Nauman Ali, a left-arm spinner, finished Australia’s innings on day five. 

On a torturous fifth day, left-arm spinner Nauman Ali finished up Australia’s innings early, while both openers Imam and Shafique struck hundreds to drive Australia’s attack into the ground once again.

Nauman Ali, a left-arm spinner

“Turning up to a surface that’s definitely not a classic Rawalpindi pitch, and it’s probably evident they’ve made an effort to neutralise the pace bowling,” Cummins said after the game. “That, in my opinion, is a positive thing. And, considering the circumstances on the subcontinent, a draw isn’t a horrible result.” “I assume we all tried different things,” Cummins said.

“Despite spending the greater part of three days on the field, I believe all the fast bowlers have bowled approximately 25, maximum 30 overs each, which is a rather minor effort in comparison to many Australian Test matches.” 

Despite the fact that none of their batters achieved hundreds, Australia’s comeback with the bat, which saw them almost match Pakistan’s mammoth first innings tally of 476 for 4, will give them optimism. 

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There are two things at play: fine-tuning his technical skills and the characteristics of the pitches he played on. Nauman has taken 104 wickets in 17 of the 28 games he has played on Karachi surfaces in the previous three years. With the kookaburra ball, which lacks the crisp and raised seam that helps spinners, he also changed his bowling technique.

However, Nadeem Khan, a veteran of 534 first-class wickets, advised him to go with the spin by spinning the ball in the air at the time of delivery, rather than relying too much on the surface.

Nauman had been bowling with pace up to that point, nipping the ball by hitting the seam and having little control over his field placement. 

In the world of sports, the game of cricket has a unique identity. It is one of the most widely followed sports on the planet. This game has no age, gender, or nationality restrictions. Cricket’s history dates back to the 16th century in England.

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On a benign Rawalpindi pitch, both openers struck hundreds on the fifth day to pound Australia’s assault into the ground once more, as the first test ended in a stalemate. Pakistan reached 252 for 0 in virtually no time, with Shafique undefeated on 136 and Imam unbeaten on 111.