Ronaldo wants the Champions League

Ronaldo wants the Champions League

Harry Neville has sold out the whole office. In a response to a caustic message from Carragher, he clearly hinted that the Portuguese will retain his love for the team even when he leaves it. No one is writing nonsense that Cristiano will definitely stay. The sources who reported that the Portuguese has asked for a transfer are serious. There are also no angry denials from the agent.

Ronaldo wants a move to a Champions League team. Tuchel has offered Chelsea the chance to sign the cranky Neymar and the new Aristocats boss has seen that a Ronaldo transfer can be made. Not last week, Boelley had dinner with Mendes. The Portuguese agent also met with representatives from Roma, hence information from several former Roman players – an offer has been made. But Mourinho has no ticket to the Champions League.

Milan, on the other hand, are an option as the signing of Origi, the presence of Giroud and the injured Ibrahimovic do not invalidate Ronaldo’s class. Bayern are also logically on the horizon. Kane and Salihamidzic need to explain to the venerable public why Lewandowski is running to a crisis-ridden Barcelona. Mane is a classy footballer, but he’s no match for Ronaldo in terms of popularity. No one will give away a contract from the first meeting, but many will wonder.

Predictable development

Ten Hague refused to meet with Rangnick, forcing him to resign. How likely is the mentor, who asked for more transfer rights from the doorstep, to stick with a man who is thirty-seven years old? And even if Erik has concluded after talking to Ronaldo that the Portuguese’s championship experience comes in handy, analysts will show the Dutch coach calculations that are far harsher than any purely verbal assessments.

The forward was scoring goals without the team getting any better. Plus Ronaldo has remained a man with the ego of the most popular athlete on the planet. Only his people know how many of the millions of subscribers on the Portuguese’s official pages are bots. But the very fact that the footballer cares about being first proves even such a small thing. And MJ are not a candidate for the APL title, the rivals are objectively much stronger. They have been built intelligently for years and the Devils have suffered.

Cristiano doesn’t want to suffer. Let’s not forget how Ronaldo came back in the first place. Transferring to Guardiola at MC, and Josep had the temerity to allow the ageing forward to be on the bench from time to time. It was only after that that Ferguson, Evra and Ferdinand got involved, convincing Ronaldo to move to the club of his youth. It could have worked if Pogba, Maguire and Fred had been ready to repeat Leicester’s exploits. But they were left without a league title and the Portuguese can’t afford that. His desire to leave MJ is not surprising at all.

MJ benefits from Ronaldo leaving

It’s understood everyone is trying to leave. That is, if he stays, the player himself will be humiliated: not useful to anyone. It is dangerous to offend such a tiger. And if everything is great, the conclusion for MJ is so-so. Let’s say ten Hague has a lot going for him, De Ha reflects the blows. Maguire is playing like he did for the national team in his best games. Frankie de Jong strengthens the centre of the pitch, the first pass to Bruno appears, the latter passes to Ronaldo, Sancho comes alive, Rashford is not lost.

Let’s assume MJ are playing with much better quality. But peak form takes them to third place at most. That’s if Conte’s wicked line-up doesn’t shoot up, leaving Ronaldo in fifth place, below Spurs and Chelsea, despite clear progress in the game. At AC Milan or Bayern, even at PSG, where Neymar is clearly being snuffed out following Di Maria, Ronaldo would be far more comfortable. Another thing is that Paris have Messi.

Lionel might react angrily to the news of the Portuguese’s arrival. It’s at the gala concerts that people smile at each other, but what they really think is a mystery. It’s the age that many try to appear far better than they really are. In football the hypocrisy and attempt to make every star into a Ken doll is off the charts. Mbappe is a saint, Salah is a saint, Ronaldo and Messi similarly. But don’t turn talented people into divine figures.

For one thing, everyone on the list is very fond of money and the luxurious life. Cristiano chose Juventus because that’s where the wild salary was offered. Secondly, just as Messi regrets that he miscalculated with his father when he signed a wild contract with Barcelona – he couldn’t end up staying, so Ronaldo regrets not playing for Manchester City last season. He would have won the title and had a chance to play in the decisive stages of the Champions League. Might even have been able to drag Guardiola to the final.

Mendes miscalculated, no club for CR7

When we talk about a player’s interests, he better find a club where he can show his best qualities not in the Europa League. When we talk about the interests of the new MJ, clinging to a 37-year-old forward but not signing anyone in the centre of attack – such as Kane – is also dangerous. “Bayern will find a striker to replace Lewandowski. They could at least put Mane in the centre, as Klopp did. PSG might sign Scammaka. Although much weaker than Ronaldo at any age, the Italian has a luxury that money cannot buy – time. That’s something ten Hug clearly understands. If his MJ becomes even more dependent on Cristiano in the new season, then strategically it’s a blunder.

It’s wise to part ways since it didn’t work out at the first attempt. “Milan seem a good option – a couple of Ballon d’Or winners have played at this club, there is a tradition of signing legends. “Chelsea are already more interesting and dangerous, as Ronaldo can add goals on an industrial scale to a team that has lacked concreteness in attack. Even a move to PSG, which has Messi and Mbappe on the flanks, is a curious reversal. And just another season at MJ, with Ronaldo occupying a place in the centre of attack but the team not developing, would be a sad scenario for all sides.

The problem is the financial demands. But when any club owner is offered a contract with Cristiano, they swoop in with business plans on how to turn a new partnership into millions. Everyone is wary of the 37-year-old Ronaldo, but the one that should be feared most by MJ. If the Portuguese stays and plays weakly, then we are talking about a team for which Cristiano himself is not scoring. If he performs phenomenally, it’s a blow to all partners, because they have been outclassed by the veteran. “To Juventus, Ronaldo’s goal superiority did nothing strategically – they ended up fourth in Serie A.

But Juve also surged from second place in the AFL to sixth. Cristiano is valuable and has stood out with goals, but ten Hague needs a strong team, not dependent on the man who will end up in Miami in a couple of years. The only problem is that Nagelsmann, Tuchel or Pioli also care more about the team than the guiding star from Portugal.