zinedine played soccer. And among all the most successful coaches, he is the coolest footballer. It’s amazing that he was able to enter a new profession successfully at all. After Cruyff, this is the second example in history when a truly legendary player achieves such success. But Johan after Barcelona did not seek coaching happiness, and Zidane is actively, but so far unsuccessfully lured to PSG. There will be a chance to win another European Cup, at least the Europa League. And without joking, Real Madrid have established their status as Champions League king under Zidane. But Zinedine failed to win a third UEFA Super Cup in a row – by the time he left Madrid, Simeone had outplayed Lopetegui in the decisive battle.

Giovanni Trapattoni (6 European Cups, 1 victory in the CEV, 2 wins in the UEFA Cup, 1 victory in the Cup Winners’ Cup, 1 victory in the UEFA Super Cup)

Trapattoni is now 83 years old, long since retired. But as a young man, after a long career as a Milan player, he took the coaching path. He ended up at Juventus, with which he won every possible European Cup. Five trophies, although overshadowed by the tragedy at the stadium in Brussels, where the collapse of the wall of one of the stands killed 39 people. Trapattoni also managed to win the UEFA Cup later for Inter. And in the final, he beat Roma on goal difference. “The Wolves failed to get back into the game after a 0-2 draw in Milan, scoring only one winning goal in the second meeting.

Alex Ferguson (6 European Cups; 2 wins in the Champions League, 2 wins in the KOC, 2 wins in the UEFA Super Cup)

In 1991 Manchester United defeated Crvena Zvezda in the first UEFA Super Cup final, and failed to win the second. After the miracle at Camp Nou, nothing magical happened in the final of the same tournament against Lazio – Salas brought the Italians victory in Monaco. Also on Ferguson’s account was the defeat against Zenit in a similar decisive match. It turns out the Scot could boast eight wins, but instead there are “only” six. But he won the Champions League and Cup Winners’ Cup twice. And in the second tournament he won for the first time with Aberdeen, beating Real Madrid. Also in the UEFA Super Cup final the Scots beat Hamburg on the sum of two matches. It turns out that Barcelona is the only particular favorite that Ferguson did not handle in the final.

Carlo Ancelotti (6 European Cups; 3 wins in the Champions League, 2 wins in the UEFA Super Cup)

Ancelotti could win his seventh European Cup on Saturday, coming out on top cleanly. In the Champions League with AC Milan and Real Madrid, Ancelotti has often performed well. Once he lost to Liverpool in the final, once he beat him, but then with the legendary AC Milan. Now there will be a third meeting, but not against Rafael Benitez as before. In contrast to the UEFA Champions League, Ancelotti has only wins in the UEFA Super Cup – Milan beat the UEFA Cup specialists Porto and Sevilla. And Real Madrid dealt with the team from Andalusia. Ancelotti, if he beats Klopp, gets a chance at 8 European Cup victories in his career, just incredible.

It turns out that in the elite list and new finals for the antipode, Mourinho, who has been called a provocateur, Ancelotti is a marvelous roadmap for Galacticos from different countries. Although Carlo doesn’t have as simple a character as one thinks. He’s just charming and has a calmer demeanor than José. As you can see, both paths lead to success if one is talented and understands how great European soccer works.


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