RKBro vs. Street Profits – RAW Team Championship match

RKBro vs. Street Profits - RAW Team Championship match

This is the fifth match these tandems have faced each other this year, and someone (me included) is still complaining about Okada and Knighto having 3 fights against each other in 2022… Ford and Riddle started the fight, the former immediately had 3 roll-ups, but all to 2, and then patted Matt on the head, showing who the elder here is. Riddle responded by trying to go for the armbar, which cost him another roll, then he applied a rear-naked choke and did his own roll-up to 2. Now “Bro” patted his opponent on the head. In the next episode, Montez seized the moment for a dropkick, switching with his partner. Angelo held the tackle to 2. Matt tried in vain for a gut punch, getting a back elbow to 2. Walking away from the clawline in the corner, Riddle led a series of kicks to the body, handing the tag to Orton. The latter handled Dawkins with uppercuts, delivered a series of punches in the corner and brought Riddle back into the ring. Teamwork to 2, and Tez took the blind tag. Matt sent his opponent out of the ring, but RK from the apron was blocked, and Angelo dropped the champion at ringside, where Ford classically flew a dive. After the commercial, we saw Matt fail to fight off Montez and get a hard lariat. Walking away from the suplex, Riddle charged the ripcord knee and the lineup changed to Orton and Dawkins. Randy had a couple of lariats, a crowning snap powerslam, another went to Tez, and then Angelo fell victim to the Vintage Orton. The RKO was blocked, Riddle got a tag, banged in another knee and sent Ford trying to get in outside the quadrangle, where the challenger got the RKO off the apron. From Floatin’ Bro Montez, though, he got away, so Orton was hit by this maneuver, and Riddle was returned to the quadrangle right under Angelo’s spinebuster. Frogsplash from Ford, and Randy broke the hold at the very last moment. Dawkins tried to neutralize the Viper, but he started to get on the ringside himself, and Montez dodged a high kick by “Bro” with a kick of his own to the head. The second frogsplash, however, Riddle met with his RKO out of nowhere, and RKBro defended himself. Randy was impressed.

A good opening team match with an ending that we’ve seen a thousand times but that still works. Well I didn’t expect a bad match from SP with RKBro. Yes, their matches have become boring in 2022, but you can’t accuse them of low quality, the guys always work with dignity the time they’re given. Predictable title defense, and Orton and Riddle are obviously back to feuding with Uso for title unification. Separately, I’m happy for Riddle, who was held back at PLE, but recovered a bit here, bringing his team to victory, and doing so vividly.

We were reminded that Thiori is defending against Cody Rhodes tonight, after which Kevin Patrick invited the champion into the arena (but not to the ring or even the stadium, but to some mini-balcony next to the stadium). The interviewer told Tiori that Cody has been showing outstanding form since his return, beating Rollins twice and all that. How is Austin preparing to face such a serious opponent? “Do I look like I need to prepare?” – answered the question with a question from the champ. He’s ready 24/7, there’s a reason Tiory became the youngest state champion in history. He’s already great. As for Cody, Tiori was still wearing diapers when Rhodes was last in WWE before returning to WrestleMania. Austin doesn’t care about Cody, past, respect and history. Tiori is thinking about the future. He is the future. Afterwards, the champ took selfies and posed in front of the booing crowd.