Punjab Kings vs. Delhi Capitals: game review and forecast

Despite a COVID-19 scare at the Delhi Capitals camp, the 2022 Indian Premier League (IPL) match between Delhi Capitals and Punjab Kings will go on as planned on Wednesday. There has been talk regarding the possibility of postponing this Match 32 match in Pune. The Delhi Capitals are in ninth place in the league rankings, with Punjab Kings slightly ahead of them.

Punjab Kings vs. Delhi Capitals: game review and forecast

Punjab, on the other hand, has had a hit-or-miss season thus far, appearing threatening in certain games and completely underwhelming in others. In six games, Mayank Agarwal’s team has won three and lost the same number.

What have they accomplished thus far?

The Delhi Capitals got off to a strong start in the IPL, winning by four wickets against the five-time champion Mumbai Indians. Pant’s squad, on the other hand, failed to capitalise on the momentum and lost their second game versus Gujarat Titans by 14 runs.

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Punjab Kings have had a hit-or-miss season, failing to link together two strong performances and so finishing seventh in the points standings. They began their season with a five-wicket win over Royal Challengers Bangalore, but were then defeated by Kolkata Knight Riders by six wickets.