Lautaro’s departure from Inter is overdue. Simeone wants to see him at Atlético, there is just as much interest in the APL

Speculation that Lautaro had outgrown Inter’s level and was ready to play for a grand club that regularly claims to win the league began early last season, but it was quickly countered by arguments that Martinez definitely needed one more season to cement his status as one of the planet’s most valuable forwards. Did it work? It’s safe to say that the level has clearly not dropped, even despite the sad streak of no goals that Lau put an end to in early March.

Simeone wants Lautaro at Atlético

Last season, Martinez played in 48 games in all competitions, scored 19 goals and made 11 assists. In the current campaign, he has 40 games, 16 goals and 2 assists. And here we can immediately see what has changed in the Nerazzurri’s tactics with the change of Conte to Inzaghi. Under Antonio, Lautaro was more often in the position of the second, drawn striker, serving as a dispatcher for wingers and Romelu Lukaku. Under Simone, the Milan team operate in a 3-5-2 formation and the roles of Edin Dzeko and Martinez in the forward positions are evenly distributed. The Bosnian, who has scored 16 goals and made 9 assists in 40 games, is an indicator of this. The 36-year-old Dzeko has had an assistant share of the forwards this season.

Overall, Lautaro is having his third straight smooth season, with no major slippage in his personal stats. The Argentine’s terrific vision and quality play in the opponent’s defensive zone remain the main strengths of the Argentine, who has an excellent flair for chances and a high level of playmaking intelligence above all else. The ability to play any attacking position – winger, nine, ten, false nine, while having a good left foot with the main right makes Martinez a scary force. The ability to play in touch and make quick decisions helps in positional attacks and counterattacks, and skillful dribbling only spices up the merits.

Lautaro started his career as a central defender, so he can move well in the air (174 cm tall), chooses standard positions and skillfully works with his body, getting more out of his anthropometry than anyone could imagine.

The only obvious disadvantages are occasional instability, which is most evident in games against mid-level and relegated opponents. From the outside it seems that Martinez’s attitude and motivation for such games sometimes does not match his personal ambitions or the ambitions of his team.

The player has been lured to most of Europe’s top clubs in recent years, but La Repubblica recently came up with some interesting information.

Wants a change

The Italian edition reported on the interest in Lautaro from Atletico Madrid, and more specifically from Diego Simeone, who reportedly has already notified the Madrid club management of his desire to have the ambitious countryman in his squad. In this case the team bosses agreed with the position of the coach, but the price of 60 million euros per transfer embarrasses them, to put it mildly.

The key part was the insider that Martinez himself is not against leaving the Nerazzurri camp, as he ceased to feel like a central part of the project. “Inter” in turn is ready to consider the option of selling, as they plan to acquire Paulo Dibala as a free agent. The club also needs money to sign two Sassuolo players, midfielder Davide Frattesi and forward Gianluca Scamacchi.

However, TyC Sports journalist Cesar Luis Merlo later broke in with his information, reporting that the Argentine is happy at the Milan club, but is willing to leave in order for Inter to earn a solid sum.

A host of English clubs were also linked with interest in Lautaro – Man United, Man City, Liverpool and Arsenal were all named as contenders to transfer the player. Of course, there were mentions of Barcelona and Bayern. Martinez’s contract with Inter runs until the summer of 2026, so there will be no financial incentives or bargaining power for the buyers, the Nerazzurri will obviously want to play big. Therefore, the number of those wishing to acquire the forward will clearly be in flux.

The Argentine could look most attractive for a variety of reasons at the club which lacks a versatile goalkeeper, whose priority would be the center of attack. Of course, the main factor will be the choice of a new mentor, but if Mauricio Pochettino and Eric ten Hague are still the main candidates, then Martinez will certainly have the rumored key role in the project that he is missing. The playing patterns and tactics of these specialists are sharpened for completing attacks with forwards like Lautaro.