PSG steals the European champion from AC Milan

PSG steals the European champion from AC Milan

Quality central midfielders, also capable of “box-to-box”, are guaranteed a desirable “commodity” on the transfer market. One of the most valuable in this role right now is Renato Sanchez of Lille. The 24-year-old Portuguese, who is already European champion (2016), French, Portuguese and four-time champion in Germany, after a rather long crisis early in his career, is finally gaining stability and a high level of play, but not without offensive details.

And the crisis was in the German phase of his career – in 2016, Renato after a terrific game in the triumphant for Portugal Euro 2016, where Fernando Santos gave him a lot of playing time, moved from Benfica to Bayern for 35 million euros, and for three seasons in the Bavarian camp (in the summer of 2018 he went on loan to Swansea) played only 53 games in all competitions, scoring two goals and making three assists. Although for a 19≈21-year-old in one of the major clubs in Europe this is clearly not a discouraging statistic, Sanchez still received low marks more often, and the lease to Swansea revealed one of the main shortcomings of this player – high injury rate. Renato played only 12 games in the APL and missed 25 due to thigh and hamstring problems. After his return to Bayern, the midfielder fully merged with the bench – 3 games in all tournaments for the Munich side for the entire 2019/20 season.

To reanimate his career Sanchez went to France – for 20 million euros he was signed by Lille. And thanks to the trust of Christophe Galtier, to which we will return, the young center-half once again made people talk about him. Despite continuing and ongoing injury (in 3 seasons with the “Dane” he missed 39 games), still played 91 games, scored 7 goals and made 10 assists. With his game he made a significant contribution to the results of Lille, namely the silver medal and the gold medal in Ligue 1.

By now Sanchez has become a full-fledged “box-to-box”, feels good in defense, but especially in attacking actions. He excels in sending key passes, making precise passes from any spot and knocking several opponents out of the game, is technically sound and has good dribbling. On the downside, there are regular errors in controlling the ball, completing attacks and the overall quality of shots on goal. Because of this, more often he tends to attack, sometimes even shifting to the position of a center forward, where he acts surprisingly as successfully as possible, receiving the highest marks in his career. Only new and new injuries spoil the impression, but the ideal age for a player so far in advance gives hope for a change for the better. The guy may get stronger, although another year or two on the back of his knee problems will turn the situation in an already pessimistic direction.

Despite this widespread soccer nuance in Renatou’s portfolio, there have always been plenty of suitors for him, according to insiders. By mid-July, however, only two remained – AC Milan and PSG.


“The Rossoneri lost Franck Kessier – the Ivorian went as a free agent to Barça. On paper, Sanchez is able to cover the position, he has a lot in common with Franck, but they are completely different in key aspects. Kessier is the quintessence of powerful physique and stamina, tenacious and unstoppable pit bull. Renat can’t compete with those qualities today, and most likely he won’t be able to for the rest of his career. However, the focus on offense with good cover (let’s say Tiemoue Bakayoko comes out to peak) will be more than offset by Kessier’s advantages. Renatou is more versatile, more flexible and clever in the center, closing his main disadvantages with a “hauler of the piano”, AC Milan could get a perfect creator in the center. From the new season, it looks like the team will have 5 players for 2 central positions in the middle line – Sandro Tonali, Ismael Bennacer, Yacin Adli, Tommaso Pobega and Bakayoko. We will also add Rade Krunic. Sanchez looks to be able to break into the core right away, but all speculation and speculation can be shattered by an insider from RMC Sport.

France reports that Renatou wants to join PSG, recently led by former Portuguese coach Christophe Galtier, who brought Sanchez back to the big game.

Paris Saint-Germain

The confidence of the coach is always very important, but in the case of the Paris club the Portuguese will have to work harder, to put it mildly. Renato’s potential competitors for the centre-back position include Marco Verratti, Vitinha, Leandro Paredes, Danilo, Gini Wijnaldum, Rafinha, Ander Herrera, Eric Ebimbe and Idrissa Gaye. Yes, there are rumors that some of that list could leave PSG, but crossing off at least three or four of the nine people on the list won’t make things any easier.

Sanchez in the Paris squad at first is only a stable player in the rotation, which with PSG’s views on the Champions League they need as much as possible. Does Renatou himself like that? In fact, “yes” is of little use, even with Napoleonic ambitions to get into the starting lineup in half a season. Let’s believe the insiders, still Galtier at the helm of the Ligue 1 hegemon is a tempting argument in favor of the choice of PSG in the case of Sanchez, given their combined experience, although from a 100% soccer and sports mind the option with AC Milan would look much more sympathetic, at least in the basis of the “rossoneri” chances of seeing the Portuguese much more, which should be the main aspect for the player and the fans.

Lille president Olivier Letang confirmed on July 20 that Renato will go to AC Milan or PSG.

Sanchez will leave this summer for either PSG or Milan. Those are the two big challenges for Renatou. We do not have a full agreement with either club. The matter remains confidential.

Therefore, the two visions of developments and potential progress/regression in Sanchez’s career are facing the player himself. Although winning over injuries for such a quality midfielder would outweigh any choice of a new team.