Ronaldo sees no point in staying at Manchester United

Ronaldo sees no point in staying at Manchester United

Played thirty-six games out of thirty-eight, scoring only 58 points. Arsenal and Tottenham have two games each (one match between them). The odds are stacked against Manchester United in Europe’s premier club competition. Rangnick’s team has three losses and a draw in their last six games. With such results, it is strange that they are in sixth place and not lower.

For Ronaldo, the failure in the APL and the lack of a trip to the Champions League is one good reason to recruit Jorge Mendes and discuss the future with his agent. It was immediately stated that the amount of money that MJ would spend on transfers was linked to fourth place. With fans protesting against the Glazers and Rangnick claiming 6-10 rookies, though the German’s fate is shrouded in fog – no one has claimed he is at MJ for long, even in an advisory role – Cristiano’s discontent is easy to understand.

The Portuguese does what he can do. Scoring three goals a night, he has distinguished himself against the 168th club in his career – an impressive list of defeated opponents. But when a thirty-six-year-old striker who has just returned to the APL becomes the team’s top tackler, it’s always a bad sign. MJ did a lot of things wrong, ended up at the foot of the pedestal, will spend at least one more year rebuilding. And if unlucky, a lot more time. And Ronaldo can’t wait, his physical strength is not limitless.

Ten Hague needs to build his United

As soon as the Dutchman goes for De Hea, Maguire, Fernandes or Ronaldo – he will lose the opportunity to make MU a candidate for the English championship in a couple of years. Such a metamorphosis is real because the club is incredibly rich, and the same Liverpool, as well as Chelsea, have known difficult times, but with competent coaches have risen to the top. “The same fate awaits United, but hardly with Ronaldo at the cutting edge.

Leaving Cristiano on is a pause for a year, and for a real rebuild there should be people in the squad who can play for another three or four years. Of course, a lot depends on class, so the same Rashford could be superfluous, not part of ten Hague’s plans. Erik’s decision to work with Ronaldo can only be imposed – either by circumstances, or management, or Rangnick.

In theory, it’s great to have someone like that in the squad. In practice, that means that for another year, there won’t be a young forward in the center of MJ’s attack that will create a link with Fernandes and others in the attacking group like Sancho. Holland will choose neighborhood Manchester City, but the same Kane might get tired of Levy’s rejections and move to MJ to write new history for himself and a great club in crisis.

Ronaldo fears his time will soon pass

Cristiano denies as if he announced his decision to stay at Manchester United. Not surprising, as the Portuguese always keeps a figure in his pocket when it comes to his future. At Real Madrid, they didn’t believe he would leave either. Juventus doubted the Portuguese would break away in the APL. Now there will be stories that the striker will stay and then we will see his private jet in Paris and the big family move to the French capital.

It was immediately reported that Messi would refuse to play in the same team as Ronaldo, but the order at PSG is such that they don’t ask coaches or players. Verratti also once wanted to move to Barcelona, and then recorded a tearful interview that he changed his mind. Messi is in the same squad as Ramos, with whom he openly feuded. Mbappe wants to go to Real Madrid, where Ronaldo is unlikely to be taken – no need to kill Benzema’s drive.

PSG needs a big star. And while it is more logical to sign a central striker to Messi and Neymar without the reservations that Ronaldo has, the transfer would be in the style of the Sheiks. Talk of combining Lionel and Cristiano in the same lineup did not begin yesterday. Ronaldo was ready to play for Manchester City, but Ferguson, Evra and Ferdinand changed his mind. He’s now regretted having failed to make the cut at his old club.

Parisians want to reach the Champions League final, Messi’s first season paled – he can improve in the future. And his tandem with Ronaldo will definitely attract a lot of attention. Both forwards are old enough not to be jealous of each other. And since Ronaldo remembers how successful Ibrahimovic looked in Ligue 1, who was also quite old at the time, he can replace the intense APL with a less aggressive championship in the name of new goals.

It’s not impossible that all transfers will fall through

Zidane’s arrival in Paris will mean that Cristiano is one step closer to PSG. Zinedine at Real Madrid knew how to set the Portuguese up for proper soccer. Understandably, the French coach would prefer to keep Mbappe in the team, but if he gets Messi and Ronaldo, it’s an interesting duo to start at a new club. In the French championship PSG has no rivals – even in a bad season they easily became first.

In the Champions League the experience of veterans will help, because both are the best snipers of the tournament in its history. Except that any club that might contact Ronaldo must understand the risks. MJ is paying the Portuguese so much that even his goals in the APL and the league will not compensate for that amount. Apart from the sheikhs of Paris, no one in the top five has the luxury of not counting the money. The forward won’t go to Manchester City, Real Madrid is unlikely to take him back.

There aren’t many clubs left where Ronaldo could play next season. “Manchester United may not find a buyer for the Portuguese, and if PSG changes its mind, there are no real destinations left. And it’s hardly a good deal for ten Hague, because Ronaldo will only fit into his plans if the entire team is ready to add. And De Hea gave away MJ’s biggest secret – they don’t believe in themselves at all. Hence the failure on the way to fourth place.

There was nothing difficult about being a couple of points more stable than Arsenal or Tottenham. No one has mentioned repeating the standards of the MC and Liverpool game – it will come back to that conversation if ten Hague will bring MJ up to speed first and send them to the third line. But we need newcomers for the breakthrough, it’s important to part with players who get in the way of development. The season in the APL went so poorly that Ronaldo was the main bright spot.

But the thirty-six-year-old and very capricious man – remember the story of the child’s broken cell phone – would rather agree to play for PSG, where the titles shine, than be left waiting another year or two for MJ to come to his senses. And with Ronaldo’s transfer value now low and the sheikhs unafraid of Cristiano’s huge salary, the pairing of the two multiple Ballon d’Or winners is closer than ever. The Portuguese has proven to himself that he can score in the APL. But he needs the UEFA Champions League, and there won’t be one at Old Trafford.