Pogba and Maguire versus Messi and Bale

Pogba and Maguire versus Messi and Bale

When Mark Twain wrote The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, he knew in advance that his work would be mercilessly criticized. First of all, for his “hobo language. Secondly, for his satire on racists, who in his century were popular and revered people. A hundred years later Twain is being kicked for using incorrect words and racist stereotypes.

But Samuel Clemens, the writer’s real name, did not live in the age of the Internet. Immediately after the book was published, he could not have been written tens of thousands of comments, which soccer players now get before the end of the match, instantly after a mistake. It is possible and necessary to tease players, as one does with friends or foes. But it is important not to cross the line we crossed when talking about Harry Maguire. Yes, the 87 million euro defender plays horribly, as does all of MJ. Certainly he shouldn’t have agreed to be team captain, he’s not pulling his weight.

And the death threats, after which the player thought about security guards for those close to him, is an unhealthy reaction. On the other hand, the topic of criticism is always with us, so let’s remember those who get it in the here and now.

  • Romelu Lukaku. Had to apologize for saying he wanted to return to Inter. And the fans from Milan reacted sharply – they do not want to see a “traitor” who returned to the APL. The circumstances of that deal were different, the Nerazzurri were forced to give Lukaku away because there were financial problems. But purely soccer criticism of Romelu at Chelsea is fair. He complains that Tuchel’s scheme is not suitable, as if he has just begun to play soccer. He knew where he was going, he understood how the Londoners play. It’s time to take responsibility. The Belgian is certainly not a favourite with the Chelsea fans. Lukaku is not as young as Donnarumma – Gigi also regretted leaving Milan. And the Belgian now has a reputation for not playing not only for Chelsea, but also for MJ. Now Romelu will go to Paris?
  • Gareth Bale. The footballer and his agent are to blame for Bale being criticized. The Welshman himself provokes fans from all over the world, and especially from Real Madrid himself, because he honestly admits: he is in no hurry to play soccer, but let them pay millions. It’s not a nice position to take. There are enough players who don’t like soccer and just make money, but Bale has long crossed the line. Gareth has been referring for years to minor injuries that are hard for doctors to confirm. And when he doesn’t make the squad by the coach’s decision, he resents Ancelotti. Perhaps the Welsh Samurai needs to work with a psychologist, but they criticize him on the case. The Welshman is being paid almost 32 million euros and not getting at least respect in return, since the bisicle goal in the final of the Champions League is a thing of the past.
  • Antonio Rüdiger. The story is a bit local, as you will find people in the world who praise Rüdiger for playing soccer. But when you learn the details of the case, it becomes clear why Antonio is disliked by many Chelsea fans. Firstly, he arranged the auction and chose a club where they would pay more, although he was sheltered in London, and Tuchel did everything he could to get the German to peak form. Secondly, Rüdiger has no respect for opponents and has never concealed that he prefers a rough approach on the pitch. For this, Antonio is criticized by the experts and by his opponents in the APL. Finally, the defender considers himself an incredible player, often argued with the head coaches, but can make the stupidest mistake. Not an easy character who will now be Ancelotti’s headache.
  • Paul Pogba. The Frenchman is in talks with Manchester City, but Guardiola doubts whether he needs a defector from MJ. The very fact of such contacts explains a lot about Pogba. But Paul does not want to stay in England because he thinks he is too much criticized. Has the Frenchman ever considered that the negativity has to do with the way Paul plays soccer? The mastermind with incredible capabilities reminds himself several times during the season – as in the match against Leeds at the start, when he gave four goal assists for the game. But his disorganization is negatively affecting the team. And then there’s the same problem as Bale and Real Madrid – Pogba is finishing out his contract with MJ because of the gigantic salary.
  • Lionel Messi. Ronaldo is criticized, but it doesn’t compare to what Messi has received. MJ fans understand that Cristiano has aged, but they do not doubt his professionalism. PSG fans – and they are emotional guys, so historically they have booed Messi, because they see the forward walking on the pitch. Lionel can make 13 assists in Ligue 1 with his eyes closed. But he only scored 4 goals in a season in France, getting to his own bottom. Besides, it’s not a fact that Messi wants to play for PSG at all. Would love to go back to Barcelona if Xavi and Laporta are accepted. The French understand it, they are insulted by this attitude, because no one dragged a grown man from Argentina to Paris by force. He himself came for a huge salary and with dreams of winning the Champions League.
  • Neymar. A traditional target for anyone who likes to criticize the superstars of soccer. The 30-year-old forward has not repeated the successes of the great Brazilians from the past. Unlikely to ever become the best player on the planet. Can we hope for a miracle in Qatar if Tite prepares Brazil for a breakthrough and the Ten have a perfect tournament? Yes, then we will get the analogy of Ronaldo’s rise in Japan and South Korea, when, after all the injuries and problems, the Toothbuster earned another Ballon d’Or. Benzema can also be remembered as an example, the path to a personal trophy is taken by the former bully. But Neymar is in no hurry to grow up. Betting on class, which Ligue 1 allows, but remains an immature soccer player in his thirties. He cries, he is capricious, he complains, he expresses his discontent, and he has his sprees. The Qatari sheikhs would love to part with him, but who will pull off Neymar’s contract? No coach right now would say that his team can’t win without the Brazilian.
  • Harry Maguire. It’s pretty clear. In soccer, criticism can sometimes be unfair, but it is very rarely directed at a player who, on or off the field, behaves adequately. When everyone around you doesn’t like you, the reason is more often your personal behavior, especially in the adult world. Kids can bully the weak and innocent, but Maguire or Messi or Neymar or Pogba at some point began to see themselves as infallible and the whole world as the enemy or unworthy of a voice. Benzema was also criticized, the Frenchman snapped back when he was young, but then he pulled up his gaiters and rushes to his dream. This is the right reaction to failures and often fair criticism in sports. Karim has changed, but the players on this list may not make useful conclusions and may not admit that they have become the architects of their own misfortunes.