Salah and Roberto Carlos got off to a bad start

Salah and Roberto Carlos got off to a bad start

PSG signed a midfielder who did not establish himself at Bayern. First became the best young player of Euro 2016, many believed in Sanchez, but further did not play at the world level. But the Parisians did not take any risks, did not overpay, and Renat is still only 24 years old. He just started to storm Everest too early, had to roll back and after “Lille” will make another attempt. Not necessarily Sanchez will repeat the path of the legends presented below, but it is interesting to trace how they came back after failure.

Edwin van der Sar (didn’t play at Juventus)

The Dutchman was lucky with his home club – Ajax won the Champions League. Was looking for a new club, looked at Liverpool, and then chose Juventus. I played not so much terrible as pale – I did not reach my level. That’s why after the signing of Buffon he ended up…at Fulham. A strange choice, a relegation. It’s good that Ferguson got back to his old idea – he was thinking of replacing Schmeichel with Edwin initially, but the Turin side beat him to it. We know the result – six seasons in Manchester made the Dutchman a Red Devils legend.

Jerome Boateng (did not play for Manchester City)

The story that Robinho first signed a contract with the Citizens and then realized he didn’t move to MU is irrelevant in this case. Boateng knew that he was moving from Hamburg to City, but he was a complete failure – he did not play, he lasted one season. “Bayern surprised when they believed in Jerome, and then the bully grew for a while into the best defender in the world. Everyone will remember how Messi screwed him over, but Boateng is a world champion, a nine-time German champion. Achieved success after failing.

Leonardo Bonucci (did not play at Inter)

European champion and scandalous Juventus legend – after leaving for AC Milan took prodigal son back, was brought up in different clubs, but met the adult soccer as a player of Internazionale. And he did not play. After a series of rentals he was written off, Leonardo ended up at Bari, and then Juventus pulled him out. Milan did not believe it, and Turin got the eight-time Italian champion with the Bianconeri.

Roberto Carlos (did not play for Inter)

A strange story here, as he quickly charmed and dramatically disappointed. Roberto Carlos liked it at Inter, scoring seven goals in a season. But Roy Hodgson could not reveal all the talents of young Roberto in his favorite position. Years later the world champion and Anji legend recalled:

“Hodgson destroyed me when he put me in the midfield. I was afraid I wouldn’t qualify for the 1997 America’s Cup. Roy and I got on well, but he didn’t know much about soccer. Inter lost the UEFA Cup final because of the coach. My mother would call me and say: “Why are you in attack? You’re a left defender.

By the end of my only season in Italy Carlos lost his place in the starting lineup, Moratti sent him to Madrid. Gave Real Madrid a future legend for all time.

Mohamed Salah (did not play for Chelsea)

A familiar story, Chelsea’s transfer history includes several missed talents at once, not to mention serious punctures after signing expensive forwards. Salah is great at Liverpool, but got there from Roma. The Egyptian from Basel has not found himself at Chelsea. But he proved that even at a mature age for soccer player can gain an incredible form.

Wesley Sneijder (did not play at Real Madrid)

Here everything is prosaic – the Dutchman admitted that vodka was his best friend when he was at Real Madrid. An alcoholic could play soccer in the 60s, 90s, but in the 21st century to get a foothold in a big club with competition, if you drink, you can not last long, and you need to be a genius like Ronaldinho. Sneijder is not so naturally gifted, but at Inter and the national team later showed soccer of a prohibitive level.

Andrea Pirlo (did not play at Inter)

It’s not easy to play at AC Milan. Or to stay at the club for a long time, retaining his status as a legend. Inter fans shudder when they recall the legendary swap of Zedorf for Koko – giving the rossoneri a legend to win the Champions League. But there was also the young Andrea Pirlo. The Brescia and Lucescu pupil looked pale enough at one Milan club that they eventually sent him to another. We got a world champion and a Champions League winner.

Kevin De Bruyne (didn’t play for Chelsea)

De Ketelare, a big Belgian talent of the new generation, is now at risk, and Genk let a little star named Kevin go to Chelsea. De Bruyne did not get a chance in London, he was not believed as a first-team player. It’s an amazing story, because already at Werder everyone saw what this guy can do in the attack. De Bruyne ended up at Manchester City via Wolfsburg and became an APL legend.

Arjen Robben (didn’t play at Real Madrid)

Like Di Maria before his failure at MJ, Robben had experience playing successfully for a seriously rich team. Only not for Real Madrid, but for Chelsea. But the stubborn Arjen became a real whirlwind on the flank and a world-class legend at Bayern. Already after the failure in Madrid. At the time of signing Robben was one of the five most expensive transfers in the history of Real Madrid, after Zidane, Figo, Beckham and Ronaldo. But he didn’t play, and injuries and coaching turmoil took him to Munich.

Diego Forlan (did not play for MJ)

The Uruguayan finished fifth in the 2010 Ballon d’Or poll, behind only Messi, Iniesta, Xavi and Sneijder. Many said the prize should have been given to Wesley based on the sum of his performances for Inter and the Netherlands in South Africa, but Forlan also had success with Uruguay at the World Cup, and he received twice as many votes as a certain Cristiano Ronaldo in the poll. Diego won the Golden Boot twice in his career, and it’s hard to believe this is the same guy who scored 4-6 goals in a season in the APL. Reborn at Villarreal, proved his class at Atletico, won the Europa League.

Samuel Eto’o (did not play at Real Madrid)

The Cameroonian came to Real Madrid too early, the Madrid side dropping him from one loan spell to the next. Hurt the lad so much that he later shouted nasty things and called the first adult club of his career in a Barcelona jersey. Minus to the Real Madrid coaches, they missed out on a high-class forward. After years of playing for Mallorca, the striker was given a second chance, which he grabbed. At Barcelona and Inter the Champions League was won by a ruthless sniper.

Not all players who fail to gain a foothold in the grandees in their youth achieve similar successes a little later. But there are such examples. Even extraordinary legends like Dennis Bergkamp can go through a difficult period at Inter after his success at Ajax. And only then the ineffectual Dutchman won the APL with Arsenal. Today, the Canaries will open an intriguing new season in the English league, and the experience of stars who survived the fall and failure at a big club may inspire new Salahov, Pirlo and De Bruyne.