Mustafa Ali vs. Ciampa – match with special referee Meese

Mustafa Ali vs. Champa's

After the commercial, the wrestlers were already in the ring and Miz took the mic, reminding them that Ali seems like the kind of treatment he gets in WWE is unfair. So Tiori turned to Vince McManus, and he found a referee who is unbiased, honest and generally deserving, which is Meese. Mike promised he’d give the fight a fair hearing. Pretty quickly we were able to disprove his words, for after a classic start Tommaso found himself in the corner, where he got the chop. And from the next chop, Miz shut him down so that Tom could attack from behind the ref and take control. Ali came out for a wrap-up, but Miz was in no hurry to count out. Naturally, Mustafa began to charge him, allowing Chiampa to attack himself from behind. After getting a bunch of boos in the corner, Ali got away with a control, fought back with apron ropes, but got a brutal knee and a lariat at ringside. The action returned to the quadrangle, Mustafa rolled up a vis-a-vis, and Miz took his time counting again, and Tommaso quickly regained control. Mustafa endured it all and took his moment for a lariat, delivered a series of punches, a powerful forearm, a chop in the corner, a dropkick in the other corner, a rollicking nekbreaker. A 459-degree splash didn’t reach the target, and Tom did a bunch of strikes, which he countered with a superkick and a Tornado DDT. Miz again took a very long count, and Chiampa pulled out. Ali, of course, started arguing with the ref again, missing the reverse DDT. Miz counted out very quickly, and Tommaso won. Yes, Mustapha wasn’t happy, and Mike also mocked him.

We have to give some credit and give some credit to two true professionals who managed to showcase their talent even in such a cheesy 4 minute match. As with the women’s tag team match earlier, this fight shows how many things in WWE are sometimes done wrong. If we had been told 2 months ago that Tommaso and Mustafa were going to have a fudge match, I think a lot of people would have been interested. Well, here it is, that fude. And it shows very clearly that it’s unlikely that either of those two will have anything bright in the foreseeable future. Well, at least Tom won, but is that really the kind of victory we want in a man who just recently was considered one of the best wrestlers in the world?

Another promo from Lacey Evans. She used to broadcast on SmackDown, but now she tells RAW that her father had a problem with illegal substances, which caused Lacey to have a lot of problems as a child and she and her mother to end up in orphanages. Eventually, her father found them, brought them home, and they had to suffer through life with a drug addict again. The experience, however, taught Evans how to survive under any circumstances. She learned how to hide, how to fight, that sort of thing. Among the things that helped her succeed in amateur wrestling, Lacey even became a state champion at age 15. With no one to take care of her, Lacey learned everything on her own. And despite such a difficult life, she became not only the first person in her family to graduate from high school, but also a Marine. She thought that if she became someone her father could be proud of, maybe he would change his life and quit his addiction. But he didn’t even come to Lacey’s graduation ceremony from the Marine Corps School (or whatever it’s called scientifically). Anyway, Dad obviously made the choice to be addicted after all, leading to an overdose and death just two months before Evans went on a WWE track-out. And shortly before her NXT debut, another member of the Lacey family passed away from an overdose. Fear of death and depression helps the wrestler understand what she lives for. For the smiles of her daughters. For the sake of showing that the weight of a parent’s mistakes doesn’t always have to fall on the shoulders of their children. To show that the vicious circle can be broken and life is worth fighting for. Her experience made her the girl she is today — motivated, strong, caring mother, wife, sister and daughter, foot soldier and WWE superstar… The promo is along the lines of what we heard on SmackDown, but that’s not the point in this case, although I have said a thousand times that Evans really can be made into a role model, why create, she is one, because everything she says in the promo is true. And I was talking about that before WWE even decided to build her image on that. So… there’s news that Evans will now be on RAW, and she’ll be a heel, even though she continues to read promos, and in fact, a week and a half ago I read news reports that WWE finally realized her potential as a babyface. I don’t understand anything about this, but we’ll see how it plays out.

We are reminded of how Lashley beat everyone but MVP in the VIP Lounge. Now Bobby is reading a promo in front of the cage. The only reason Omos could win at Backlash was because of EmVP. Now EmVP is bragging about his “Nigerian Giant,” telling him how great he is. Bobby wants this giant to be locked in a steel cage with him next week. Later, this fight is officially announced to us.

Next came the highlights of Dayna Brooke regaining her 24/7 championship in a match with Nikki A.S.H., then almost being held back by Reggie and demanding a divorce. Backstage today, Ar-Truff asked Dayna and Tamina if they were sure they wanted a divorce (and Tamina why?). Yes, they are sure. And they’re also sure that Reg and Tozawa will show up, because Brooke promised them a double date. The men showed up in the frame with flowers and candy. Or rather, Reginald gave Brooke flowers and candy, thanking her for the second chance, while Akira only had a bouquet. Truf noted that this was very nice. While Reggie gives Dayna flowers, Dayna gives Reggie divorce papers. And there are the same papers for Tozawa. Ar-Truff assured that they are official. The Japanese man says he doesn’t want a divorce and runs off. Truf ran after him to give him the papers. Reggie started pleading with Brooke, but Snuka shut him up and the girls left. *Uncle Johnny video* You know, I watch RAW sometimes, episodes of it even look good, and then we come to these segments with Reggie, Dayna, Akira and Tamina, and I go into an existential crisis, not understanding what’s wrong with my life since I’m reviewing it. Seriously, what’s the point? Why did Snuka decide to get a divorce when it was seemingly out of the question last week? I mean, are they (the writers) not trying that hard?