Shikhar Dhawan says he’s better than the T20 World Cup players

Shikhar Dhawan says he's better than the T20 World Cup players

They believed the players nominated for the T20 World Cup 2021 were better than me, says Shikhar Dhawan: The men in blue had a difficult time at the previous T20 World Cup, as they were eliminated early in the group round. In its first two group stage games, India suffered two straight defeats to Pakistan and New Zealand, which largely determined India’s destiny in the tournament.

“I am, indeed, a really upbeat person. Last year, leading the squad was a dream come true for me. “They believed the (selected) guys were better than me for the T20 World Cup, and that was fair enough,” Dhawan told PTI.

Dhawan also stated that he concentrates on the controllable rather than the uncontrollable

“I respect whatever decision pickers make.” That’s how life works. You accept it and go about your business. I just concentrate on what I can manage and attempt to maximize the possibilities that come my way,” he added.

Due to their uneven performance, Punjab Kings has already been eliminated from the Tata IPL 2022. Despite early promising beginnings, the franchise faltered and lost multiple games.

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