Pollard on his captaincy performance against India: “I’ll award myself an 11/10.” 

“It simply goes to show how small the margins for mistake are in international cricket, whether bowling or batting.” It was a good series in my opinion. The boys jumped to their feet and put on a terrific show. In my perspective, we should not feel ashamed of what has happened.

When questioned about the 3-0 loss to India in the three-match T20I series in Kolkata, West Indian captain Kieron Pollard seemed irritated at times. However, he was neither dissatisfied or displeased with the players’ collective performance.They are learning from their mistakes, which they made in all of the matches, and they are also not registering issues.

Despite the fact that hockey is the country’s national sport, cricket reigns supreme in the hearts of the people. It generates a great deal of enthusiasm and intensity among game enthusiasts. In India, cricket is regarded as a religion, and the players are revered as demi-gods. It is India’s most popular sport, with many even missing school and work when a major international match is taking place. 

Pollard on his captaincy performance against India

There is always a positive and negative image for a player who constantly gives his all to his team in order to acquire strong skills and also to win the battle. 

Once again, this is a continuing process. Despite being a late replacement in the first game, Chase bowled superbly. Besides one over, Cottrell bowled well. It’s still a work in progress because the people worked on it at different times. Chase contributed significantly to the team’s success. He came in and demonstrated his abilities. 

He is a well-known pacer who consistently gives his all and demonstrates his skill set in every encounter. He believes in himself since he is capable of so many things. They don’t want to put all of the pressure and duties on him. He’s still learning the game, but he has the potential to be a dangerous batsman and a strong leader in international cricket. 

Pollard stated that the players have already been assigned to the roles they would play in Australia during the World Cup and that they must learn the abilities required to execute those tasks. 

“Once you have the opportunity, you are quite clear about your obligations.” It’s not an issue of defining roles. It’s all about getting hands-on experience with what’s needed on a worldwide level.

Sports play an important role in our lives. It keeps us in shape, keeps us healthy, and keeps us busy. Having a positive mind and body is the key to living a healthy and happy life. Sports are one such activity that aids in the maintenance of a healthy physique and a positive mindset.

Teamwork is one of the most basic skills that sports can teach people, despite the fact that it may seem simple. Teamwork encourages players to do their part in helping the team achieve its overall goal. Teamwork also entails task delegation, which is something that great leaders undertake on a daily basis. Skill set matters in every field.

He remarked, “There’s a huge difference.” 

 The guys enter, execute their jobs, and you return to assess how well you did in your unique position. That’s all we have as a group. We need to give guys chances while still winning. After all, he’s a young player, and we want him to be consistent. We saw it three times in these three contests. 

They work in a results-driven industry. They are displeased with our defeat. They don’t always win and lose, after all. This isn’t true in the slightest. They aspire to triumph in cricket matches. They are pleased with the result. The line between searching for outcomes in one direction and looking at what the players have to give in the other is thin.

His contribution to the game has also influenced the youth, which is admirable. He has exceptional batting and bowling abilities.