NJPW Strong Spirits Game Review

NJPW Strong Spirits Game

Strong Spirits is a game from NJPW for mobile devices

The game itself is a standard Gacha. There are wrestlers, partners to train, wrestlers need to be pumped up by farming wrestler souls and puzzle pieces. Partners must be pumped up by collecting replay cards. Nothing new. Partners have three degrees of rarity, as usual.

What’s new is the system to pump up a fighter for PvP. It’s called a dojo. In dojo you get the selected wrestler with basic characteristics, and you choose 5 of your partners and 1 invitee. By default, the maximum Jushin Liger is invited, now, for the duration of the event – the maximum Ricky Choshu. After selecting partners, wrestler and reinforcement training (which only affects the earning of coins, souls and the number of training counted in the achieves) the game process itself begins. Dodjo is divided into four seasons. Every turn, except for certain ones, you get a choice. If your condition is not perfect, you can improve your condition. In that case you get one of three results – either just increase by 1 (states are: grave – bad – ok – good – perfect), or increase by 2, or maximum and 20 HP more. If you are sick or something is wrong with you, you can heal. You’ll regenerate 20 hp anyway, and with some chance you’ll heal your misfortune, even if it’s just bad luck.

 You can also spend a turn and restore a random amount of hep any time you’re not at your maximum. You have a total of 100 xp and it’s spent on the main action, training. There are 5 workouts:

  • Strength – increases attack and physics;
  • Defense – increases defense and physics;
  • Technique – increases technique and defense;
  • Speed – increases speed and physics;
  • Mental – increases mentalism and attack.

All training except Mental spend 25-35 xp. Mentala restores 5-10 HP. In between turns, there are events. They are three types: the mandatory event dojo with Jushin, telling what’s going on and how, the event random with stats (you can get sick, and you can get a buff on the spot – pure random), and events, where partners or wrestler tell their stories and give stats. Sometimes stories with a choice, you’ll have to choose what you want to listen to. 

In a recent patch, they added the ability to see what will be given for a choice if you’ve already chosen it at least once. So you go all the way to the wrestling matches. There are five to eight of them in total. On turn 20 of the first season, on turn 11 of the second season, on turns 6 and 17 of the third season, and a series of matches from turns 5 to 8 of the fourth season. However, if you lose even one match in the fourth season, the dojo ends immediately. It also ends if you win all the matches of the fourth season. Depending on the number of wins, Jushin gives a certain number of stats at the end. There is also such a parameter as connection with a partner. The more you train together and the more events you have together, the greater the bond. Some partner events only start with a certain connection parameter. Also, if the connection is high enough, the partner sometimes lets you do a special training in which the stats per training increase significantly. In this way, the pumping process takes place. You can also pump skills and tricks, skills give partners and there are native skills, but about that later.

Match. The main point of the game. The matches start, as they should, with the wrestlers coming out. A number of wrestlers don’t have their own musical themes yet, in fact, everyone who has a theme from outside, not from Kitamura. Taichi, Suzuki, Nagata, Tenzan, Tiger Mask and others. They come out with the themes of their own stables. Then the match begins. You can ignore the stats calculation, it doesn’t affect anything. Next we’ll see the process of the match itself. There is a step by step exchange of moves. The order of moves in the match is determined by the speed parameter. If you have a large advantage in speed, sometimes you can even have two moves in a row. Then the first move of the series is carried out. The number of damage is determined by the attacker’s attack and the attacker’s defense. The total number of wrestler’s xp is determined by the physics stats. Then the rage parameter is checked. Either it is decreased by a certain amount and the next attack of the series takes place, or it is increased. How much it increases is determined by the technique parameter. There can be a total of three moves in a series. Taking damage and dealing damage fills the finisher’s scale. At 100% of the finisher scale, a series of moves, no matter if it is 1, 2 or 3, ends in the finisher. After some tricks, if your opponent has zero hex, there is a hold after the third tricks of the series and after the finisher. Attention – you can’t win the match until your opponent has 0 hitpoints. However, since the last balance patch, holddowns to 0 xp are no longer meaningless. A hold once can result in a hold up to 2.9 or 2.99, not three, even at 0 hp. So, now this can be knocked down by holding and pain not at 0 hp. This balance patch made Zack Saber, Toru Yano, and Will Osprey killers. Painfuls work like holds with a different animation. Skills can boost stats, hit, deal extra damage, increase the probability of using certain moves, and more. For a better understanding, read the skills that are given out. Techniques at a higher level do more damage. It is also possible to injure your opponent during the match, which will lower a certain stat. 

There are two possibilities to use fighters after training. There are PvE matches, for which pictures of wrestlers’ merch are given, as well as PvP matches of 5 on 5 teams, the player with the most victories in the matches wins. That’s the whole game.

What is this game good and why it is worth playing? The main thing is the stories of the fighters and exclusive interviews. Without the game, it’s hard to understand a SHO or YO character. Their logic is directly explained in the game. There are interesting facts, like the fact that DOUCKY is a great chess player or that Will Osprey has been training to wrestle since he was 6 years old with his grandfather, a professional boxer. It’s also the most player-entry friendly gacha I’ve seen. Constant events, a separate rewards chain for newbies, and the donation is unaffected. How unaffected? I have not invested a ruble in the game, yet for two months I pumped so that I entered the last three seasons in the top 50 PvP world. Also, it’s just a good time-killer with procedural generation. Oh, and the graphics. People didn’t start drawing. They just use video clips from real matches. The most realistic graphics, no Bianca braids wrapped four times around the ring and cringe photos from AEW’s game development. All in all, I recommend it to all wrestling fans, the game is awesome.

DO NOT INCLUDE THE TUTORIAL IN ENGLISH, IT’S BROKEN. The game really have to reinstall, and tutorial even disabled will still show. You will be given a basic package of fighters and a basic package of partners. On the draft I highly recommend that you first find yourself at least 5 SSR partners. Two reasons. The first is that they give you clearly more stats than just rare partners. The second is that they have a full history of their wrestlers, and they can give you their rare skill, which is clearly stronger than the regular ones. Then just collect wrestlers and partners until you have a collection. I also advise you to collect all new fighters and partners. Their events and achievements will give you back everything you invested in it. Regarding stats – always pump up your attack. Don’t maneuver the techs. Don’t get killed in the mental department for the sake of chel. Other than that, everything has to work one way or another. The rest will come with experience and will change with balance patches. Achieve the quests, get the titles, collect and everything will come with itself. Just really need to do the quests in a timely manner, as well as farming.


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