Plans for the RAW women’s championship have changed

Plans for the RAW women's championship have changed

We’re in Lincoln, Nebraska at Pinnacle Bank Arena, and RAW Women’s Champion Bianca Belair opened the show. She welcomed the audience to the best show on television, Bianca stated that she always looks forward to new challenges, so she was eager to make another title defense against Ria Ripley in 2 weeks, but…as much as Belair would hate to bring us bad news, the challenger is not healthy, and will not recover in time for Money in the Bank, so their match will not happen… yet. When Ria recovers, Bianca will be ready to fight her. Now, however, it begs the question: who will EST defend against at PLE? Well, tonight, five girls-Alexa Bliss, Liv Morgan, Carmella, Asuka, and Becky Lynch-will face off in a five-way match for the title. Bianca wanted to say something else, but she was interrupted by Lynch. According to Becky, there is only one contender for the belt, and Belair knows it’s Lynch. The Irishwoman reminded her that she never got a one-on-one rematch after their greatest women’s match in WrestleMania history, and that it was Becky who beat Asuka at Hell in a Cell, and Bianca stole the win from her.

Despite this, Lynch continues to go through more and more obstacles in an attempt to get her belt back. But that’s okay, because when Becky finally makes it to the title, that triumph will be as satisfying as possible. And then Asuka showed up. The Japanese came out with the now classic question to Lynch: Does Becky keep whining and crying? Irlanka replied that if Asuka had tried to create a “Simpsons Meme” a little less and thought a little more about her career, Asuka would be doing better. As it is, the last 2 times they met in the ring, “Empress” was held up. Here’s Liv Morgan showing up to say that Lynch shouldn’t just worry about Asuka, because Liv is always up for a fight. She’s in a great mood tonight, as Morgan has already won the right to participate in a MitB match, something Becky has yet to do. But Liv would gladly trade that right for a title match with Bianca. And then Carmella came out. Something here doesn’t add up in her opinion. The title match will feature Bliss, Asuka, Lynch, and Carmella, all former champions. What’s Liv doing here?

Mella offered a vote to eliminate Morgan from the challenger fight, making it a four-way match. Liv stated that she got into the challenger fight because she is always on RAW and always ready. And if Carmella keeps talking like this, Morgan is willing to arrange for her to have a couple more weeks off. Carmella thought those were pretty loud words for someone who had moved into a MitB match around Alexa Bliss’s neck…and here comes Bliss, actually. She heard someone call her name. Carmella, of course, because Mella likes neimdroping so much. Speaking of neimdroping, should Alexa give the name of that guy with the “special chin” who once won Carmella a MitB contract? And after that, Carmella says Liv is getting off at Bliss’s expense? That’s strange to hear from someone who never managed to succeed on his own. So Mella better stop being hypocritical and picking on Morgan, or Bliss will punch Carmella in the face herself. Finally Bianca Belair reassured everyone present. They can definitely all talk, but isn’t it time to get some action already? Especially since the fans have been waiting. In fact, the match is about to happen.

Look, I have a complicated attitude about this segment. It was the most typical opening set-up possible, but too many people participated in it, and for some reason I feel like this segment was prepared at the very last minute, because it looked as raw as possible. Nevertheless, you have to hand it to the girls for trying to mold it into something that has any shape whatsoever, and give out a couple or three good “claims”. As for Ripley, from what I understand, she got that tooth “fixed” that she knocked out herself with her knee 2 weeks ago, and apparently the dentist who helped her didn’t recommend that the girl perform until the tooth was fixed. Yeah, what an irony, just on last week’s RAW she read a promo that she got the injury and liked it, but she won’t participate in the title show because of the consequences of that particular injury.


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