Mumbai Indian bowler Daniel Sams was instrumental in the team’s wins in IPL 2022

Mumbai Indian bowler Daniel Sams was instrumental in the team's wins in IPL 2022

Mumbai Indian bowler Daniel Sams, who was instrumental in the team’s two consecutive victories in IPL 2022, says the five-time winners aim to end the season on a “bit of a roll” after missing out on the playoffs.

“Obviously, we won’t reach the playoffs,” he says, “but we’ve got a little’mini IPL’ set up for us for the remainder of the campaign.” On the eve of their match against Kolkata Knight Riders, Sams stated.

Sam, who has seven wickets in as many games, believes his colleagues are focused on winning their remaining games.

“That’s how I realised I wasn’t bowling to my full potential.” I was bowling my slower balls up, rather than down, onto the pitch. I was able to figure out why such things were happening through talks with MJ (Mahela Jayawardene), Bondy (Shane Bond), Jasprit (Bunmrah), and a few others, and then correct them in training. Work on a few things and then keep cool,” says the author.he stated.

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