Pogba will return with a tenner for Juventus in a filmed series

Pogba will return with a tenner for Juventus in a filmed series

Paul Pogba

Pogba’s presentation at Juventus has been postponed until early July. Meanwhile, a documentary series about the Frenchman called Pogbamentary has been blasted by critics and viewers. On the well-known IMDB website it has a rating of 1 out of 10. Every other commentator uses the phrase – I’d give it a zero, but there is no such possibility. MJ fans have not forgiven him for his scandalous statements and complaints. But the talent of young Pogba was appreciated in Turin. But let’s see what he shows many years later in his old position? He was good in his youth – 178 games, 34 goals, a notable “ten”, though not as a playmaker or forward, but as a central midfielder.

Paulo Dibala

Dibala has not become the new Del Piero, not at all. A likely departure to Inter would be further proof. It’s not a move from Fiorentina to Juventus that will infuriate the crowd of fans, as happened after Vlahovic’s winter transfer, but Dibala has not fulfilled himself in Turin as well as he could, based on his performance in the Palermo squad. And now a free agent will move to the line-up of a principle rival and important competitor. Although it remains to be seen where Paulo will end up. If Juventus and Pogba’s deal is talked about outright, then the Argentine is choosing for now.

Carlos Tevez

Before Dibala, Juventus had another Argentine, the author of 50 goals in 96 games. Carlos Tevez lit up Turin brilliantly, reaching the UEFA Champions League final. And although he lost, he helped his cause by his successful performance on the pitch. Except that Carlitos was fond of golf and not keen on physical activity. He left Juventus after a few years, playing at home and in China. But he helped continue his championship streak.

Alessandro Del Piero

Sandro played under number 9, 11, 15 and 16 in his youth, but then Jugovic left, nobody else prevented Del Piero from playing under the legendary number. The Italian is Juventus’ record holder in games played and goals scored, a club legend, multiple Italian champion and world champion with the national team. It is unlikely that anyone will reach 290 goals in the foreseeable future, and certainly no one will play 705 matches if the eternal Buffon fails.

Roberto Baggio

Between Baggio and Del Piero at Juventus, many have played under the legendary number – Corini, Plath, Andreas Muller, Marocchi and Tacchinardi. But their football does not compare with that of the Divine Ponytail. One of Italy’s most stylish players has scandalously ended up at Juventus – adding fuel to the feud with Fiorentina. But he ended up winning the Ballon d’Or as a Torino player.

Michel Platini

Between Platini and Baggio, it’s not a bad list either – De Agostini, Michael Laudrup, Mauro, Marocchi and Zavarov all tried on the top ten after the Frenchman. But after Michel’s hurricane – 3 Golden Balls, 2 Scudetto’s, a tragic Champions Cup, a Cup Winners’ Cup the year before – all the classy players seemed to the public to be boring. Especially with Diego Maradona himself ruling Serie A after Platini.

Liam Brady

Platini’s forerunner, the Arsenal legend, the superb left-back from Ireland did not play many games for Juventus but was memorable. Liam won Italy’s title twice in a row and had it not been for the silly limit on foreigners, Brady would have played alongside Platini rather than being replaced by Michel. “Juventus have not lost globally, but the Irishman has missed out on trophies at Sampdoria and Inter.

Fabio Capello

Since Capello, no-one has had a tenner. Defenders Gentile and Shirea, the tough veteran Benetti, who returned to Juventus after years, and a couple of nonces wore the cool number until Brady arrived. And Capello picked up the mark for hero from Sivori and Hansen. Fabio was a decent midfielder, became a three-time Italian champion at Juventus, and moved to AC Milan, where he would begin his coaching career years later.

Luis Del Sol

The Spaniard from Sevilla was a midfielder nicknamed “The Seven Lungs”. He played in the ‘eight’ position. But he also managed to try on the number ten position at Juventus. From Betis moved to Real Madrid, where he was expected to play better than Didi, won the Champions Cup and then went to Turin. Won the European Championship with the national team, although he did not play in the final, there were no substitutions then. Took the Scudetto in 1967, the only title in ten seasons between the penultimate and next for Juventus.

Omar Sivori

One of those who gave rise to the legend of the Torino ten. Spent several seasons with the number until the coach took it away from Omar as punishment for his behaviour. Sivori, an Argentine from Buenos Aires, became the second non-European in history to win the Ballon d’Or after Di Stefano. Sivori won as a Juventus player in 1961. He scored extensively, managing to beat Barcelona, Inter and Spain star Luis Suarez.

Jon Hansen

The immensely powerful Danish forward won two Scudetto’s for Juventus in the early fifties. He impressed for the Agnelli clan when he scored seven goals in the 1948 Olympics. From Frem made his way to Turin where he stayed for five years. He then played for Lazio and Juventus found another tall and productive forward a couple of years later – John Charles from Leeds and the Welsh national team. But it was the Dane Hansen who was the ‘ten’. And the funny thing is that after John the same number was taken… Danish Hansen, only called Carl, also a forward, but not so prolific.

Giovanni Ferrari

Before Ferrari, Juventus had Ferenc Hirzer, the Hungarian forward nicknamed “Gazelle”, who scored 35 goals in Juventus’ second league season. Only two men have scored more in a season, and one of them was Ronaldo. But Ferenc was quick to head home as the Nazis introduced a limit on foreigners in their application – two men, and only one could take to the pitch. And in the mid-twenties of last century in Italy were not yet players with numbers.

So the first big-name Legionnaire era Agnelli at Juventus does not suit us, but the legend of the thirties – Giovanni Ferrari, was out on the field with a “ten”, to the dawn of his numbers have implemented everywhere. Ferrari was a two-time world champion, eight-time Serie A winner (also won by Inter and Bologna after Juventus). Turin’s first legendary top ten, and Pogba will be the first since Del Piero to reclaim the top ten, but after a solid break at Manchester City.

Juventus fans would probably prefer to see the legendary number this time around for Chiesa. But Federico is recovering from a serious injury, and Pogba likes to show off, it was important for him to get his number ten. But he comes on as a free agent, and if Allegri gets on with him off the field he will be useful with goals and assists. Serie A is not as intense as the AFL, it will be easier for the two friends, Lukaku of Milan and Pogba of Turin, than on an island of football.


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