Nathan Frazier vs. Carmelo Hayes

Nathan Frazier vs. Carmelo Hayes

The opening exchange goes slightly in Frazier’s favor before he catches Melo with a dropkick and drives his groin into the ring turf. Melo fights back near the ropes and does a trademark ljgdrop near the ropes. Nathan almost fights back with a munsolt, but Melo catches him with a springboard elbow. However, Nathan catches Melo in the corner and sends him headfirst into the ring post. The exchange of punches went in Nathan’s favor. Lou Thes press, no phoenix splash, superkick, Melo rolls up, Nathan jumps out of the ring and takes down not only Melo but also Vinci, who responds by dropping Frazier off the third rope, after which Melo finishes him with a legdrop.

Okay, let’s skip the logic, it’s a great match, but I just want to point out one thing. During the title match, for the first time in months, there were no commercials. That’s something to celebrate. Anyway, as stupid as it is, I doubt that even with this build Fraser and Vinci are capable of putting up a bad match. Well, and we’re waiting for Vinci to win the title.

We have an NXT title signing segment awaiting us. JD says he’s never been with such a fearless, powerful, mighty opponent. But if he’s relying on his form and his qualities, JD will frustrate him. They’re only going to make him more agitated. And this is Bron’s body? It’s just a map with a path marked out on it with the torture JD will subject his opponent to. Bron, on the other hand, replies that he has studied JD’s career. He is Bron’s smartest opponent at the moment. And, as the smartest opponent, he’s not targeting Bron’s speed or strength, but his mind. But there have been those before. And he’s broken them all in half. Because when it comes to title defense, Bron is a beast. It’s a good thing J.D. likes pain, because he’s going to be in a lot of pain. J.D., on the other hand, responds that everything Bron says is true, and Bron believes what he says. However, JD accepts the pain. And will accept it in the match and endure it. Wade interrupts the conversation and gives JD a contract. He replies that he saw the fear on Bron’s face and asks him to sign first. Bron signs with a shout that he’s not afraid of anyone. JD says he wants to prove his resolve. He STREAMS HIS FINGER with a pen and signs it in blood! After signing, Bron refuses to shake JD’s hand.

Damien Camp warns the Creeds that he can’t help them during the match, and the Toxics gather backstage to squeal. I honestly can’t make out what they’re yelling. I don’t have subtitles and I guess it’s almost impossible to make them up.


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