One of the best moments of the last RAW before Hell in a Cell

One of the best moments of the last RAW before Hell in a Cell

We were reminded how Seth Rollins interfered in the Miz and Rhodes match last week and then charged American Nightmare in the back with his own belt. Then Cody himself appeared in the arena. The audience greeted him as warmly as always. Rhodes began his speech by saying that he has always been a fan of Seth. From the first look at Rollins, you could see the potential. The potential to be great. You know who else saw that potential? One of the “teachers” at NXT, and Cody won’t name that person, but will only say that he raised Rhodes (that is, Dusty). Dusty told his son about the talents that Seth has that could make a wrestler one of the top stars of a generation. In the end, Rollins lived up to expectations. Now imagine yourself in Cody’s shoes. You get a call saying you have a second chance. But you have to go back and fight Seth Rollins at WrestleMania. Rhodes was very nervous about that. After all he had done and gone through, he couldn’t come back to WWE with a loss. And he didn’t lose. He showed his best self. Then they went through the same thing at WrestleMania Backlash, with the same result. And it drove Seth crazy. Envy is a bad feeling that makes a person resort to desperate measures.

Rollins is an egomaniac; he wants everything in the world to go to him. That’s what makes Seth dangerous. On Sunday at Hell in a Cell, Rhodes will face the biggest challenge of his life. And he wants Rollins to remember this: all the respect and self-control that Cody has will remain outside the cell door. Rollins will be locked up with a man who wants to hurt him a lot. And so Seth’s theme song came on. But he didn’t show up at the stage, and we heard laughter. Rollins came out through the audience. Cody can go on for hours in verse about Seth’s motivation, but “The Architect” himself will keep it simple: he doesn’t like Rhodes and he doesn’t want Rhodes in WWE. After WrestleMania, Rollins tried to embrace an updated Cody, but every week Cody became more and more, and now Seth is haunted by “Cody!” chants even in his sleep. Rollins can’t take it anymore. Rhodes left WWE six years ago because he wasn’t good enough. And since then, Cody and his friends have tried every single day to destroy what Rollins was creating in WWE, and when things went wrong for Rhodes, he came back. “The prodigal son came back to solidify the family legacy,” he said. “Not on my watch, buddy!” – Seth promised.

Not Rhodes would be the hero, overthrowing the villain, in this kingdom. You can’t hit the throne with a sledgehammer and then come back and try to take that very throne away from Rollins. Seth doesn’t like Cody, he doesn’t want Cody here, and in six days, he’ll set up a hunt for all of Rhodes’ vulnerabilities. Seth won’t just change Rhodes, Seth will end him. And then we can all wake up and walk away from the American Nightmare. Cody has a question. What’s holding him back? Three ropes? The barricade? What’s holding wrestlers back, what are they waiting for? The time for talking seems to be over. Why doesn’t Seth come down from the auditorium, get in the ring and talk the language of action? Rollins seemed to take the offer, came down, reached the barricade…laughed and said: “see you Sunday,” after which he turned around and left. And Rhodes freaked out and rushed his foe into the auditorium. Here he threw a few punches, Seth tried to respond but not very successfully, until he attacked Cody’s eyes. Eventually, they got to the barricade, one of which Rhodes punched his opponent, and the fight continued until the judges and other backstage workers came running in to separate the enemies. Cody had already agreed to go backstage, but Rollins broke through security and attacked his opponent again. They were separated again, and I guess that was it. Nope, Rhodes came back from backstage and the fight continued. To the chants of “This is Awesome!” the fight was finally over, and the show went to commercial.

See the point. If you take this particular segment, separate from the whole story, I have to admit, it was good. It had everything. There was good oratory from both of them, some sort of cheeky AEW references, some good punches from Seth to Rhodes that look like quite relevant claims, a reference from Cody to himself at Dynamite when he was telling Jericho in the audience that there was no invisible wall between them, and an inherently corny but not bad fight that even left the wrestlers with blush on their faces and the audience getting involved in the whole thing. I mean, this particular segment was pretty good, and it’s definitely going to be one of the highlights of the issue. That said, I still don’t want to see their third fight in 3 months, and I still don’t see any point in it. They should have skipped Backlash, and had the second fight right on HiaC, and then I think it would have been better received. Nevertheless, for this segment you have to give maximum credit to both the writers and the performers, everyone did their job well this time.


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