Shun Skywalker – Evil Harlequin Dragon Gate

Shun Skywalker Evil Harlequin Dragon Gate

Little is known about Shun Watanabe’s (real name) youth and childhood. He was born on May 30, 1996, in Toki, Gifu prefecture. There is no information about his family online. His Instagram has been completely scrubbed, with no mention of his family or his unmasked face, though Shun performed without one early in his career. In fact, all the official early interviews, sources and stuff have been scrubbed by Dragon Gate and Shun himself. So there’s no information about it. He originally came straight to the Dragon Gate dojo, became a member of the Dragon gate Nex project in 2016. He debuted as Young Lion against his fellow Big Ar Shimizu on April 22, 2016. At that time, he took the alias Hayabusa Watanabe. On November 10, he changed his name to his real name and wore a mask in Koraken Hall at the Dragon Gate show. In 2017, he entered the dojo of Masaaki Mochizuki, a Dragon Gate veteran. He studied until 2018, then continued to study and perform at the same time. That’s when he changed his name to Shun Skywalker. Notably, he won the 2019 Dragon Gate Young Lions Cup. Dazed by his success, he demanded a match from PAKA for the company’s main title, Open The Dream Gate. Expectedly losing, he still proved himself a strong fighter and submitted Mochizuki Dojo in a five-way cage match. Under the terms, the four winners and the loser each had to eliminate one member from their faction. However, the winner could opt out, but the loser could not. Shun was the only one of the winners of that match who decided to exercise this right and excluded himself from the dojo, thus going on an excursion.


After winning the prestigious Rey del Reyes Mexican tournament hosted by IWRG on the tour. In the second half of 2020, Shun returns to DG and is challenged to a major title match by Eita. Eita agreed to this match, and Shun won the title. He set up a new staple, Masquerade, who became constantly conflicted with R.E.D. After 5 successful defenses, Shun loses the title to Yamato and begins to lose his mind. He claims over and over again that he’s about to get his title back and return to the top of the mountain. Only it didn’t work out. In parallel, there was a fudge match between Dragon Dye and Dye Inferno. Eventually a match was set up between Dragon Dye and Shun Skywalker and Dye Inferno and Diamante. The condition of the match was that the withheld must remove his mask. At the end of the match, Dragon Dye decided to protect Shun from Diamante’s finisher with himself, while Shun literally pushed his partner into his opponent’s finisher. He claimed that he couldn’t see anything because of his damaged mask. Dragon Dye tearfully removed his mask. Dragon Inferno was so taken by the moment that to stop his R.E.D. comrades’ taunting, he took off the mask himself. Beneath it was a former Daiya and Skywalker dojo mate.

Shun’s mind began to go completely crazy. He claimed that everything in the Masquerade was fine, that he had to move on, and that he would soon be champion. Everyone, however, except for Jason Lee, turned their backs on Shun. Kota Minora even challenged him to a match, the stipulation of which was that Shun would leave the Masquerade if he lost. Sensing the heat, Shun took a desperate step that completely killed any respect his comrades had for him. He took off his mask and threw it to Cota before the referee saw it. The judge saw Minoura’s mask and immediately disqualified him (hello to the stories of Rey Mysterio and his eternal masks). After that, the trio titles previously won by Shun, Lee and Minoura were surrendered. Shun’s partners simply refused to interact with him. Shun, who had been let down, decided to betray his comrades for good. Hye did the same in R.E.D. As a result, the Z-Brats were founded, consisting of Shun Skywalker and the remnants of R.E.D. without Eita. Nowadays, however, Shun has finally lost his mind. He accepted the fact that Jason Lee did not betray him or doubt him. Jason Lee was beaten up for this, and Shun claimed that Lee belonged to him. At the time of this writing, a faction match is scheduled for Jason Lee’s ownership.


The identity of Shun Skywalker is a matter of obscurity. He is the masked man of the promotion ray. Any disclosure of information about him is a moral crime, to say the least. In Mexico, you can get killed for that. So we know nothing about him. Just his evil, manic Harlequin image.


Shun Skywalker hasn’t spent much time in the business. In fact, not three years had passed since the tour. But he already held a major promotion title. He was already the winner of a prestigious tournament in Mexico! During the tour!!! He is also ranked 58th out of the top 500 performers by PWI in 2021. For a representative of a small promotion in a pandemic environment with a narrow set of opponents, this is just an insane result. Well it’s just a lot easier to give the best match of the year against Ishii than against Eita, if Eita fans will forgive me.

Shun Skywalker… the epitome of insanity, my samoyed in husky 24/7 mode. Is this the real Shun Watanabe? What does he think of this image? I don’t know. But the kind of Joker everyone likes. It’s fun and also very powerful. And his abilities in the ring leave no doubt about how deserving his position in the company in the main event. You know, reminds me of Hiroma Takahashi in some ways. I’d love to see them match up with Hiromu. I’d even fly to Japan specifically to see it.