PSG faces serious difficulties after the departure of prominent players

PSG faces serious difficulties after the departure of prominent players

Director of PSG Mbappe wants the adviser to the club president Kampouche not only guessed with the head coach – Luis chose a mentor with whom he is familiar – but also conducted a competent cleanup of the roster, presenting point transfers. After Leonardo’s reign, there are many players left on the roster and on contract who do not help the Parisians develop. And they themselves degrade on the bench, infecting those around them with discontent. The French media has rolled out a list of many names, but it can be expanded with a few stars. PSG have been buying up so chaotically that a whole team of those can be parted with.

Keylor Navas 

They don’t want to lose Navas because the new head coach isn’t confident in Donnarumma’s stability. But why would Keylor, at the venerable age of soccer, sit on the bench? The pious man endured the humiliation of being brought in a young competitor, even though the experienced Costa Rican has more experience in the coveted Champions League, but now openly says he wants to play in every game. The relationship with Donnarumma is normal, but it’s time to move on if the Italian is number one.

Thilo Kerer 

If Thilo wants to go to the World Cup as part of the German national team, it’s urgent for him to find a new club. He won’t be in the starting lineup at PSG, especially if they sign Skrignard. Kerer is able to perform in different positions – he has been seen on the right and even in the center of midfield, but this is not the case with Kimmich, when Josua is to the face of moving around the field. Körer is at best a solid right center-back, and it’s high time he found a new club.

Presnel Kimpembe

The rare Frenchman on this list should clearly understand that Ramos is more dangerous as a competitor than Presnel might have seemed in a first disappointing season for the Spaniard, lubricated by injuries. Marquinhos, for example, is a basic player, while Klimpembe does not qualify unconditionally for that status. PSG has been looking for a great central defender for a long time. Better for Presnel to play proactively since he is called up to Deschamps’ squad, and find a club where they see him as a solid base.

Abdou Diallo 

The Monaco-born player played in Germany before Borussia D sold his contract to the Parisians for 32 million euros. Three years later he has not fulfilled his hopes, so now Abdou Diallo is among those who are ready to say goodbye. The footballer has not grown into a big star, he will not be called up to the French national team, so he chose his ancestral home of Senegal. Diallo is strong, left-handed, can close the flank if necessary. But there is nothing incredible about his game if we talk about the level of PSG’s ambitions.

Liven Kurzawa 

Definitely not the new Evra. Kurzawa was a decent defender but not at the level of the national team’s mainstay. It’s not always the case that guys from the Monaco school repeat the path of Henri, Trezeguet or Mbappe. Kurzawa, already in his thirties, has lost his competition to twenty-year-old Portuguese Nuno Mendes. Of course, it is important to consider that the new coach may reconsider his attitude to the candidate on the left wing. But it’s unlikely that Liven has a great future in Paris. If Mendes doesn’t like him, they will find another newcomer.

Idrissa Gaye 

When you want to find your Kante, but you don’t know how to look. Sure, he looked decent at Everton, but even for the Toffees he didn’t play enough to change PSG. The Manchester United fan could not move to that club, returned to France, and is now redundant in the squad. The Spaniard Herrera is also under contract with PSG, but it’s time for Ander to go to another club as well. He needs to refresh the team to strive for another Champions League final with fresh energy.

Leandro Paredes 

Shouldn’t have told in the interview that he wants to play for Real Madrid. Of course, the Parisians had long planned to part ways with Paredes, but Leandro, along with Di Maria, is among the circle of players Messi is happy to talk to. So both Argentines stayed for one season while Lionel tried to adapt. Now you can see that the guys are not much help even as an escort for the legend around Paris. Paredes does not make PSG stronger on the field. “Zenit parted with him in time. A normal player, but not a second Toni Kroos.

Georginho Wijnaldum 

The Dutchman was counted on, signed as a free agent. Klopp regretted losing a base player who chased the money. And now Wijnaldum is among those who the team from Paris does not need. Catastrophically clearly didn’t get into the game. It happens, says nothing bad about the player or the team. Weinaldum is not understood in Paris, they do not give him a special role – he played in the French championship, but they can do without him.


The Brazilian wants to play the role of “ten”, but Mbappe, Messi, Neymar and the new forward will not pull the high pressure, there will be a skew and bare rear. They want to let Neymar go, but he has a huge salary and minor injuries, all of which discourage buyers. In parallel, PSG needs a central defender, a strong holding midfielder and a new striker. And in order to sign players, we need to remove guys with huge salaries like Neymar. Leonardo didn’t do the purge in a planned and timely manner. Now the Sheiks will lose money – they’re not used to it – and time, which is more dangerous for PSG’s prospects.

Julian Draxler

World champion, by the way. But why is Draxler sitting at PSG for so many years? Clearly, the salary is excellent. There is no doubt that the agent of the player does not know soccer at all – Julian agreed to the extension of his contract last year, although it was obvious that the way to the basis is closed to him. It seems that the German simply made friends with the sheikhs, because there were no soccer reasons to stay. Julian does not play, has been on substitutions for three seasons, so it is logical to find a new club for the strong player, while his age allows not to sit on the bench, but play.

Mauro Icardi 

Icardi is not a new Vieri because Mauro understands Bobo’s legacy only half-heartedly. He should not only look for warm bunkers, but also try in front of other people’s goals, scoring goals. Icardi is a caprice man. PSG does not like his turbulent personal life, which has included betraying his best friend, marrying his wife Maxi Lopez, having daughters in his marriage to Wanda Nara and hooking up with models on the side. Icardi seems to be incorrigible, Inter executives were right. PSG had hoped to straighten the forward’s mind, and now they have no striker for the base – negotiating with a superstar – and no goals.