Salah is ready to stay at Liverpool. Big news for Klopp and the future of the APL

Once upon a time, Dani Alves, who always had the skills of a dispatcher, and Messi, supported by Busquets and Xavi, created the ideal right flank of Barcelona’s attack. Lionel was not keen on working as a false nine at first, it was exactly attacking over the edge.

Salah is ready to stay at Liverpool

Klopp loves a similar style. Robertson and Mane, as well as Alexander-Arnold and Salah, are the two duos that Liverpool rely on. And let’s not forget the leader of the defense. Ballack insists that van Dijk looks so good because there are no more Henri, Shearer, Drogba and Rooney in the APL. But the German is not the smartest expert.

Van Dijk has always been debated, but Salah’s success is easy to imagine in any decade in APL history. Proved he can dominate like Cantona, Giggs, Henry, Rooney, Ronaldo or Azar. Dispersed hypotheses that Coutinho’s departure would hurt Liverpool badly. In January 2018, the Brazilian left for Barcelona. In the opposite direction followed eventually 135 million euros, although the Reds themselves paid only 13 to Inter.

But by May of that year, Salah had already completed his first season since returning to the APL with 44 goals in 52 games. Even though he had to cry after an injury against Ramos in the lost Champions League final, Liverpool got a right-back instead of a left-footed leader. And since Southampton had found the nimble Mane the year before, who was more productive than Coutinho, Klopp was able to add two great Africans to the midfielder Firmino, who was retrained as a forward.

Later, Alexander-Arnold grew up and got stronger and had a two-pronged advantage. A trio in attack, and a bunch on the right side that created 21 goals with assists in the APL alone. Mohamed has 10 goal assists and Trent has 11. Not surprisingly, Liverpool is seen as the championship favorite.

Mohamed was badly hurt by Egypt’s defeat

Failure in the African Cup final hurt Salah. And then came the blowout from the same opponent on his way to the World Cup. In Qatar, the forward was eagerly awaited. He is idolized in his homeland, but loved in many Arab countries. Instead, they will see the Senegalese national team with Mane. Salah, on the other hand, finds himself in the role of George Best, who played magnificently for MJ, but with the Northern Ireland team often conceded.

Egypt are stronger, at least within their continent. But Salah has been unlucky. He needs to make up for those failures somewhere. There were times when Mohamed seriously considered leaving. His personal relationship with Klopp has not always been easy, although Jurgen’s meeting with the player after the unsuccessful CAN final, as Liverpool are told, smoothed out the sharp corners. Salah realized that he is loved and appreciated at a club to which he brings goals, and in return he gets respect and a chance at trophies.

The defeats against Egypt bring Mohamed back to the realization of how lucky he is. “Liverpool didn’t get knocked out of the Champions League like Juventus, where the winger was expected a couple of years ago. In the APL, they have a streak of ten wins in a row. Missed only twice down the stretch (speaking of whether Van Dijk or goalkeeper Alisson is weak). They don’t always score much, but there have been personnel losses, after all. Also, Klopp’s central midfielders are not the same as Busquets, Xavi and Iniesta in their prime.

Salah was not born a Frenchman or a German to be a perennial favorite in major tournaments with the national team. But thanks to his progress in Serie A, Mohamed was brought to Klopp’s attention. Fiorentina and Roma resurrected the career of a talented lad who had torn from Basel to Chelsea too early. Funny how both superstars, Salah and De Bruyne, are not playing at the same club in the APL right now.

Salah is ready to receive less than Ronaldo

Contract with Liverpool until 2023. The vultures from Barcelona and PSG would have been circling Mohamed since the summer. The current financial situation in big-money soccer, where billions are spinning, forces big clubs with mature leaders not to take risks in such situations. Salah will turn thirty in June, and could have lost Mohamed for free, which would have dealt a severe blow to both Liverpool’s soccer power and the new managers.

There will be a landmark farewell at the end of the season. The sporting director Michael Edwards, who helped the American owners and Klopp to create the current successful team, will leave his post. The young man worked in the structure of the club for eleven years, since November 2016 he became sports director. He is a very close colleague of Klopp, involved in the signing of, among others, Salah. It seems that Edwards does not want to leave without signing a new contract with the Egyptian.

The winger is represented by a certain Rami Abbas Issa. He is a lawyer with Arab roots from Colombia, who can safely be called a friend of Salah. Rami usually reacts in a “patsy” style to rumors about the future of the Liverpool player. For example, mocking Klopp with emoticons when he reported that the club was “doing everything possible to get a new contract signed”. But a month has passed and now it is reported that Salah himself is ready to moderate his appetite.

According to a variety of ratings and assessments, the Egyptian is the leader in the APL, and it is clear why he wants a raise. The player’s lawyer asked Liverpool for 480 thousand pounds per week – a repeat of Ronaldo’s salary at the United. Now he is allegedly ready to agree to 400 thousand. Now Salah receives about 260 on his old contract. “Liverpool wants to keep the player for three or four years, in fact until the end of his active career. Previously, the player himself had doubts, looked closely at Real Madrid, Juventus, definitely received an invitation from the Qatari sheikhs of PSG.

Now he is ready to accept that one should not look for the good from the bad. Salah suits Liverpool, and the Reds’ system of play helps Mohamed demonstrate all his strengths. There is no egotistical forward on the team and Firmino and Jota ensure the winger’s effectiveness does not suffer. Alexander-Arnold has a phenomenal amount of work. Salah doesn’t have to work on defense, the central defenders guard the lateral and winger all the time.

Despite all the disagreements with Klopp, Mohamed works for a modern coach who knows how to admit his mistakes and remains an emotional, but adequate man. Salah needs to settle for £400,000 a week and plan quietly for the next few seasons in the red jersey. “Liverpool can keep the momentum and remain the favorite in the coming years. Only the question of the future coach remains unresolved. Klopp has said more than once that he might leave in 2024 to rest for a year and look for a new challenge.

But no one prevents Jurgen from changing his mind, and the coach is preparing a successor. Pep Linders of the German’s staff is ready for a new challenge, if Steven Gerrard does not seem a more suitable candidate for the club’s management. “Liverpool is built with intelligence, the club has incredible fans, and Salah is at his ease.

Mohamed is a soccer maverick and a maximalist, so he was raring to go to La Liga, whose players were usually handed out Golden Balls. But now his Spanish-speaking agent is unlikely to dine with Perez. Rather, they are negotiating the final details of a new contract with Liverpool, as it is the right decision for all parties. Pogba and Sterling are now earning more than Salah. The disparity between the importance of an APL star and the remuneration the Reds will easily fix.