Nice hypocrisy from Pogba. Misses trophies at MJ and wants to fight for “something important”

Manchester United and French national team midfielder Paul Pogba has often looked disgruntled in recent years, playing through effort, constantly referred to by insiders as a player who has problems with the club. And now, three months before the end of his contract with United, Pogba took the floor and actually confirmed all the rumors that have been circulating over the past few years:

Paul Pogba in MJ

To tell you the truth, there were difficult times, especially when I played in Manchester. When I didn’t play, or when the results weren’t there, coming to the French team gave me a boost. How would I rate my season? It’s difficult because a lot has happened, from the change of coach to my injury. We are no longer in contention for the title, so I would evaluate neutrally.

I want to win titles, I want to play for something. Whether it’s this year or even previous years, we haven’t won anything. That’s what’s sad in the end. Nothing has been decided about my future. I can make a decision tomorrow, I can during the transfer window. I want to come to my senses and finish the season well.

Paul confirms all our speculation and speculation by talking about “hard times” in Manchester. Tellingly, Pogba gritted his teeth and bravely endured all the adversity for the sake of his luxurious contract at MU, and made his loud announcement three months before he became a free agent. In the past, only Mino Raiola had threatened to take Paul away from Old Trafford, but it went no further than threats. It is not hard to guess why.

Manchester United have a five-year trophy drought

In 2016, Manchester United made Paul Pogba the most expensive player on the planet by paying Juventus 105 million euros for him. In his first season with the Mancunians, the Frenchman won two trophies under Jose Mourinho – the League Cup and the Europa League. To put it bluntly, for a successful top-flight club these are secondary trophies, although it was still a good start. The only thing is that there has been no continuation.

Since 2017, Man United has not won a single title, and this season we cannot expect to add more cups to the museum either: in the Premier League it will be a blessing to be in the top four, from the FA Cup and the Champions League, MU has already been eliminated. Thus, the trophy drought is guaranteed to last up to five years, which is the biggest pause for Manchester United in the last 40 years.

Pogba’s six years at United: 226 matches, 2 trophies, 200+ hairstyles

Thus, a five-year trophy drought at club level for Paul Pogba as well. Not surprisingly, this is causing some fatigue for the ambitious footballer. Surprisingly, it’s only now that his contract is up and not before. A footballer’s expressed desire to win trophies is not uncommon in the world of soccer. It is usually said by players who have made progress at average clubs and have outgrown the level of their partners. Often their words are understood and echoed. In the case of Pogba, it’s different.

Paul didn’t take a neutral position at Manchester United yesterday or today, he’s kind of “above the fray.” And that’s hard to accept, because MJ’s five years of failures are among the responsibilities of Pogba, who was made the most expensive player on the planet and should have taken a place in the center of the team and the project. Paul sometimes trumped skills, but more often than not he lacked professionalism and leadership qualities.

Shifting priorities and perpetual demotivation

Pogba is a sprinter by soccer standards. Didier Deschamps managed to get the team interested in the 2018 World Cup, and Paul had a brilliant tournament, but for Manchester United he is useless and even harmful in the long tournament distance, because he often created the difference between expectations and reality. MJ fans won’t name Pogba’s five great matches for the club, but they will joke about the world record for the number of hairstyles.

Pogba cares more about regular image changes than his sporting achievements. Casemiro, Kroos and Modrić have three Champions League victories and four hairstyles for the same period, and that’s because Luka once lost a bet and had to cut his hair. As a result, we are dealing with a footballer, who by financial demands and status should qualify for the role of leader, but in fact is an expensive headache. The parallels with Neymar are obvious. The same problematic star.

Of course, we need to talk not only about the guilt, but also Paul’s misfortune, because he admitted that he had mental health problems, fell into depression, while falling out of normal life. The man needs help, in the team for him to be created reliable points of reference, so that he could show his best qualities. Still, there’s no guarantee of Pogba’s effectiveness. As cynical as it may sound, but the top clubs a priori put themselves in a losing position by associating with such talents – not mature enough and with mental features.

Who is ready to reeducate Pogba?

It is possible to minimize a person’s problems and his negative impact on the team or let everything go on its own, but it will not be possible to make him different. Just in a more favorable environment, periods of remission will be longer, and exacerbations will be shorter. The main paradox is that Pogba wants to fight for trophies, but his appearance at any and ambitious clubs would rather reduce the chances of those trophies than the other way around.

Pogba is no longer a boy, he is 29 years old, and the clubs that are willing to offer him a contract understand exactly the risks that will have to be taken. In addition, it will not be cheap: Raiola will demand a huge signing bonus, the claim of a high salary also remains. “Real and Juventus are among the applicants to sign Pogba out of old memory, and also to get more money from PSG or Newcastle.

Paul can already sign a contract with a new club, but is holding out for a theatrical pause, which is quite revealing. The grandees on the vish-list are not calling, and it is logical to bump the rich suitors in an auction