PSG is looking for its own Ancelotti. Zidane refused, but may trust the bully

PSG is looking for its own Ancelotti

The most fundamental for Marseille is the match against PSG. “Le Clasico” or the Derby of France is a famous confrontation with not the richest, but tough history. Although Zinedine never played for Olympique, he was born in Marseille. When he opened a modern medical center in his native district, Castellane, in February, but local fans asked the legend not to lead PSG. Zidane only smiled, but so far has not signed a contract with the Parisians.

It’s not just the Frenchman’s small homeland, but the Parisian club itself. Cunning coaches don’t go where all life processes aren’t set up. Zidane is clearly savvy. So he looked at Leonardo, assessed the vertical of power. Saw the denouement of the Mbappe story. Let’s not forget that Zidane was the one who negotiated with Kylian’s family for many years. Zinedine has known both the forward’s parents and himself for a long time. Heard about dreams of playing for Real Madrid, how Mbappe loves the club from Madrid, and now saw that the young striker is interested in power and money.

Add the peculiar method of recruiting players – PSG has a hodgepodge of players, there are shortages in certain positions, there are overachievers. And there are simply poorly combined elements, like Neymar and Mbappe, like Messi and Verratti (for the Italian to show himself, the Argentine should not step on his toes). Add the absence of a man with the playmaking intelligence of Kante in the supporting zone, as well as the lack of a classic center forward, and it is easy to understand why the shrewd Zidane, who based on Ancelotti’s Real Madrid to create a three-time Champions League winner, does not yet believe in PSG.

Let’s not rule out that the Frenchman is under pressure. President Macron has talked to Mbappe about a new contract, and the Qatari emir has personally chosen Zidane as a mentor for the Paris club. But if the young man could be persuaded, the experienced Frenchman is more likely to refuse, because his coaching career has already succeeded. Won many cups, and any mistake will put an end to the legacy. I wanted to work with the French national team, but Deschamps stayed there. In the future Zidane could be at the helm of Juventus, or one of the clubs in the APL. Zinedine doesn’t need PSG, there are too many contradictions.

Galtier, Amorim and Motta unlikely to be fit for PSG

The coach of Nice, the young Sporting coach and Motta, who played many years at PSG, are logical candidates. There is not a single talentless mentor in this trio. Except that Tiago coaches La Spezia, the fifteenth team in Serie A. Ruben Amorim won with Sporting in Portugal, but then came back to the top with Porto Conceição’s record. Let’s see if the young mentor of the Lions can stand the test of time.

Finally, the idea of Galtier emerged. Christophe became champion with Lille, proved not class, but the ability to set up the midfielders to break through. Then he left the team and achieved success with Nice – they took fifth place, only losing on additional indicators to fourth in the table to Rennes. But this is not the analogue of Tuchel and Borussia D. Galtier does not lead a team that is great at attacking. He works with defense; Nice has conceded as little as PSG.

None of the mentors being considered to replace Pochettino have credibility in the eyes of the stars. The Argentine has made a number of mistakes that key performers at PSG have not accepted. Now comes a mentor with even less experience with legends. Mauricio at least played on the same team as the great Argentines and Ronaldinho. Mbappe, Neymar, Ramos and Donnarumma will not believe that Galtier or Amorim are the right choice to storm the Champions League.

Pochettino himself, meanwhile, failed to resign in time. Clearly negotiating the amount of penalty for breaking the agreement. Although the Argentine’s contract is only for one year, he will have to fork out 15m euros. We know the mentor, who will be much more expensive to say goodbye to, but he has more experience of successful work at the club level than the former coach of Espanyol and Tottenham. His name is Jose, the man recently won the fifth European Cup in his career.

Mourinho might like the French leaders

It was important for José to reboot himself after the difficult years in England. Rome is a beautiful city, pizza is good food. “Roma made it to the Conference League, which the Portuguese won. He has new young mentors on his staff with whom to add fresh ideas. Mourinho is settling into the role of veteran coach, because in a year he will be sixty. Less caustic remarks, less blatant manipulation.

The Portuguese can’t stop being himself, but his toxicity is not the same as at MJ. Even at Tottenham he behaved differently, having been instructed by Levy. Mourinho is a born hooligan, but even Roma’s poor play in Serie A has not stopped the coach from giving the red part of Rome a holiday that was only dreamed of a couple of years ago. Taking the European Cup is cool, because the game against the humble Norwegians will be forgotten along the way, but the result will remain.

Mourinho is good in Rome too. But everyone knows who the Portuguese’s agent is. Jorge Mendes will not miss the opportunity to arrange a contract for his client with one of the favorites of the Champions League. Just as Real Madrid called on Ancelotti without finding a more promising option, and did not miss out, so PSG can invite Mourinho. Then we will see Messi, under the stubborn Portuguese, storming to the top of the Champions League for the last time.

Ramos is no friend of Jose, although we have seen from Mkhitaryan how the coach knows how to smooth over corners when he needs to. Last year the Portuguese tried to lure Sergio to Roma. Leonardo turned out to be more nimble, but replacing the sporting director is also on the list of tasks for the PSG president. For a project that kept Mbappe, got Donnarumma and Hakimi, and can still throw money around, it is crucial to choose the perfect coach.

Lacking a clear plan for a difficult match. Pochettino allowed PSG to play the way the stars are comfortable. Messi could not change, and it is already clear that in the Catalan guise he will not be as productive in Ligue 1. Unless Mourinho convinces Luis Suarez to fly to Paris, and the old warriors with Neymar and Mbappe will make a hell of a merry-go-round for others’ defensive lines. PSG is certainly among the favorites to win next season’s Champions League.

They should have passed Real Madrid as well, but Courtois held their own and Modric and Benzema are legends of soccer. For Mbappe to become one, he needs to meet a great coach for the first time in his career at club level. Mourinho is certainly not at his best. But Ancelotti wasn’t at his peak at Everton either. Jose and Carlo are mentors for the big finals. Although PSG again tries to copy someone else’s dance, seeing Mourinho and Messi on the same side of the barricades is at least curious.


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