Dreams of leading Real Madrid and foresees the coaching success of Xavi. The legendary Raúl may soon come out of the shadows

Last year made a lot of noise overheard and leaked to the Web phone conversations Florentino Perez, in which he calls Casillas and Raul “the greatest swindlers in the history of Real Madrid. Grandpa Florentino, in his private conversations, is very generous with his words, and who among us is without sin? At the same time, Perez knows how to admit mistakes and apologize, so the hot topic was not continued.

Raúl Dreams of leading Real Madrid

He contacted everyone he had called puppies, swindlers and underdeveloped in 2006, assured them that he did not really think so and apologized. Figo said that “the case is closed” and that the “con men” Casillas and Raúl continued to work at Real Madrid. Iker is assistant general manager and deputy chairman of the board, while Raul has been in charge of Castilla since 2019 and has already been considered for a first-team position. That speaks more eloquently than any words.

Moreover, given the quality work with Castilla and the status of an absolute legend of the club, Raul should sooner or later get a chance at Real Madrid, especially his own experience with Zidane proved successful, and Barcelona again set an example – before Guardiola, now Xavi. Continuity plays an important role in the Spanish giants, such bets are often successful, and Raúl himself recently stressed once again that he dreams of leading Real Madrid.

About his dream:

Do I want to lead Real Madrid? I think it’s more than just a wish. It’s a dream that I have been following day by day since I decided to become a coach. Now I’m getting into the structure of the club and trying to prepare myself for a serious challenge. Time will tell if there will be a need for me. But I am gaining new knowledge every day, getting better as a coach, enjoying my work and being at the disposal of the club.

On Real Madrid’s immediate prospects:

Defeat to Barcelona will make the team angry, in the championship we need to bring the season to victory. And of course, I am sure that Real Madrid will beat Chelsea in the Champions League. We are in first place in La Liga, we got through the Champions League last eight in style. Now Real Madrid are starting the most fascinating and exciting part of the season. In the next two months everything will be decided, it’s time to enjoy the soccer. I think the team is ready to meet the challenges.

About Xavi:

Xavi became a coach back when he was just starting to play soccer himself. In my opinion, his coaching abilities were obvious. Now we see that he’s doing well. Xavi started well in Barcelona, he has a promising future. The time will put everything in its place, but even now I see a man who knows the club from the inside and is in its place. He will be very good at Barcelona.

On how he started playing soccer:

I have the feeling that I started playing soccer before I was born. My childhood was in San Cristobal. We didn’t have soccer schools back then, kids played in parks, on the streets, on school breaks, on playgrounds. We would go out and play with our friends. It was a different world. My mom would call me home to eat and I didn’t want to go back.

About my “best friend.”

We were always watching soccer at home. I soaked up that passion. Until I was 11 years old, my soccer education was playing in the yard with my friends. And if there was no one to play with, I kicked the ball against the wall. The wall was my best friend. If I made a good kick, the ball would bounce back to me. And if the kick was bad, I had to run for the ball. Very useful practice with proper persistence.

About my childhood dream of becoming a soccer player:

For as long as I can remember, I always wanted to be a soccer player. I listened to reports on the radio and tried to repeat what the commentator said. I didn’t consider myself the most talented player. Talent is not everything, passion is very important to achieve success. I’m happy that I was able to make my dreams come true. I would like to inspire boys and girls to work hard and fight for their dreams.

Raul fulfilled his childhood dream. And he became not just a soccer player, but a great forward, a legend of one of the major clubs in the world. Now going to his dream is already 44-year-old Raúl. Becoming a coach at Real Madrid is no less important to him than for a skinny boy, how he was 35 years ago, to become a soccer player. Dreams of this man tend to come true. And so think many people.

Florentino Perez in 2021, president of Real Madrid:

Now we need someone who has more experience than Raul, but we keep him in mind for the future. Already now I see that Raul has what it takes to coach Real Madrid.

Zinedine Zidane in 2019, Raul’s former partner and former Real Madrid coach:

It’s been 25 years since Raul first played for Real Madrid. That means we’re all getting a little older. I played together with him. He was an important player for this great club. I’m sure one day Raul will lead Real Madrid. I think it will happen for sure.

Fernando Morientes in 2021, former Real Madrid forward:

“Raul is ready for the job at Real Madrid better than anyone else. He is one of the most reliable options to replace Zidane that are currently available. He uses a very innovative way of working. Solari had a strong character, but Raul has it multiplied by two. As much as he was a player, he remains a coach. He is a winner.