NJPW G1 Climax 32 mixed martial arts tournament review

NJPW G1 Climax 32 mixed martial arts tournament review

First Match: Team Filthy (Royce Isaacs and Tom Lawlor) vs. David Finley and YOSHI HASHI

The match started between Finley and Lawlor, but Tom refused to start and passed the tag to Isaacs. Royce almost got the start at the expense of power, but a dropkick from Finley allowed Faces to take the lead. And yes, Finley is still among the Faces of New Japan, not Chaos. However, David goes to the apron, where he gets caught by Tom in a variation of an ankle tackle, after which Royce knocks Finley into the barricade. The action returns to the ring, tag to Tom, knocking YOSHI HASHI off the apron. The guests start posing with STRONG, but here YOSHI intervenes, he manages to get Royce out of the ring, but Lawlor catches his opponent in an octopus hold and sends the CHAOS representative out of the ring. A technical wrestling match with David ends with a launch into the corner, where he is suddenly met by a punch from Royce. A series of dirty chokes against the ropes, a guillotine from Tom Lawlor, which David reverses into an Irish curse backbreaker. Partner change, the exchange between Royce and HASHI goes completely in favor of the latter, change to David Finley, but Tom Lawlor catches him in a guillotine off the apron while Isaacs distracts the referee. German deadlift suplex, saves partner YOSHI-HASHI, Tom Lawlor picks him up in the ring, but fends off a deadlift suplex from David, Prima Nocta, Trash Panda, to three.

Second match: Bullet Club (Bad Lac Fale and El Fantazmo) vs. Suzuki-Gun (Lance Archer and TAKI Michinoku)

Before the match, Lance was blowing everyone away, even Fantazmo prudently got out of his way, which TAKA didn’t… Poor TAKA… They started the fight with Fantazmo for a very long time, taking over for 3 minutes, then Lance and Fale couldn’t stand it and took the right to fight. The big guys didn’t attack each other from a running start, instead they tested each other to see who was the strongest. Neither of them could take the upper hand, they separated and attacked their illegal opponents and moved the action outside the ring. TAKA, however, was expectedly less durable than his opponent, so Fale had time to help his partner. The action returned to the quadrangle with little initiative from Fale. Fantazmo takes the tag for himself, however, and tries a suplex on Archer, and after a couple of failed attempts, the newly minted heavyweight recalls his old ways and scratches Archer’s back. For which he immediately gets a showdown block, tagging Michinoku, a scoop slam from Archer TAKE on Fantazmo doesn’t go away, the disgruntled Suzuki Gong members go to kick Fantazmo. TAKE distracts the referee while Archer smothers ELP. The Canadian tries to fight off Michinoku’s attacks, but gets hit in the eye in a classic. Michinoku Driver doesn’t pass, scratches his opponent Fantasmo in the back again, and goes to change to Fale. Fale scratches TAKE’s back as well, and then gets on his back and Fantasmo gets on Fale’s shoulders. Fale shifts to Fantasmo again, but then TAKA confuses the Canadian, does a big boot and shifts to Lance after all. Archer gets in the ring and starts killing everyone. Everybody dies. Well, almost, fights off an attack in the corner by Fale and pulls Lance out of the ring. Michinoku does a hard knee attack in Phantasmo’s corner, but he fights back and holds Michinoku Driver up to two. TAKA fights back with a kick, but catches a Sadden Death, to three.

Third match: House of Torture (IWIL, Yujiro Takahashi, SHO and Dick Togo) vs. United Empire (Will Osprey, The Great O-Kan, Aaron Henare and Jeff Cobb)

The House of Torture attacks their opponents before the match begins, except that Dick Togo didn’t make a very smart choice in attacking Jeff Cobb. He realized it pretty quickly though, and retreated outside the ring where Cobb caught up with him. In the ring, Ospreay and Yugiro end up in the ring. Will tries to fight back, but Yugiro attacks him three times in the eyes and does a classic basement dropkick. Will fights off a fisherman buster attempt, but Yugiro bites him on the arm and conducts an abdominal stitch with support from Dick. Osprey reverses the submission into his own, which Dick didn’t notice and proceeds to help Will do the submission. When he noticed it, Jeff Cobb came in and literally started dragging Dick with the clinch support. Will shifts to O-Kan, and the two of them start punching Takahashi’s Mongolian chops. The killer chop fails, Dick comes into the ring and drags O-Kan by the braids out of the clinch, but is sent out of the ring no longer by his legs. However, the Banner of the Empire doesn’t make it to the ropes, Dick catches a leg on the apron and Yugiro finishes it with a big boot. It’s back to the outside of the ring. A series of attacks from Yujiro and a change to SHO. A series of attacks from SHO and Dick. SHO passes the tag to IVIL. IVIL tried to taunt O-Kan, but he did a suplex and passed the tag to Henara. Aaron took out all of the House of Torture from the apron, did a series of punches and knee strikes in IVILU’s corner, then added a Samoan dropkick. 

However, another dirty play from IVIL, and here are all four members of the House of Torture taunting poor Henare in the ring. Here, Henare manages to fight off all the filth, a kick gets by IVIL, a punch by Togo, Takahashi knocks Aaron down with a big boot, immediately gets a pep-talk by Osprey, a harpoon to Osprey by SHO, O-Kan almost does an Eliminator, but Dick saves SHO. However, they all forget about Jeff Cobb, from whom they catch a double pummel handle suplex. Henare gets back in the ring, Full nelson to Dick, painful win.

Fourth Match: Bullet Club (Jay White and Chase Owens) vs. Tama Tonga and Judo

Chase starts the match unexpectedly with an attack on Tama, but the Tongan is quickly repelled by a pair of hip tosses and a backwards badi dropkick. Jay tries to help Chase, to no avail. Tonga throws Jay out of the ring, dodges Chase’s attacks and holds a dropkick. Jado is replaced, teaming up with Tama. Here, however, Jay successfully assists Chase and then replaces him in the quadrangle. Wagons of dirty work in the ring from Owens and White. At one point, however, Jado stops feeling the punches and runs his showolder block. Tama flies into the ring, destroys both opponents, and prepares Gang Stan Jay, but the World Champion rolls out of the ring, where Tama Chase immediately follows. In the ring, however, Jado holds a Green Killer DDT, to two. Chase walks away from the kick, holding two hard C-Triggers, to three.

Fifth Match: Kazuchika Okada, Hiroshi Tanahashi and Hirooki Goto vs. LIdJ (Tetsuya Naito, BUSHI and SANADA)

Naito and Goto start the match. A seemingly even start, but with some dirty play, Naito takes the initiative, and then Goto evens things out with a showalder block. A crooked unexpected hip toss from Goto, an even exchange, a change to Okada, and SANADA. Attempted Paradise Lock, but Kazuchika fights back. Senton atomico fails from Okada, teamwork from LIdJ. Boushie and Okada end up staying in the ring, Boushie briefly dominates but gets the kick and flipjack, change to Tana who breaks up the entire opposing team and holds the summersault senton of Boushie. BUSHI fights back with a dropkick though, prepared backbreaker, but Kazuchika saves his partner, chaos in the ring, ending with Tana and BUSHI back in the ring, high fly floe, to three.

Sixth match : Taichi vs Tomohiro Ishii (Block B)

Taichi was accompanied to the ring by the undeniable Miho Abe. Since you’re calling me the ambassador of NJPW Strong Spirits (a mobile game), I’ll be giving facts from the interview from the game here in the reviews. The way Taichi talks about meeting Miho in the game is that he saw this sexy woman on TV and then near his house. They got to talking, liked each other, and bonded over time. However, when asked about their romantic relationship, Taichi does not answer. Ishii, on the other hand, is very worried about his cooking shows with Yano, he is very afraid of screwing up somewhere.

Before the match, Ishii slaps Taichi in the face. The initial exchange of punches ends unexpectedly very quickly in Taichi’s favor, who begins to stab his opponent. However, for a bit of disrespect, Ishii just knocks Taichi down. Ishii clobbers his opponent in the corner, Taichi barely gets up, but Tom disrespects him, which leads to another exchange, in Ishii’s favor, but Taichi fights back in the corner with two gamengirls. Suddenly Taichi rips off his pants and throws them at Ishii, which leads to another exchange, again in Tomohiro’s favor. The CHAOS representative gets a solo butte, a couple more kicks, a kick to the head. Tom responds with a backdrop suplex. Lariat in the corner from Tom, superplex, to two. Ishii tsotovit lariat, four blocked by Taichi, simultaneous slash lariat from Tom and ex-bomber from Taichi, another exchange of punches, double knockdown. Another exchange of punches, a brutal gamengiri after an ex-bomber to the back of the head, and Tomohiro gets LAST RIDE. Up to two. Black Mephisto Tom nearly reverses into his bomb, but gets a deEngeros backdrop. Teirei no jutsu doesn’t go through, if I remember the name of this hit correctly, Ishii fights back, exchange, lariat by Ishii, ex-bomber by Taichi, another deEngeros backdrop, but Black Mephisto doesn’t go through. Headbutt, a judo over the hip throw from Taichi, but he gets a rikishi shiki shiki elbow gamengiri, sliding laryate in response to the attempt. Ishii’s Brainbuster fails, Taichi held gamengiri, rikishi shiki elbow and Black Mephisto, to three.


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