Ronaldo will not be able to play against Roma and Bayern Munich

Ronaldo will not be able to play against Roma and Bayern Munich

Cristiano’s planet is a problem for his club

  • Too much and obvious influence on any team. Not a capricious player like the rampant Neymar, but a big boss. And if it turns out that Ibrahimovic can not play, but still motivate Milan to a championship feat, once Ronaldo is on the bench or the results are not happy with him – hurts the team and the head coach.
  • Cristiano’s enormous wages in Europe are only a handful of clubs willing and able to pay. At a time when Barcelona legend Busquets is being offered to forgive the Catalan club for half his wages because of mistakes unrelated to Sergio himself, giving Ronaldo as much as whole clubs in Serie A, not everyone would dare.
  • Ronaldo needs goals in the league, he needs to fight for trophies. Few clubs are suitable for that. Consequently, being at a team that has given away the league title, like Juventus, or not been first for nearly a decade, like Manchester United, Cristiano himself is not performing at his best. The Portuguese has not always been good.
  • His mega-popular status increasingly gets in the way. Ronaldo is a planet with NFT, million euro wrecked cars, lawsuits and so on. There was a tragedy in his life – the loss of a child. There is a nursery at home. A fiancée, a mother and sister with her own demands and interests. Ronaldo can be too much, Juventus have already understood that.

Bayern need a forward, but Kahn is afraid of conflict

  • Nagelsmann probably plans to play Mane as a false nine. Or with a combination of Sadio and Müller in attack to add another man to the centre of the pitch. “It was no coincidence that Bayern came away from Villarreal. The balance has been disturbed, with defensive problems. And Lewandowski, who has generated tons of goals, is leaving.
  • Munich made a miscalculation when they gave Hernandez a huge salary from the outset. Neuer, Lewandowski and Alaba were all at once jealous. Negotiations with the latter led to his departure for Real Madrid. Now Robert is also leaving for Spain. Neuer and Kimmich will have the highest wages at Bayern, but that money will not be enough for Ronaldo.
  • It is possible to convince the team why Cristiano should be paid even more than Lewandowski was. But only if it’s not Salihamidzic – hardly a team favourite – but Nagelsmann, with whom Hassan has clashed. The young coach has definitely asked to sign Holand, but does he need Ronaldo?
  • Cristiano is not a classic centre forward, hence MJ’s need for Kane. Quantitatively, Bayern’s attack is already excellent. Gnabry is thinking about leaving due to competition, but Coman, Sane and Muller complement Mane. There’s not enough of a forward for the penalty area, but it’s more advantageous to take a young one than to bet on a veteran.

Friedkin’s Roma are willing to take risks, but there is little point

  • The Roma owner from New York wants to give Mourinho a gift for winning the Conference League. For Roma fans, success was important, a celebration of success. But winning the final did not turn Roma into a rival to Juventus or Inter. And one or two deals – signing Dibala and Ronaldo, for example – do not guarantee a breakthrough. Mourinho is not the same as before, Ronaldo is afraid to make a mistake.
  • Still, the transfer is realistic. Cristiano’s family will have more fun in Rome than in Manchester City. Plus, Ronaldo doesn’t want to play in the Europa League. And while Roma, unlike Bayern, will not play in the major tournament, the chances of snagging a top-four spot with Mourinho are higher than the chances of Tottenham and Arsenal letting Moyes into the AFL.
  • The obstacle in Ronaldo’s path to Roma could be Mourinho. Jose has a complicated relationship with Cristiano. There is a mediator in the dialogue – Mendes represents the two Portuguese – but could start with smiles and then end in a stabbing. Ronaldo is not the type to support club mentors, Allegri and Sarri will confirm.
  • As for MJ, for Roma, Ronaldo is not the ultimate solution to their playing problems. Not a player with whom to build a championship project in 3-4 years’ time, but a temporary appeasement of the goalscoring deficit. “Roma have found goals with the help of Abraham, Ronaldo’s return to Serie A will not turn the tide in the championship battle. Mourinho has had enough bad matches in the league, Roma are not Milan’s second right now. They could slide, and Cristiano himself realises it.

Failed attempt to leave MJ will be explained by ten Hague

  • Do we trust Eric? Ronaldo’s agent always has the same strategy. First they start a whole series of rumours. About a move to PSG, about negotiations with Roma, about Bayern’s interest. You can even hint at a return to Real Madrid in a conversation with a reporter you know in Madrid, although this is outright nonsense. Cristiano attracts attention, it’s not difficult to promote him even at a solid age. But at the same time we need a back-up option in case negotiations break down. It is important to create the illusion that Ronaldo himself chooses.
  • There was a meeting between ten Hague and Ronaldo. Romano, the world’s top insider, says the dinner went well. Except it’s one thing to listen to Eric’s Napoleonic plans and another to assess the situation for himself. Ronaldo has seen how much stronger Liverpool and Manchester City are at the distance. Reads the same news as you – Neymar and Sterling could strengthen Chelsea, Tuchel is also looking for a centre-forward to replace Lukaku. Holland and Darwin Nunez in the APL, MJ are definitely not favourites.
  • Ronaldo has become more difficult. Used to write his own script. Wanted to go to Real Madrid, he did. Pick Juventus, leave. Disappointed, went back to Man U. Probably made a mistake, at Manchester City I could win trophies. With clubs where you can row cups, the age-old Portuguese is warming up. There is a factor of physical ageing, huge wages and demands on those around him. Ronaldo is a professional but with character. He won’t even fit into the concept of a new PSG, where the president talks about modesty.
  • It’s not out of the question that MJ will be happy with Ronaldo’s departure. Yes, the forward has scored more than anyone else. But it’s hard to build a team of the future around the 37-year-old. The youngsters are not growing next to him. The club themselves are slow to sign. Centre-forwards fear being overshadowed by Cristiano, as happened with Benzema. “Roma are negotiating, but would rather fight for Dybala than take a chance on Ronaldo. Bayern have desire but doubts are too much for an easy agreement to shelter Cristiano for a couple of years.