Rangnick could ruin Manchester United. Mancini, Ronaldo and Maguire will help him do it

Sulsher was held on not only because of his major plus – his ability to set traps in face-to-face matches against stronger opponents – but also because of the realization that Woodward’s low taste was limited to a cheeky offer to Zidane to lead “Disneyland for adults”. Good thing he didn’t quote the famous cartoon character famous for his phrase about blackjack and prostitutes.

Rangnick could ruin Manchester United

No one wanted to work with them. An interview with ten Hague, who wants to take a chance and link up with Manchester United, does not at all mean that Eric will be supported at a club with Rangnick hanging over his head. It’s also clear that everyone in Red Devils hell has gone crazy enough to invite Roberto Mancini. Almost all of the coaching histories of tournament winners for national teams prove one truth: The great ones don’t run to coach national teams.

Take even Cherchesov, who can only manage the league hegemons of Poland and Hungary. Think of the German Lev, who will find it incredibly difficult to find a club where Joachim won’t fail. Mancini won the English championship once with Manchester City thanks to Agüero’s legendary goal 93 minutes and 20 seconds into the match against CRC. Roberto also took the European crown thanks to the will of the Italian national team and the help of a cool staff. Again, not without adventure.

But the Italian did not become a great mentor for a great club after that. His ideas were always weaker than those of Nagelsmann, not to mention Klopp, Guardiola or Tuchel. A seasoned MJ fan would argue that Ferguson’s tactical sophistication wasn’t his strong suit either. But there are few people in the history of soccer who can compete with Sir Alex in terms of charisma. Even Simeone is not so cool as a dictator. So does another coach father – Zinedine Zidane.

By the way, if the Red Devils had smart managers, years ago they would have called for exactly this type of coach. Zidane and Simeone have a lot of experience with their own sons, they are great fathers. Life in soccer teams has taught them not to worship tactical ideals, but rather to understand the game from the inside and the ability to adjust. One of Manchester United’s key problems is psychology. Neither Pochettino nor Mancini will affect this area, because the former knows how to put his hands down, while Roberto has yet to kill the footballer in him who blames everyone but himself.

Italy could put Fabio Cannavaro in charge if Mancini decides to leave. And if Rangnick is shortsighted enough to invite Roberto specifically, Manchester United are unlikely to win major trophies. In neither case has the Italian built a project for years. And Zidane, who is not a master of reforms either, but a master of momentary results, is more likely to refuse to mess with MJ because he clearly understands how many problems the club has. The Frenchman is more likely to choose PSG or Juventus in general.

Not ready for a major squad sweep

Ronaldo, Cavani, Mata, Matic and Jones are over the age of thirty. Neither is De Hea, but goalkeepers have their own biological rhythm in soccer. Telles, Lingard, Maguire, Fred and Pogba are in their thirties. Varan is only a year younger. The genius manager Woodward had half of the team aged. At the same time there was no adequate work with youth, because there were only two young players in the squad – Elanga and Greenwood, but Mason may not return to big soccer soon.

The patchwork of personnel quilt, meanwhile, weighs heavily on the shoulders of those who put their money into MJ – the supporters, because in England it is the fans who fund the clubs. Sponsors do not pay for a beautiful coat of arms, but for the attention of the general public who support a club, see a certain brand name and then buy the corresponding goods in the store. And here it is necessary to come to an understanding of the price of modern Manchester United.

The French publication L’Equipe, which lately likes to share financial insights from the world of big soccer, has declassified the salaries at Manchester United. Ronaldo is paid almost 32 million euros a year. De Hea gets 23 million euros, rookie Sancho almost 22 million euros. Varan, Pogba and Cavani have similar salaries. Over ten million euros in the team receives ten people, with Juan Mata closing the list. Surely Woodward was effectively spending billions if a replacement veteran is sitting on such a salary?

You could think about saying goodbye to Pogba, Cavani, Mata, Matic, Lindelöf and Lingard, but you have to be able to sign players ready to replace them with quality. What can we say if right now a club of Manchester United’s caliber does not have a profiled central striker for the basics? Cavani is no match for Ragniq – Edinson was most useful in a match in which he played eight minutes.

MJ needs new power to progress

Only those who have not had time to follow everything that has been done to the great club over the years can wonder why Scoles or Keane are so angry and low on the very performance of soccer under Rangnick in the worst matches. Only people incompetent in soccer finance don’t realize that if they were Woodward, absolutely anyone would have gotten exactly the same monetary result, since MJ is an incredibly successful company.

Got a club that can’t squeeze the benefits of a Ronaldo transfer. The Red Devils had Bruno Fernandes earning less than Harry Maguire. Under the new contract, the Portuguese is being offered less money than what Sancho, who is in the big game for no more than a week, has already been given out. It’s little things like that that make up the atmosphere on the team. For example, overpaying for players of a controversial level and signing those who do not fit the style. By the way, there are no bright fresh tactics either, Rangnick is trying to make MJ more agile, but it turns out every now and then.

Ralph himself is in no hurry to choose a head coach, which means there will not be a working vertical of power. The new coach may have conflicts with Ronaldo, other players and the German overseer. Also recall that the sports director of MJ is John Merto, but this specialist has zero credibility in the world of soccer management. He built an academy that hasn’t produced any new “chicks,” and Rangnick will never give him an important function, even if Merto is as knowledgeable on the subject as Ralph.

De Hea’s joke of a curse when reading rumors of a Mancini invite or realizing that ten Hag could be thrown into a head start without transfer support – if they don’t make it to the Champions League, the transfer budget will be reduced to 50 million euros, and that’s ridiculous for a club of this caliber. Even the initial eighty million euros will not change the weather, and they will not make a team with the capabilities of Liverpool or Manchester City. Alas, until there is a fundamental change in power and new approaches to transfers, hopes will be false.