Perisic is unhappy at Inter

Perisic is unhappy at Inter

A plowman with the mentality of a champion

Perisic can safely be called one of the best left-backs on the planet today. Ivan’s skills in recent years have been honed to near perfection. It’s hard to name a centre-back capable of competing with the Croatian in terms of his numbers. Perisic’s main qualities in the form of skill and dedication on the field are seasoned with a solid set-up in the form of powerful ploughing on his flank and ideal two-footedness, which allows him to both deliver a well-judged pass and strike on goal. Ivan has no problems performing standards, plays great on the second floor and works well on interceptions and further counterattacks. Can play both winger and even as a defensive lineman without losing quality.

The only and most important thing that currently creates a problem for all is the age of 33. After winning the Italian Cup final against Juventus, Perisic hinted in an interview about a confrontation with Inter’s management:

As for the new contract, I don’t know anything. Clubs do not wait until the last minute when it comes to important players, you have to understand that.

We agree with Ivan, but it is necessary to understand the position of the Milan club. The midfielder is rumored to be asking for a solid raise in salary and a new deal for 2-3 years. Insider Nicolo Shira claimed that the Nerazzurri management offered the player a contract until 2024 with a salary of 4 million euros, but the midfielder requested 5 million and bonuses on a 3-year agreement. Inter’s policy has been fickle in recent years, and if the club decides to sell leaders again this summer and look for young replacements, Perisic’s departure is readily apparent. However, the loss of such a valuable asset for sporting reasons would not be a plus in any circumstance. If Inter need a result next season, they should cling to Ivan with all their might. Yes, this player has already passed his peak and is mostly experienced, but to find the club an equal but young replacement this summer seems almost impossible.

Of course, Inter have Gosens and DiMarco, who can partially cover Perisic’s position, but Ivan, 34 or 35 years old at the appropriate conditions will be more valuable on the field than Robin or Federico. This season Peri really pulled out only in the end, but it often happens that a player with an expiring contract and interest from other clubs at the end of the season gives his best, but the Croatian began the season with a new coach, some instability is clearly partly attributable to this factor. Inzaghi again makes Ivan a left footer and in the second half of the season the player responded to the coach to the maximum. Under the new specialist, the Croatian is much more active in wide positions, making a lot of crosses and simple passes into the penalty area.

The challengers do not waste time

Any coach at a club that can handle the Croatian’s requirements will want to snatch such a player. One of those, of course, is Juventus, led by a specialist who values experienced professionals. La Gazzetta dello Sport reported in mid-May that the Turin club is ready to offer Ivan a contract.

Shortly before Sport Mediaset reported that Perisic is close to agreeing a move to Chelsea. Allegedly, the sides only need to iron out the last details of the contract. However, almost immediately, insider Fabrizio Romano assured that the midfielder does not have any firm agreements with the Londoners. The journalist noted that Blues head coach Thomas Tuchel has been eyeing Ivan since January, but there have been no talks yet. That said, Inter, according to the Italian, still want to keep the player, but the club will have to significantly increase the contract terms.

Ten days later Romano came out with new information according to which the Croatian has already had an offer not only from Chelsea, but also from Tottenham to which Ivan began matchmaking right after the arrival of Antonio Conte who previously worked with the player in Milan. In the winter they also put Arsenal on the list of candidates to buy the midfielder but there was no fresh information about this club. The Canadiens’ missed trip to the Champions League clearly did not add to Perisic’s desire.


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