PSG and Chelsea have reached the final auction for the titled defender

PSG and Chelsea have reached the final auction for the titled defender

Matthijs is in no hurry to leave Juventus for anywhere. De Ligt certainly doesn’t want to play in the Europa League with Manchester United, let a compatriot coach now work there. Xavi with his holy ideas passes by, because Barcelona will not pay the Turin players the money demanded. The Catalans will simply have no spare cash after the transfer of Lewandowski, who has had problems. The APL was not a priority league for de Ligt, otherwise he could have reunited with van Dijk at club level – there was talk of interest from Liverpool a year ago.

Rumor has it that Matthijs liked Nagelsmann’s plans, it’s Bayern that suits him. In Munich you can win championships and qualify for at least the Champions League semifinals. Salihamidzic and Cherubini negotiated. Why would Juventus let de Ligt go? First, Matthijs has not played as well as he did at Ajax, where he was the team’s young leader. Secondly, the Dutchman is highly valued by the market, at 80 million euros, and the Italian club could use some real money. If there were enough money, then Dibala is unlikely to be released, and even free agents were not signed.

De Ligt’s position, as well as De Laurentiis’ pathological inability to let Napoli players go in time, in this case Coulibaly, affects the position of Scrignard in the transfer market. Inzaghi knows that Milan do not want to leave their namesake city, he is happy with everything at Inter. Believes he can win the Scudetto again. De Vray and Bastogne are good partners. But again it all comes down to the financial situation of the club from Milan. “Inter need money, just like a year ago, when they had to sacrifice Lukaku. Skrignard is unlikely to return in a year on loan, but while the deal with Romelu was still being discussed, Inter and Chelsea representatives discussed the possibility of transferring the Slovakian.

Skrignard is the co-creator of a tough defense

“Inter, although Handanovic was aging and the Milanese defense did not have a reputation at the international level like Atletico, has been cool defensively for years. Conte and Inzaghi understand how to do it, but any coaching ideas won’t work when the right performers aren’t available. The Slovakian, who replaced Gamšík as the best player in the country, at twenty-seven years of experience of playing in Serie A for a team that defends better than Sampdoria, where the player began his journey in Italy.

The tough central defender was quickly spotted. The guy from Zilina grew to a top-five player and then rose to the level of the best defenders in the league, where defense is part of the Calcio religion. Shkrinjar has been a staple at Inter since his first season, when he played in 38 rounds of the Italian championship. The Milan club has been systematically closing the gap to Juventus in terms of goals conceded and the total quality of opponents’ chances. Two years ago, despite Juventus – the Nerazzurri were one point behind – they conceded seven fewer goals.

Next came the long-awaited championship season. Once again, the defense shone – only 35 errors, and the quality of chances taken was not much worse than that of Juventus and Atalanta. Shkrinjar missed games, either because of a rare rotation, or because of minor injuries. But he has never had significant injuries. Now there are problems with muscles, early next week he is expected in the ranks, he missed a month, and in the off-season. But it is unlikely Inzaghi will get the usual three defenders, because the number of clubs that seriously claim for Shkrinjar is constantly growing. And among the inquiries, two significant ones stand out.

Tuchel is fighting for the player with his former club

Thomas has been promised that he will have more rights when forming Chelsea’s squad. And since Christensen and Rüdiger are waiting for the first El Clasico – chosen by Barcelona and Real Madrid – and veteran Aspilicueta could go to Catalonia, Chelsea urgently need central defenders. Shkrinjar could be partnered with Thiago Silva, who also managed to play in the city of Milan in his career, but with the rossoneri. Chelsea have already made the first step – offering Lukaku on loan as a goodwill gesture.

However, Inter is worried about the amount of the transfer. And that’s where PSG come to the fore. The Parisians are offering €60 million plus Draxler as a partner for another Brazilian national team defender – Marquinhos. The poor German is sitting in Paris like a soccer prison. Since Perisic left for Conte’s Tottenham, Inzaghi could use a man on the flank. True, Julian has not yet learned how to cover the entire periphery as the Croatian did. And Ranocchia will not fill the position of Shkrinjar in the center, because Monza recruited Andrea as a free agent. Milan have been growing all these years, and the veteran has lost out on the competition.

The departure of the Slovakian is also hinted at the active negotiations of Inter. Sporting director Piero Ausilio met the day before with representatives of Bremer, Torino’s Brazilian defender. The 25-year-old player is playing in the center of defense, just the right replacement for Milan. De Vraey will stay, since Conte invited Langlais to Tottenham, but the defense of PSG or Chelsea will be strengthened by one of the strongest defenders in the world right now. It is clear that Van Dijk, Dias, Marquinhos or Koulibaly are also great, but Skrignard is close in quality. Even though he’s not used to flaunting himself off the field and is talked about less often. A great player, we understand both the new PSG coach and former Parisian coach Tuchel.

Skrignard has two pairs of lungs – you can see him even in the opposing half with a bias to the right flank. Cautious and accurate player – 68% of his defensive actions are successful. Wins 60% of one-on-one battles. Milan is also strong in pressing in other half of the field – 82% of successful sorties. Five interceptions per complete ball, eight times returns the ball to his team. One yellow card per eight games, but in other people’s goal the Slovakian is dangerous – he scores 3-4 goals a season in Italy. At Inter he is in his place, but his class allows him to be the main defender in one of the Champions League favorites. Given that PSG have Hakimi playing on the right side whom they are familiar with, a move to France should not be ruled out. At Chelsea, too, will not be lost, but in the APL the struggle is more difficult and interesting. Milan has worked for many years with quality and deserves the choice.