Ronaldo snapped after a series of humiliations

Ronaldo snapped after a series of humiliations

The leitmotif of British Red Devils fans’ comments: Ronaldo has already shown disrespect to MJ, there’s no rewinding that. The player has disrupted his preparations for the season, which starts tomorrow with a match for the Super Cup of England. The Portuguese was looking for a new club. Oliver Kahn can joke again, as in the past, that he saw his wife’s breasts less often than Ronaldo’s abs, so often the photos of the Portuguese are flashed in the German media.

Without excusing Cristiano, it’s safe to give a “stake” to MJ management. They did not close the matter without reputational damage. It’s hard not only for the Devils, but even the collapse of Chelsea’s transfer campaign without Granovska at the helm does not strengthen MJ’s position. “Arsenal and Tottenham have recruited players. Klopp and Guardiola have a higher variation of squad and class of leaders. The MJ fans were offended, but Ronaldo felt neglected as well.

The public did not believe the version about family problems. And a month and a half ago, Ronaldo did not come out with a statement that he was definitely staying at MJ. Until today, there were no specific statements. But Cristiano’s denials are public, a blow to a man with an ego.

PSG does not want conflicts in the team

The policy statement of the summer in Paris was the words of the president of the club that it is time to become more mature, professional and humble. Directed to Neymar, Mbappe, Messi and anyone else who is capricious. There are many such people, there are also Wijnaldum, Navas and the rest of the disgruntled position. Zidane used the Parisians to remind officials from the French Football Federation, and Mendes met with Luis Kampouche, an advisor to the president of PSG. And there will be no transfer. The high salary is just one of the obstacles. Galtier wants to rebuild the team, and if he quarrels with Messi and Cristiano, or the legends do not get along with each other, chaos will ensue, and the season can be thrown away. And there is no room for Ronaldo if Neymar is not put on the bench. Even Di Maria has become cramped.

Chelsea not ready to take Ronaldo on loan

Boeley met with Mendes, but the American has had a funny summer so far as a hybrid of Granovsky and Abramovich – failure after failure. Dembele went to Chelsea and stayed at Barcelona. Kunde in a Catalan club uniform. Lewandowski was not intercepted, Rafinha chose, again, the Spaniards. Neymar is unlikely to end up at Chelsea, except for a fight in training with Galtier in the coming days. London have themselves given up on the idea of signing Ronaldo. Sterling and Coulibaly were brought in, and another experienced player suited on financial terms, but Tuchel closed the way. Thomas doesn’t want to rearrange an entire team under one Ronaldo for just a season on loan.

Return to Italy expectedly derailed

“Inter, which has Lukaku and Martinez, listened to Mendes’ arguments in negotiations, but is not ready to repeat the conditions as at MJ. No coach wants to break the structure of the game, a “3-5-2” in Simone Inzaghi’s case, to work with Ronaldo. “Inter used Perisic, who left for Tottenham, all over the left flank, and Ronaldo can’t do that. Even though the forward scored 24 goals and three assists in 38 games last season at MJ, and before that he often distinguished himself for Juventus, no Serie A club is ready for a deal. “Napoli” appeared on the horizon the other day, but it is also a strange option. Even 8 million euros a year for Spalletti’s club is a huge salary.

Atletico president does not believe in the transfer

Many news about Ronaldo we get directly from coaches or club managers. Or from a source like The Athletic, which works in the style respected by the public – each news is confirmed by different independent sources. And they did not report the transfer to Atletico. The president of the Madrid club was surprised by the rumors:

I do not know who made up the story about our interest in Ronaldo. It’s almost impossible that he would move to Atletico.

We can guess who was rocking the subject of a move to Atletico. A year ago, negotiations with Manchester City and Guardiola led to Ronaldo’s return to MJ. Now Cristiano knows that Perez will not accept him, but Mendes came up with the alleged negotiations with the “mattresses”, although the club itself cannot afford to pay the Portuguese his usual salary. And Atletico fans, of course, are protesting against the deal.

Kahn explained why he turned down CR7

After Lewandowski’s departure, the Munich side needs a forward, but Nagelsmann is worried that a striker who is older than Julian himself would destroy the team. There is also a financial barrier. The Portuguese has big appetites, and Bayern need to think about selling Pawar and even Hernandez in order to find money for De Ligt, Mane and a new forward after Lewandowski’s departure. Kahn, you have to hand it to him, clearly explained Bayern’s motives, confirming his interest in Ronaldo:

We discussed such a transfer within the club, otherwise we would have been bad managers. Personally, I think Ronaldo is one of the greatest players in the history of the planet. But we came to the conclusion, despite our respect for Cristiano, that his transfer did not fit our philosophy in the current situation.

Wanted, but itchy – that’s roughly the point. The Germans did the right thing. Nagelsmann was not sure that Ronaldo in the center of attack with Müller behind him, Gnabry or Sane on the right and Mane on the left would make Bayern stronger. Or at least fully compensate for Lewandowski’s escape.

Even Amorim fears the arrival of Ronaldo

Cristiano hasn’t played for teams as weak as Sporting in ages. If he was nervous about Iguaín’s mistakes at Real Madrid or his Juventus teammates, imagine the reaction to the guys from Lisbon. Amorim is right to worry. Ronaldo has dried up and thrown away Sulzer’s hopes at MJ. Ten Hague isn’t sure it’s right to bet on a 37-year-old forward who’s pulling down passes and could end up in Miami in a year. Ronaldo has left behind a beautiful story – a loan to his native Sporting, playing in the Champions League. But falsity abounds, as Cristiano wanted to go to Paris, Munich or London. Anywhere but Lisbon.

Ronaldo has had his slumps, a living man. And now definitively not Superman, but at most Homeender, an evil version of the famous character with abnormal powers from the TV series “The Boys.” The fictional character is cruel, capricious, duplicitous, with complexes. Only at first he played for the audience as a good guy. Hopefully, Cristiano will pull himself together and not spend the next season pale, regardless of the base club. It’s a shame that a legend of such magnitude ended up on the transfer sidelines. In theory, he could have played in the center of PSG’s attack, but an unbalanced set of stars more often hinders than helps. Zidane could rein in Cristiano, Galtier has no chance.

Woodward was “diluted” a year ago, Ronaldo’s arrival made life difficult for MJ in the end. The club was not ready, and now every buyer comes to a similar conclusion – the Portuguese has become too expensive a pleasure. And is it a pleasure? He cares about his own statistics, rushes to the club from the Champions League. He will score a lot even at Spartak because of his class. But the grandees live by strategies, not emotional impulses and the hunt for bright plots. Without Ronaldo, Real Madrid snatched the Champions Cup, and without Madrid, the Portuguese is not as successful for obvious reasons – he has aged, and the new teams are morally and tactically weaker.

In theory, Cristiano could have rebuilt MJ with ten Hague. Now his very presence precludes the strategically necessary purchase of a center-forward. Ronaldo’s legacy deserves a better final point. Finding himself in a stalemate, the Portuguese expectedly snapped, but here, too, he showed a weakness in the style of a Homelander. True, life is more banal than the plot of a wild series. Most likely, Ronaldo will pretend that he planned to stay at MJ. But he’s unlikely to be believed.