Pat McAfee vs Lucky Corbin

Pat McAfee vs Lucky Corbin

Pat came out to an a cappella chorus that first sang “Bum Ass Corbin” and then, apparently, McAfee’s theme song. Corbin said a few nasty things to his opponent and even pushed him off, for which he got a superkick! A few punches, Corbin tried to fight back, but Pat slammed a harricanrana and sent Baron outside the quadrangle with a clozelin. At ringside, Corbin pounded his opponent into the apron with his back, but Pat responded by pounding his foe’s face into the ring post and the action was back in the ring. Superplex Corbin blocked, but McAfee landed on his feet after a flip… for which he received a shotgun dropkick! This allowed Corbin to take control and dominate the former soccer player for a while, both in and out of the quadrangle. Pat tried to get back in the fight, but got Deep Six to 2. A crowning lariat attempt, though, McAfee interrupted with a boot out of the ring, adding an amplitude planche.

Corbin responded with a series of punches, sending Pat flying to the commentary table. Here he continued to beat his opponent, put on his commentator’s headset and addressed McAfee’s parents, “your son sucks.” Michael Cole said that Baron’s parents were ashamed of him, for which Baron shoved the commentator. Corbin climbed the third rope, but McAfee slid in as well, hitting a superplex. Holding, but only to 2. The wrestlers got to their feet and started throwing punches at each other. Corbin sent his vis-a-vis into the corner of the ring, but Pat evaded the attack, so Baron flew his shoulder into the ringpost. And McAfee climbed the third rope and flew his Swanton Bomb on his opponent (Cole said that Pat himself called it the “Swanton Bambini”). The wrestlers returned to the quadrangle and Corbin prevented his opponent from flying off the third rope. McAfee avoided End of Days and accidentally pushed Baron off the ref. While the ref briefly passed out, McAfee charged a kick below the belt (avenging SmackDown). Code Red from the second rope, and Pat got the win.

Also, you know, no PPV Material, but this fight looks better than the previous two, if only because Pat went out of his way, as usual, to do something cool. Corbin, on the other hand, worked his typical match. By the end, McAfee looked like a star, we were even told a semblance of a story, and Pat won, which I think was obvious. While it certainly wasn’t a banger, I don’t mind McAfee showing us matches like this on the rare special shows.